t u l s

t u l s

Friday, January 30, 2015

cake-breaking love..

we were having one of our usual weekly dates. this time round it was in Alexis Pavilion. their cake selection always look tempting and so we ordered 2 of those.

lets call them cake A and cake B..

i took a scoop of A and immediately i fell in love with it. Cake B is... well.. not my kinda thing at all. just one bite and that is it for me.

Carter loves cake A as well. so... being the understanding boyfriend i am *fliphair* i started eating cake B and asked Carter to eat cake A..

he saw and he knew that i love cake A and so...

nah, you eat cake A la... i know you like cake A.. *took cake B from me*

dowan la.. you eat la, i can eat this cake..

no, you eat cake A..

*i tried to take cake B from him*

and without warning, he took his spoon and smash cake B twice.

i look at him for 1.5 seconds and i laugh like mad.. and he laughed like crap too..

see, this one ugly already, you take cake A...


memang menyampah right? urgh.... lol....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

suck fingers while driving...

the journey was long, it was a 5 hour drive and baby Carter was starting to get sleepy..

baby, can you talk to me..

what you wanna talk about..

anything, i just wanna be awake..

you want coffee? you want a break?

we are almost there... so maybe not..

erm.... well... do you want a blowjob?


if blowing can wake you up... i would... lol

and there he goes telling me all about his past car-blowjob-sexperience etc etc and i was pretend listening...

he knew i was not focusing on his stories, he took my right hand with his left and put my index finger in his mouth and he started sucking it..

what the fuck are you doing??


ok, i admit, i have a sensitive finger, and when its in someone's oral cavity, gone la gone la, i twitch and twerk on the passenger seat as though as i was having a fit...

and with that, Carter is awake..


and also little TULS...


and then little Carter too...

the end.

we arrived at our destination moments later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

mischievous Carter...

was driving to Carter's one day..

it was a 5 hour journey..

he was driving while im on his left.. his DAD was at the back seat!

halfway through the journey he grab hold my right hand. i turn to him with amazement!


but,... your dad is behind!!

so what? he's asleep...

yea... but still.....

so what if he finds out?

lol... are you ready for him to know?

so he held my hand till we reach his place with his dad at the back seat, not sure whether he saw anything or not.. silly Carter.. i know he doesnt mind his family knowing about us but i dont like to rub it in their face, not like this... haha.. at least not on our first parent-partner introduction!!! :)