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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

random facts..

so i was tagged to write about random facts.. erm... ok here we go..

1. fingernail grows nearly 4 times faster than toe nails
so you better go cut them before fingering ok.. you dowana lacerate your ass then no anal for you tonight..

2. during sex, endorphins are released, which are powerful painkillers
no excuse to say, aiyah headache la dowana do tonight can arr? NO SUCH THING!!! FUCKKKKKKKKK!!

3. the catfish has over 27,000 taste buds.. 
i wont wanna be a catwoman either.. gone la one time blowjob can taste syphilis or herpes or some std.. hahahaha...

4. cold shower actually stimulate your sex drive!!
you guys know what to do la next time :)

5. a pig's orgasm last for 30 minutes.
ohmygucci! thats why they call us pig bottoms! hehehe!!

6. the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue..
so rim me baby! yea!!

7. The ant can lift 50 times its own weight, can pull 30 times its own weight
next time we dont need no tongkat ali or red bull, we drink SEMUT! or RED ANT!!

8. the vibrator aka sex toy was initially designed to treat pms...
no comment on that.. muahahahahaha

9. the protein in sperm tightens your skin..
so guys, you can do masque with it! but if your face starts to turn red means youre allergic to sperm! hahahahahaha....

10. There's almost 500 different types of bacteria in your mouth. Almost 50% of them live on your tongue
so.. still wanna french arr? or just a peck? hahahahaahah 

(blogger cannot upload pic today.. sien)


  1. LOL that was not random at all.... all horny facts!!

  2. agree..
    horny fact..
    but hor...
    not a good pain killer...
    cause anal pain still there....

  3. I was actually wondering about the fingernail growth rate the other day!
    I'm curious now. WHY does the catfish have so many taste buds?
    Ooh. An alternative to botox? xD

  4. Some facts for you here,
    You know how pig farms do for pigs mating? All they need to do is keep some "sexy" female pigs moving around in front of the male pigs (inside a cage or wat), then the male pigs will be aroused and ejaculate. So they would put pails underneath to collect their sperm then inject into female pigs. (This is how pigs "mate" in pig farm)
    Another fact, you know there are mainly 2 types of Herpes Virus, ie Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 (HSV-1, HSV-2). When HSV was first found, HSV-1 used to appear only around mouth (eg cold sore), whilst HSV-2 used to appear only around genitals (eg Genital warts). But sooner or later, HSV-1 can appear in genitals and vice versa, due to Oral Sex.

  5. We should have the tastebuds of a catfish.. Can taste "things" better.. :P

  6. Wownot so random but still I learn a lot. Later I post you fact about how sex burns a lot of calory rather than jogging. Every single details on it.HEHEH

  7. @deicidal ~ haha.. oh well.. tulsie's blog ma.. what to do...

    @naughty prince ~ hahahahaha.. ya hor.. but i do de shi hou, not pain de wor... shuang!! :)

    @aiden ~ hahahahaha.. go figure :)

    @ninja ~ thanks for your info! muacks you! :)

    @klex ~ i know kan?!!!!

    @KIT ~ :) have fun!!