t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


a girl friend just got mugged by a group of 4.

it never occur to us about these things until it really happen to people around us.

she did not sustain any injuries nor harmed.

only money and phone was taken.

ive been thinking about it all afternoon, about what if i had went out with her today. she might've not been targeted.

then there are all the things that was going round my head about what happen if im at scene when it happens. i would draw out a samurai sword, grab my gf close around me and spin, slashing the four dickheads.. or if i have psychic power and i make them 4 stab each other to death.. or if i could grow twice my size and be like hulk and just crush and tear them apart.. lol... so many crazy things was going on up there.. haha...

but whatever pun, she is safe now.. just make sure she brings her umbrella along wherever she go. lol.

i asked a colleague of mine today on what if she was in my friend's position, what will she do? she said if there are things that are important to her that was in her purse, she would fight crazily for it..

hm... i guess she has her point... but is it worth to risk her life just to protect that "thing"?


i really feel like killing those bastards. lol