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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

good deed : a stranger in the rain

a girl came in to my office today at 6.30pm, wearing blue t shirt and jeans, looking puzzled and a little wet from the rain..

i asked her whats wrong..

she said she was with a man, who promised her a job in KL, but then they had a disagreement, he then left her by the road side and drove off.

she said she lives near the Mines, and I was taken aback of how far she is from home.

i probe around and found out that she is an orphan who is 19 that doesnt live in an orphanage anymore, in her 2nd semester of accountancy in UCSI and doesnt have any money with her.

so i thought, ok why not help her get home, cos there is no public transport within 2km of this area.

and so i took an umbrella, walked with her to the nearest bus stop and waited for a taxi with her.

after waiting for 5 minutes, one of the lady in the crowd approached me and asked me where am i going, and so i said KL sentral. the lady said the few of them are going as well and asked whether we would like to join to share the fare. i smiled. i told the girl to follow the ladies, get to kl sentral and then take a ktm home. i gave her some money to take the taxi. i gave her some money for her ktm to the Mines. and i gave her some extra cash just in case she doesnt have enough. she thanked me and said "how can i ever repay you". i just smiled and say, "help someone home the next time", i left and walk back to the office after asking the working ladies at the bus stop to take good care of her..

i could see the bus stop from my office and from time to time i just keep looking at the bus stop to see whether any taxi stopped by for them.

after a couple of minutes, one taxi did, and when i thought she is going in to the taxi, she did not. i felt a little uneasy after that.

from a distance, both of our eyes met for a split second but i just kept doing what i was doing.

moments later she came back in, and i asked her why is she still here and that she hasnt left with the ladies?

she said she thinks she lost her phone and wanted to make a call and see who answers it. and so i let her, using the office phone.

she then say no one is answering and said that she might have lost it somewhere along the way.

something is amiss. my gut feeling is telling me something is.................... well.. i dont know.

the funny thing that happened next is that she say its ok, and that she will wait at another bus stop who has a larger crowd cos she said she saw more taxis over there just now.

i said go ahead. and i say hope that she reaches home safely. i smiled and she thanked me again and ask for my name card.

i told her "its ok, you dont have to repay me, i work here. you can always find me here".

she left soon after.

the other bus stop was not in sight from my office. and so the story ends here.

i try not to doubt or judge the girl, i know i did my best. putting myself in her shoes, i know how it feels if she really is lost. and so im content. but... hmm.. lol. i should stop here now.

Friday, July 31, 2015

new revelation of the past...

it's been a while since i had a heart to heart talk with my mum. traditional chinese families dont do heart to heart. showing love or concern is kinda a taboo. although there are no exchange of saying i love yous and physical hugs, you could still feel the love.

i dont consider my parents to be traditional at all, but, some traditional traits were passed down to them indirectly.

something happened today and it kinda brought up stuffs in the past. stuffs that i no longer wanna remember but yet cant avoid.

when i was younger, i dont really remember my mum cook at home at all. we would always order take out and would go to restaurants to eat dinner and all after school. up till now i still tell myself and friends that my family rarely cooks at home cos eating out really is cheaper than to cook at home, which is considerably true to think of it.

remember we used to go kenny rogers all the time? you know why we always go there? cos i dont have to pay by cash. i pay all using credit card, and then only pay minimal at the end of each month just to survive. i remember times when i dont even have cash to eat lunch. i would rather borrow from the bank than my siblings. yes they say family comes first, but all my siblings have got family of their own and sometimes its not as easy as borrowing from him or her, its more like borrowing from that family. 

well those days are gone, mum is no longer in debt thank goodness.

all my mums siblings are quite well off to do. most of them are quite strong in terms of religion and believing in God and all. they donate to their respective place of prayers every so often without holding back but that kinda irk me in a way now to think of it when they refuse to help mum but yet so willing to donate to something that is merely visible.

yes, i'm all out not a religious person. i can say that i dont believe in something that i cant see. i may not understand the supreme divine being that is higher than us. that aside, why can't you help your family before helping the church or temple? you do that because donating to the church makes you feel more noble? people noticed how much you donate and they praise and appreciate you more? for goodness sake your sister is suffering somewhere else...

i respect my elders, but that doesnt mean i need to like them... i still do go back to my mum's hometown for reunions and stuffs just for the sake of my mum... i dont really wanna.. there is nothing there to see other than relatives flaunting their riches at our faces..

you dont know how much i had to put up last time just to survive. i just dont say it out only.

that instance i nearly cried, but i didnt. it was the past and i'll just let it be. yes i may be hating my aunts and uncles but everything is ok now. mum is better now that im good boy stable earning a fixed income every month. i took over paying all the utility bills and car loans and just trying to ease her burden as much as i could.

i want to tell her that i love her very much, and i really do appreciate her, but because of the traditional family trait of not expressing that was indirectly passed to me, i didnt. but i know she knows and i know she knows that i know too. so its all good.

we will just love each other silently.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


a girl friend just got mugged by a group of 4.

it never occur to us about these things until it really happen to people around us.

she did not sustain any injuries nor harmed.

only money and phone was taken.

ive been thinking about it all afternoon, about what if i had went out with her today. she might've not been targeted.

then there are all the things that was going round my head about what happen if im at scene when it happens. i would draw out a samurai sword, grab my gf close around me and spin, slashing the four dickheads.. or if i have psychic power and i make them 4 stab each other to death.. or if i could grow twice my size and be like hulk and just crush and tear them apart.. lol... so many crazy things was going on up there.. haha...

but whatever pun, she is safe now.. just make sure she brings her umbrella along wherever she go. lol.

i asked a colleague of mine today on what if she was in my friend's position, what will she do? she said if there are things that are important to her that was in her purse, she would fight crazily for it..

hm... i guess she has her point... but is it worth to risk her life just to protect that "thing"?


i really feel like killing those bastards. lol

Thursday, March 12, 2015

there are lots of good strangers out there...

you know sometimes you have that feeling.. feeling of feeling feeling.. like sudden influx of emotions through your body for no reason..

well i just had one..

was showering and was thinking while looking at the ceiling...

i realize that im in malaysia...

like wow...

it took me half a year to really realize that..


im not sleeping the whole time...

i was just....... .............i dont know. suddenly i miss the cold miserable full of slutty fun life of England..

Keith texted me not too long ago and said that I had overdrawn 10pounds from my bank account and that the statement was sent to him... and i was like: REALLY?... and he was like: yea, i paid it off already..


he is just too sweet... still sweet even after so long....

i do miss him..

he is a good chapter of my life.. Carter once said to me a year ago, he said: I think if Keith was 10 years younger you would have married him... 

i guess he is right, i said. haha.... silly keith... he texts me every now and then asking about life over here in malaysia, asking about Carter and I, my family.. he is really such a sweeet sweeet daddy. Anyone who wants a daddy in UK who doesnt mind him sexing me before can always contact me and I shall intro la.. LOL... JOking..


chatting with Keith made me reminisce about the life i had in UK. the weather, the job, me taking the metro, my lovely awesome car, my graduation, how i struggled through uni while doing 2 jobs at the same time...

i had a great life there..

i always told myself, i wanna get out of the country for good, never wanna come back here, this place is a shithole...

being back here for 6 month, having someone special now, surrounded by friends and family, it feels like this is not a bad place after all...


i mean as long as youre content with what you have and where you are, i guess its all that you need to stick around..

or maybe im just too lazy to find a job in England, but whatever, thats not the main point..

i wanna thank those who wrote to me with their concerns and those who wanted to help for the past few years while i was abroad.. at times of trouble, you guys were there to support even though most of you dont even know me personally at all...

to that one person who helped me get tix to go home when i was in deep shit, i owe you the most, you helped me even though we havent met and that you only know my story through this blog... may God bless you always.. you dont know how much it meant to me that night, it was like 2 am in the morning, and my visa was like expiring in a month, and I was all alone, with no one to go to, insomnia kicked in, stress mode full on and with no security whatsoever, I texted you and..... ....just thank you so so much. Like the angmos like to say: youre an angel! :)

i've had lots of really good encounters in my life... lots of help here and there along the way.. i just wanna be that person in the future too, someone who could lend a hand to another person when he/she is in deep shit, whether its emotional, financial or physical support... i know i am trying to...

there are lots of good strangers out there, i wanna be a part of that society too..

till then... have a good year ahead to whoever who is still reading this dusty page :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

dried cum...

i woke up today, admiring my fat chest and to my amazement i saw a shiny scale... and i was like... wtf is that?

the end.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

pee fetish marking territory...

so one day a conversation about fetishes was brought up during a relaxing evening and...

Carter: so what other fetishes do you have?

Me: well... this may sound weird but i always wanted to try a golden shower..


what?! :( i told you it was weird...


what?!!! lol

...... well i wouldnt do it to you...

why not?

cos i respect you as a person...

er.... not to say ..... but its not about respect or not ma...

......still no...

.....why wor..... lol.... its not a thing la, im not asking you to do pun, i havent tried la, but i always imagined it la.... :p

ok, fine, if you really want me to do it can, i pee on you but you cannot wash it away cos im marking territory..


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

young and cute february no more?...

seems like it was yesterday that young and cute month was established! lol..

im forever young and cute anyway, being a quarter century old, life has just started for me!

i dont really remember the details on how it came by, close blogger friends was like HEY TULS, its FEBRUARY AGAIN!!

errr... so?


O M G!! YES!!!   .....wait.... why was it young and cute again?

hahahaha... it seems my memory has failed me.. or maybe my brain isnt registering stuffs that are not worth remembering.. its good like that.. shutting out feelings would be easy for me... so i say...


people grow, people change, so i guess, young and cute month should come to an end..



we will have... YOUNG AND CUTE DECADE!!!!



ok i think im crazy already...

as usual, i will have some cutie-s for this special blog post! :)

my lovely angmo! :)

more angmos for me!

Add caption

So cute la this boyboy...

chao angmo and his asian boytoy... lol

how to eat when something so hot is sitting in front of you.?????

is that prince charming?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

stalker ex-blogger...

an old blogger that i know sent me a fb message in september but i only realize it in january.. it goes..

hey TULS, add me again, its been sometime...

i was curious about why i dont him as a friend anymore on fb.. lol and so i added him back.. and then moments later..

thanks for the add

heya, i'm at work, talk later k..

btw me and xxx(another blogger) are no longer friends..

doesnt really concern me la.. lol

back in KL?


hey did you get my new number? btw where are you working now?

no i did not...

at mont kiara?

i was shocked... i didnt want him to know where exactly im working la not that im really close to him.. so i just said


at 1montkiara?

that is a little creepy already




plaza damas?


by this time i already dont feel like talking to him anymore..

hey, wanna meet tomorrow?

erm.. im not free

and a few more occasions he did ask me out but once i was celebrating Carter's birthday.. and a few more times i was with family and also spending time with Carter..

Okay. I guess that means you'll probably not be free for any meetups at all.. Bye and have fun

i deleted him off facebook, and i make sure i will always disable my location before sending text to sohais.. and i finally realize why i dont have him on my fb.. so not worth my effort and time..

*flip hair*

Friday, January 30, 2015

cake-breaking love..

we were having one of our usual weekly dates. this time round it was in Alexis Pavilion. their cake selection always look tempting and so we ordered 2 of those.

lets call them cake A and cake B..

i took a scoop of A and immediately i fell in love with it. Cake B is... well.. not my kinda thing at all. just one bite and that is it for me.

Carter loves cake A as well. so... being the understanding boyfriend i am *fliphair* i started eating cake B and asked Carter to eat cake A..

he saw and he knew that i love cake A and so...

nah, you eat cake A la... i know you like cake A.. *took cake B from me*

dowan la.. you eat la, i can eat this cake..

no, you eat cake A..

*i tried to take cake B from him*

and without warning, he took his spoon and smash cake B twice.

i look at him for 1.5 seconds and i laugh like mad.. and he laughed like crap too..

see, this one ugly already, you take cake A...


memang menyampah right? urgh.... lol....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

suck fingers while driving...

the journey was long, it was a 5 hour drive and baby Carter was starting to get sleepy..

baby, can you talk to me..

what you wanna talk about..

anything, i just wanna be awake..

you want coffee? you want a break?

we are almost there... so maybe not..

erm.... well... do you want a blowjob?


if blowing can wake you up... i would... lol

and there he goes telling me all about his past car-blowjob-sexperience etc etc and i was pretend listening...

he knew i was not focusing on his stories, he took my right hand with his left and put my index finger in his mouth and he started sucking it..

what the fuck are you doing??


ok, i admit, i have a sensitive finger, and when its in someone's oral cavity, gone la gone la, i twitch and twerk on the passenger seat as though as i was having a fit...

and with that, Carter is awake..


and also little TULS...


and then little Carter too...

the end.

we arrived at our destination moments later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

mischievous Carter...

was driving to Carter's one day..

it was a 5 hour journey..

he was driving while im on his left.. his DAD was at the back seat!

halfway through the journey he grab hold my right hand. i turn to him with amazement!


but,... your dad is behind!!

so what? he's asleep...

yea... but still.....

so what if he finds out?

lol... are you ready for him to know?

so he held my hand till we reach his place with his dad at the back seat, not sure whether he saw anything or not.. silly Carter.. i know he doesnt mind his family knowing about us but i dont like to rub it in their face, not like this... haha.. at least not on our first parent-partner introduction!!! :)