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Friday, December 31, 2010

mother power...

2 nights ago i was chatting with my mum and suddenly the girlfriend topic came out..

you got girlfriend edi arr?

nola.. dont have.. but i have lots of boyfriends.. (just thought of fooling around)

hm.. you better not crazy arr i tell you.. this is not very healthy one.. and no future for you... you better play play for awhile then change back i tell you...


you know your cousin who was a lesbian last time?

er... yea...
see now she is married le...


she thinks that i can change? just because my cousin got married? its so wtf... hm... i know deep down inside she knows that i am but im just not sure how to tell her..

will i break her heart if i tell her that i can be normal? will she keep "changing" me back to normal? can she take the pressure?

when should i tell her? the day before i fly to UK? tell her now? 

what if she knows that i had sex with hundreds of men? will she freak out? will she ask me to get tested? will she not stay with me anymore?

wah seh..

hm... sien... dono la... ish.. how arr?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

will you fuck me when im asleep tonight?

my bro came and visit me yesterday and now he is in ipoh already.. its been 6 months since i last saw him..

i came out to him early this year but i dont think he believes it till last night..

i called bubu as usual to wish him goodnight, its our ritual.. before sleep my bro and i had a lil conversation on the bed..

your girlfriend arr?

nola.. boyfriend.


kan i told you edi?

what youre gay? seriously?


aiyor why you gay one?

im just like that... i dont even know why.. its just that i am...

and you guys like anal each other?

er... yea...

what the fuck... why on earth do you like guys?


do you wanna seek help?

huh? wtf...

see doctor or something...

er.. its not something a doctor can cure..

maybe a psychiatrist?

haha.. no need.. i just dont get aroused by women or girls.. yes they are hot and pretty and if they flash me their boobs i will just be like, ok, normal.. nothing nice.. moving on...

so if you see dick then you will stim la?

hahahahaah.... i mean.. its either you accept me or whatever...

im ok with it.. actually i knew you were a pondan when we were younger.. you and your camwhore since young...

er... wait!! wtf?!! im not pondan!! pondan and gays are different.. and transexuals too.. they are all different.. so please dont mix us up!!

hahaha.. ok ok... ...but, you know.. like what grandpa say every man has to do their part in continuing the family tree thing...

er... we have you and all our other cousins to do it.. so no need me la please...

but youre the eldest among all the cousins.. you are supposed to do it.. 

er... what the fuck.. i give the responsibility to you then...

hm... if you were brought up by grandpa and grandma then you wont end up like this..

hahahahaha... omgosh... it wont la change anything la!!

so will you rape me tonight when i sleep?

wtf... are you crazy?!!! i wont do such incest things... not with family la of course...

last night was really fun.. we catch up on things that happened since we last met and we also talked about condom, sex, our parents.. everything la.. im gonna miss him... hm.. i will see him during chinese new year i guess.. oh well.. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 days smelly or not?

was talking to a straight friend just now and here goes the conversation..

so late liao, why are you not sleeping yet?

oh.. my hair wet thats why.. waiting for it to dry...

oh.. you baru mandi meh?

nola.. i just had vigorous exercise!!

erm.. you just had sex with your gf?

nola.. self sex! if there is such a word! hahaha...

hahahaha.. wtf... ok then... go wash up then.. ttyl

er... im gonna sleep soon.. let it dry then wash tomorrow before work...

what the fuck?!!!!! so dirty!!!! .....actually me too!


*high 5*

hahahhaahha... it smells so nice after one day...

serious shit?!! i never smell it before lor.. just wash it the next day lor...

nice!! but 2 days is fucking smelly!!

what the fuck?!!!! you left it there and dint shower for two days!?!!!??!?!?!?!?

yeah.. i was camping then... dint mandi.. 

camping? sounds like ages ago... 

yeah 9 years ago..


i mean, i think its pretty normal for guys to do that.. i used to masturbate myself to sleep.. men produce hormones after intercourse/masturbation that relaxes the body and promotes sleepiness.. after cumming let say on the belly and after wiping it off with tissue.. there will surely still be stains there or maybe if the quantity is little you dont even have to bother and it will dry up in no time.. dah la so tired so of cos tdo la right.. but if you dont wash it off, go smell meh? whats the longest time you leave your cum on your body unwashed wor?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

youre so grown up already...

that show ok la.. not that bad.. was watching it with bubu and his bro.. laughed our ass off!! haha..

bubu is the eldest.. his brother so happens to be at home alone so thought why not go watch together la right..
bubu's brother is growing to be a man soon.. getting taller by day.. more hair everywhere.. more matured..

bubu doesnt realize that.. i mean.. i noticed it cos you know.. im a guy.. i notice guys.. bubu sees his brother everyday.. and it would be so incestful(is there such a word, got red line underneath) to even fantasize about your own brother so anyway i told bubu

hey.. you brother quite hot arr..

are you crazy?


he is my brother!!!


he looked at his brother from head to toe... and i think after that only did he realize...



youre so grown up already..

er.. gor, im not that 10 year old kid anymore..


ahahahahha.. even bubu had to acknowledge that his brother is growing up and getting hotter by day.. hahaha... dont even mention bubu's dad... hot daddy.. guahahaha...

bubu's gonna kill me after he sees this.. hahahaha...

the tuls is surrounded by hotties.. nyeh nyeh nyeh...

Monday, December 27, 2010

lady marmalade...

i can say that i spend more time with bubu's friend than my own.. its just that the friends that i made through bubu are mostly gay and awesome in their own way lor.. excluding mutual friends we made together la..

from my side, there are only 5 people who knows that im gay and comfortable talking about guys with me, as in my friends since forever la.. so yea.. so today we thought of lepaking with my friends for a change cos ive always been hanging out with his right..

and yes we went karaoke! wahahaha... Neway in Jaya Square.. ok la the songs selection not that up to date but who cares!! we have a four solid hours of singing and my voice now is still masih belum pecah belah cam dulu..

the song that we all went crazy was lady marmalade!! hahahah.. cos there are four singers in it and the four of us each chose one singer and sing their lines.. hahaha..

guess who did i chose?
A. Mya
B. Pink
C. Lil Kim
D. Christina Aguilera

bubu was looking at me all the while when i sang quite a few mandarin song in the end.. then i asked him when he was sending me home....

why are you looking at me like that?

er... er... *smile*



what? why?

nola.. ive dated so many guys and they are like all either too cina or dont know how to speak mandarin at all..

er... so?

you sang in mandarin... *smile*

er... so? im very cina is it? you dont like is it?

nola.. i like.. i mean.. when you sing that Lee Hom song that time i was like so... *smile*

er.... er.....

*blush* alah.. people blushing edi la...

but actually until now i still dont understand what is it all about.. hahahahahaha.. maybe i know but im not so sure so dowana assume la kan.. hahahahaha...

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry xmas...

merry christmas to everyone reading this be it youre celebrating or celebating!! cant wait for tomorrow... :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

i give up...

i just reach home after dinner with a few bffs from high school which im out to and thought of calling bubu to tell him im home but mana tau...

b, im home le...

oh.. you sure youre home arr?

er.... yea... why should i not be home?

maybe youre at someone's house?

what the fuck should i be at someone's house?

i dont know.. are you?

okay, listen to this!! *close my room door - it gives out a very distinctive sound only my room door produces*

any guys room door could have that sound wert..

wtf.. ok few steps and i will be in my toilet.. *open tap - shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

er.. it can be anyone's toilet! *giggle*

wtf... ok.. my staircase sound.. *stomp down the wooden stairs* Heard THAT?

er.. like i said, can be anyone's house!!

wtf.. ok ok this one you should know.. *shaking the metal dumbell he gave it to me - it produces sound when the weights are loose*

er... any hot guys house would definitely have one of those... 
hm... you sure you are at home? *giggle even more*

i give up.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


from the left Malik Taufiq(bubu says the hottest, whatever!!), Will Quah, Edmund Wong, Nandang Rahman and Jack Lua.

First couple : Malik and Will
Second couple : Nandang and Jack
Hot Slutty Messenger : Edmund

It started off with Malik and Will in their house waiting for Nan and Jack to come over for FOURSOME.. lots of kissing.. i love you so much this this that that.. then the second couple finally came then started la.. Jack took off his shirt first.. wah so nice and hunky la that jack!! dah la berbulu the middle!! grr!! sexy!!! then Malik took off his, Will followed and the Nan. Malik and Will body is like those body you see everyday la in porn ke whatever.. all the same one.. hot!! so yea.. but the sex scene is CUT OFF lor and replaced by just one kiss from each other and thats it.. k la.. this is not porn so nvm la give chance..

After entah brapa lama.. A messenger came by and gave a telegram to Will and it says the Nan is in the bottom of the ocean. Malik was curious about it then he went and look for Jack. They met in a coffee shop and Jack told that he left Nan and Malik dint get the answer he came for instead he found out that Nan was HIV positive. Malik went back and asked Will to get tested since he was the only one who get fucked by the second couple while Malik sat aside and watch. Then the messenger came again and gave another telegram to Will. Telegram says that Nan is killed by a sea monster. Malik was like WTF then he went and look for Jack, Jack said they broke up and the piping sux. Jack house was flooded. Malik went home and Will was gone. Then the messenger came again and gave another telegram but this time to Malik. Malik refused to accept then Ed and Malik started to debate and talk about love, sex and AIDS. Will was later thrown into the house all soaked but did not die after Malik realize that he really loves Will and that AIDS is not a barrier between them.

The end.

Sea monster here refers to AIDS lor i think and that when Will was missing i think he went out to get tested and thrown back into the room alive in the end means he is HIV negative. The messenger and telegrams are like news telling us to go for checks cos there are people dying of AIDS everyday lor i think. Piping bocor tu i think indicated that the sea monster is attacking jack already, he might have it, he might not have it.. no one knows... kihihihi... Straight people wouldnt understand this play much lor i think.

Bubu and I were laughing our asses off and kept hitting each other cos basically we are in this shit! As in.. bubu and i thought of having 3some 4some shit and this play have the same lines like what we discussed earlier about being paranoid about the roles la, who fuck who la, safe or not la, got disease then how la. I even suggested to bubu that i will sit down and watch him play with other men and that was also stated in the play like damn wtf right!! oh gosh..

glad that we are over that now.. nice play.. and yes Will is hot.. Jack and Malik pun tak kurang hebat jugak!!! hehe...

no orgies ok bubu.. i bu yao!!.. i love you only.. dowana share you with anyone else!! haha....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

McD in Malacca...

was in McD malacca yesterday for awhile and so i ordered a drink and also ice creams..

surprisingly the ice cream there is so much nicer than the ones here in KL... hahaha.. the texture and smell la.. dono whether its cos of the brain thats fooling around or what la.. secondly the ice cream is filled to the bottom of the cone lor.. that one i damn damn happy..

go to any McD in KL and buy a cone the ice cream will only be filled the top part and the inside is all empty right? sohai!! for the first time it was filled! and its in Malacca!!

one sucky part of malacca's mcd is that if you wanna refill for your soft drink, you need to LINE UP?!!!!!!

damn damn siao.. its my first time in mcd malacca mar right, so finish the first round of drink i mai went to the counter to refill lor.. wah the kakak say: refill kena beratur.

i stun lor!! seriously lor the line damn fucking long!!!

so i went back to my seat without refilling.. damn sien.. that sei kakak also one kind.. refill one coke oni ma also cannot.. stupid bitch.. i went back the second time after the line subside then told her i want sprite so she refilled.. 

then habis minum the third time around i went again.. and line up.. i was at the second position liao then i saw like there are lots of staffs doing nothing so i called out to one guy, Dik, boleh tolong refill sprite tak? then he took it and refill.. and guess what.. the sohai kakak ask him: kenapa you isi sprite, kite takde orang order sprite pun? then the boy told her that he was refilling it for me.. then she turned and look at me.. wah that time i feel like slapping her face until her mother cannot recognize man.. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

out to new BFF le..

im finally out to my newest edition of my bff.. haha.. so one day we went to refill our bottles at one of the stands and the conversation just started la..

hey, i like the video you posted the other day.. (i post it on her wall on fb, she doesnt know about my blog.. duh!!)

oh.. really? haha.. yeah.. i like the girl the most.. damn funny la she..

you are my only male friend who thinks like me about the LGBT.. haha.. really my bff !! :)

haha.. i mean.. why are you so against people who hate the LGBTs anyway..?

i believe that they are who they are, and they should have equal rights like we do.. and i really like them.. haha..

are you lesbian?

er.. nola.. hahahahahaha....

oh... hahahahahaha...

*filling water* that day the water came out damn fucking small lor.. like on purpose gimme time to tell her nia..

erm.. what if i tell you i have a boyfriend... will you believe me...?

*stare at me* er................... yeah.. i believe...

mm.. ok...


yeah.. we've been together for almost one year now.. haha..

omgosh.. awesome... hihi.. i dint know... wah... you cover up so good la.. you damn perverted one lor but... yea.. good good.. hihi...

then off we went back for class.. :)

so relieve after that... :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

abc soup for the soul!!

it was 12am in the morn...

bubu has exams on friday so i thought maybe he is studying la cos he is not answering my sms nor he is online..

then he called...



what you doing now? why dint answer my sms one?

i just woke up... *yawn* sorry.. will go online soon.... see you there..

oh.. ok...

after 30 mins...

why no see you online one? you still sleeping arr? or eating?

huh? dont have arr? i think connection sux la.. wait.. i go reconnect...

after 10 mins...

now got arrr?

erm.. no wor...

after 10 mins... a call..

b, come down now...


i say come down now!!

erm.. oh!!

and dont wear shirt, just come out!!

oh!! (he knows pulak im not wearing shirt.. cilakak!!)

i brought one t shirt out together with my naked body jugak... then after i open the door.. got surprise wor..

he brought me home made ABC soup!! he knows that my next meds interval is at 3am so yea.. it was 1am.. we went to a nearby place for drink till round 2.45 then he send me home i reheat the soup then drink then took my meds..


i feel so hang fok(malay is called bahagia but i dont think there is such word in english)..

thanks mother in law for preparing the dinner and sorry that i cant make it last night, dint know you prepared the soup specially for me...

thanks so much again.. the soup is full with love and "medicated essence"!! :) 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

need to worry or not?

Rule review to control student entry and stay in Britain


KUALA LUMPUR: It will be tougher for Malaysians to pursue their education in Britain with the entrance criteria set to be tightened. They will also be barred from staying on upon completion of their courses.
The move will affect all foreign students planning to study in Britain.
Simon Featherstone
The other main proposals involve cutting the number of those pursuing below-degree level courses (like diplomas), introducing tougher English Language requirements and getting those wanting to extend their studies to prove their academic progression.
This will mean that foreign students could be restricted to only degree-level courses.
Those who complete their courses will have to exit and apply for a new visa if they intend to further their studies.
British High Commissioner to Malaysia Simon Featherstone said many foreign students who enrolled in below-degree level courses actually just lived and worked in Britain, adding that the Home Office wanted to end this abuse.
“What the Government wants to do is to prevent the student route from being used to get around immigration rules.
“A decision is expected to be made by the end of January,” he told The Star.
Featherstone said Malaysia ranked fifth (14%) in a previous Home Office survey conducted on the number students who stayed back in the UK, with India as the highest (43%), followed by Pakistan (36%), Nigeria (35%) and China (18%).
About 6,000 Malaysians leave to study in Britain each year, with the visa approval rate for them under the points-based system exceeding 90%.
There are presently about 13,500 Malaysians pursuing courses in Britain.
Shahnon, Vincent, Derek...  ...how???

Monday, December 13, 2010


its kinda stupid in that raid on saturday night..

kan one side the guys were checked for ID kan? then the underage are all grouped another side?

then another group was pull to one side(including me) to go for the urine check?

hahah.. guess what happen?!

those underage that was caught was all detained in the station for 8 hours.. they were released unharm after 10am..

there are also underage boys that was in the urine check group but they were all NOT taken back to the police station including DINORIC..

its so so so ridiculous.. are they so bodoh that they dint realize that there are underage kids around them at the moment? everyone had to produce their IC for identification after the urine test...

if underage isnt a matter of concern then why are the first batch of youngsters were brought to the balai anyway? just for them to "gao cai"(show that they did something out of this raid) is it? 


next time youngsters!! remember to sneak over to the urine test group next time you are caught.. less trouble and less time wasted.. our "friends" are so numbered in amount that is possible to sneak over cos surely got chance one...

Dinoric was like saying...

TULS, how arr? oh my gosh... im underage...

dont worry la.. see la how it goes...

oh my gosh.... if i know this will happen i wont even come .. ..

=.= see next time still wanna come or not...

i would rather have sex with my bf...


Sunday, December 12, 2010

MP Raid virginity lost...

sien diao!!

last night was dancing halfway in MP then bubu took my hands, gave me a very strict look and say: we have to go now!

i knew what was gonna happen and when we rush to the door the police were already standing there closing it dah..

how stupid is it that the club has only one exit.. kalau apa2 happen to that exit then mati la..

so boom the music died.. the lights macam sun in the aftenoon 12pm! oh my lord!!

and the announcer(some cina dude) goes:

foreigners please make your way to the exit.. malaysians please remain in the club..

i mean like what the hell right? my ancestor is from china wor.. im also foreigner la.. ccb..

my first time mar.. people dowana lose it in mp ok.. but anyway.. lost liao lor.. i dint drink i dint do drugs and im ngam ngam legal so i wasnt that afraid at all..

my hot pilot friend, Riq that was with me masa tu say why not lets go up and get a drink while waiting for this thing to settle..

so we went up.. Riq bought me kanpai! ahahahaha.. muah.. was damn thirsty so yea.. i got like loads of water in the car.. cos kite ni halal, tak minum kan, so DIY bring H20 from home... hahaha.. cheapo me..

i dint get to dance to the max lor last night.. stupid rain spoil y whole cardio workout ccb...

then there was this angmoh looking guy that was sitting beside us.. we look and him and he looked at us.. damn lame.. so we just minum minum minum then he asked us..

so usually how long does this takes?

oh... around 5 i think...(bubu told me once)


yeah... but.. arent you a foreigner?

erm.. yea..

oh you can actually go out now..


there is like an express lane for you foreigners.. (in my brain was like wtf you faster get out of here)

are you serious?

=.= i wanted to slap him edi then i say... yea.. just go on to the entrance and you can leave already...


so after drinking we went down to regroup with bubu dan lain lain..

after the foreigners ciao we also follow keluar la right... when we pass the entrance i was asked to go to the left side and bubu went straight out.. i was like?!??!?!! WTF?!!!! what do they wanna do to me?

bubu say that he will be waiting at the mamak and we kept updating each other from time to time though my credit is like kong-ing anytime..

figure 1: routes of post-virginity-lost exits

ROUTE 1 : People like me enter this sohai route la..  as we were exiting the club entrance the guy said: YOU Mari! ???? cb.... so i stayed there lor..

ROUTE 2 : People like bubu and hot pilot Riq so luckily entered this route and went to all time fav mamak to chill and grindr etc...

ROUTE 3 : i brought bubu and another rainbow there with us, he is underage la so kesian him kena tahan from entering route 1 and so termasuk route 3 cos underage.. i dint know he was stuck there as well lor..

after the club is emptied..

Route 1 people enter back the club lor... route 3 went to the route 2 area and wait for further instructions..

wah then line up sien diao!! they took out a bag of yellow containers wtf and i knew immeadiately that have to give them my kukuwater... ish...

i really got nothing to pee lor cos i sweat all out when i was dancing then the club tibe tibe macam jadi cocktail party.. the management serve seamaster mineral water for everyone in plastic cups and there were attendants bringing drinks around... siaoness..

they let the girls go first.. they tend to take longer time to pee cos need to squat and all.. so after an hour baru sampai kite and im lucky number 75!! container cap tulis nombor, container body tulis nombor.. tanganku pun tulis nombor.. wtf.. like we are some code like that from different range.. hi im series 75.. wah.. you series 63 arr? wah... so yellow one your kukuwater... hahaha.. siao..

then after pee-ing, we came out and line up to get tested... damn funny cos some guys were like saying im not pregnant one, where can be positive one? damn siao right.. then another guy say ei what if the girl suddenly got period then together added into the pee? hahahaha.. i cannot tahan i laughed out together! hahaahah.. siaoness..

then ok lor.. go and test lor.. 

sohai disgusting scene was seen... you know what?

Figure 3 : Pee leaked everywhere.. sohai people prepare normal paper carton box to discard these waste omg how bodohnye... 

after that disgusted scene then i went out and bubu came flying into my arms and ask me

b you ok arr? you ok anot?

im perfectly fine.. why are you so gan chiong... i dint do anything wrong..

your first time mar...


MP, i will leave you alone for awhile now.. see you some other time k.. i will miss cardio-ing you.. but your songs are really teruks last night... cant make me dancefloor orgasm pun.. ish..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

i love you with my brain...

i realize that i have an exam on friday but i went for a dinner with a friend i met online on thursday night for the first time.. we plan the dinner long time before i realize about the exam so i thought why not just go for the dinner, i have to makan anyway and i had already promise him to meet liao.. so off i went.. i told bubu a week before hand too about the meet but not the exam..

i hope i can pass the exam tomorrow.. passing mark 70 % tau...

i know you will pass.. you always do, right? Wait!!.. GOT EXAMS STILL GO OUT?!!!!!

i can one la.. you dont worry la.. i promise him long time liao for this..


haha.. ok.. i will.. it very easy nia.. last year i got 100 for this test.. this year.. should be able to do so too..

Whoa!! but better dont be so confident... Later... CHOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha.. dont worry la.. he belanja wor he say *smile* kihihi... hm.. still waiting for him to come while studying at the sofa there now..

lucky la you! got free dinner hor.. Lol.. make sure you eat a lot!!!

alah.. dont worry la.. i know you jealous cos you dont get to eat free food. you also go find other people to belanja you dinner la..


after 30 minutes...

eating now? is He Cute? Hot? GOt nice chest? Arms?! Are you drooling yet?

i dint realize that he sms cos it was on silent.. after the whole meet ended i reach home around 12 only i sms him..

yeah.. he is cute, and hot.. hhahaaha.. but youre cute-r and hotter... he treated me for dinner and then desserts nia.. im now home le..

well.. glad you enjoyed yourself..

i call him after that short reply lor.. i know that he kinda irritated liao de cos i dint reply for so long and we talk and talk for like 30 mins only i manage to pujuk bubu that everything is ok.. haha.. 

bubu was a lil irritated when i told him that im going out to meet someone i know online.. this guy i dont know no shit about him as he remained faceless saying he is discreet.. haha.. bubu wasnt afraid of me cheating on him but afraid of that guy for he might do stuffs on me that makes me fall for that guy.. erm.. im kinda superficial but i dont fall in love so easily!! ish.. pabo bubu.. it turns out that he is not bad at all.. there wasnt any sexual talks at all.. everything was pleasant.. that night was like a stress reliever for the esok's exam.. haha.. (hint: faceless people in online sites sometimes might be awesome!).. 

i sent this to him before i went to bed..

he might be hot and cute and melted my heart with his charms, dinner treats and chocolates but..
BUBU, i love you with all my Brain!! dont worry about anything else ok!! i love you sho much..

WTF?!! Major WTF!!! ULTIMATE WTF!!!!! lololololololololol

Friday, December 10, 2010

procrastinating again..

today got exam but last night still went out reach home around 12.. gosh.. such a bad bad boy la me... take studies for granted.. oh well.. but today's paper wasnt that tough and i think i did pretty ok in it.. haha.. perasannyer.. next week exam week! fighting fighting!!

oh well..

just a short one here..

good luck to everyone that's needing it for exams!!

to my dearest bubu,
do well tomorrow!! rest well tonight!! i know you finish your syllables edi and i'm meeting you after this for desserts so see ya!!

to jasonisahe and vincentsilenthope, good luck in your exams as well..


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

rapunzel and the warrior's way!!

so rapunzel was born to have magic glowing hairs after singing. that day tried to sing the song but my hair did not glow.. so i thought because my mum dint drink the liong sui(herbal soup) that was made using the plant that grew out of sunlight or something.. so i think and think and think and finally got it!! i sang Negaraku the next day and my hair really glows!! seriously! you know why? i wash my hair with sunsilk!! wahahahahahah...

ok la.. stop lame-ing.. back to the story.. rapunzel was a not bad movie lor.. bubu loves the chameleon a lot.. after watching Ms-Long-Hair we then went and watch Warrior's Way staring Jang Dong Gun.. haha.. he ar.. not bad looking lor.. but too bad married le.. cant seem to find any half naked pic of him..damn it!! the movie is kinda lame but the baby in it is cute la.. thats all.. overall rating 3/5.. haha..

 oh yea for those who loves rapunzel, you should totally watch the next clip.. just a short one! and for those who hates rapunzel or dont even know what it is, you lagi need to watch it!! hahaah.. have fun!!

oh yea.. dont forget to vote for the poll at the top right corner :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

bubu's treat...

bubu finally got his paycheck from his side dancing and without me knowing we went out for a lunch after my class..

b, what do you want to eat?

erm.. im fine with anything bubu, what do you want to eat?

i know you cant decide one la.. everytime also like this.. thats why i know just the place to bring you!!

wah... seriously? omgucci.. 

erm.. is it ayam kampung?


erm.. kayu nasi kandar?


erm.. popeyes?


wait.. are we going the curve?

er.. you dont ask so much can or not, lemme bring you there then you know la..

he drove us to the curve lor.. haha.. then he brought me to..

Senjyu Sushi..

we always pass by but tak makan cos its kinda expensive and we dont know about the quality so yea..

not expensive meh?

erm.. i got my paycheque le.. this time i treat!

*smiling* wah!!! so dai fong(big square = generous)!!

lets go in!!


 yakiniku something.. steamboat kinda thing..

 the soup is so sweet :)

chicken katsu thingy..

ice cream dessert :)

its damn good lor.. we shared everything.. so full.. hahahaha..

thank you bubu!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

grindr slutify a person...

seriously this is how easy you can detect a plu around you lor.. and with that you can assure that the person is a person of standards la.. erm.. not to say the rest got no standards but at least this one ada iphone or blackberry kinda thing.. ok even that also some might be spoilt brats that eats off their parents money to have the phone etc...


i was grindr-ing at bubu's place one night and i saw a familiar face.. fuck... it was my friend's bf..

the slutty curious me just cant wait and those itchy fingers started to type...

hey sexy.. (oh well.. the slut will always start with either that or hi sayang oh hottie or some shit la..)


nice chest you have there.. (sorry bubu, i know im such a slut.. but you were there so dont worry..)


are you a top? (i have to ask, i dont do bottoms, tops turn me on, the word versatile also sometimes i find untrustable...)


what are you looking for here?

fun.. (omygucci he said fun, in my mind was like wtf i tell your bf only you know)

ah... are you single?

no.. i have a boyfriend...

oh.. (right, got bf still wanna have fun wtf??!!) not afraid your bf might find out arr?

you dont tell i dont tell, who knows? (slut!!)


you? single?

no.. i have a bf too.. 

oh.. wanna meet up sometime? (wah i say i got bf also still wanna meet up?)

er.. ok...

can ask your bf to come along..

then i ask bubu to block gao him!!


im not telling my friend about this though..

its none of my business.. he wants it that way let it be.. asshole.. grindr is such a slut tool.. no wonder eric gets all his fling without fail.. hahahahahahaha

Sunday, December 5, 2010

friends nia...

very tired o today..

slept late last night.. 

woke up late today.. 

watch a play with 7 other friends..

2 left bcos mum called say FASTER COME BACK ARR kononnyer underage.. damn no life if your mum is like that..

2 came after that.. 

so altogether still 8..

then dinnered..

then separated...

left the 4 of us..

2 of us is ok lor.. bubu and i lor.. 

the other two..

just only met but talk like they know each other forever sudah..

my intention is just to intro them as friends nia.. no other meaning.. if youre reading this, please Laugh..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

when to tell?

today is my bff's birthday..

known her for 2 years..

we go to the same uni..

she is one of the english speaking girls in my batch.. yeala most of them menge-cina-kan themselves dono why..

we are both from subang..

she is a year younger.. im a year older...

she supports LGBT rights to the max and even fought with a classmate cos he simply uses the word gay on other people..

until now she still doesnt know that im gay..

we eat together everyday during break..

she will laugh at all my lame and nonsense dirty jokes..

i will kutuk her from head to toe and she just laugh it off and agrees to it..

haha.. damn sohai..

oh well..

dono when will be the right time to tell..

wait till we go over to UK only tell? hahaha.. ikut naluri hatiku?

Friday, December 3, 2010

how much can you sacrifice?

was talking to a friend, M recently and found out that when he was younger he fell in love with his classmate, C.. they were deeply in love.. but one day another guy from another class, X found out about it and threatened to hurt C if M doesnt have sex with him..

because M loves C so so much, he agreed to have sex with X as X was big and strong and nasty looking too..

this went on for 3 years and when M finally finish his SPM he came to the city for his A levels and then only the sexual abuse stopped.. but during that period X spread rumours to the school that M had sex with someone else from the school and C somehow broke up with M..

C is now overseas and M is still here in the city afraid to go back to where he came from as he knows the is always around.. they live nearby..

C doesnt know about this and also he doesnt know that M really loves him and still do now..

M is such a poor boy.. he was so naive that he actually believed X would really hurt C and thus lost his virginity and also his sweet childhood memories.. traumatized by it till today..

be Strong M..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

gym signals...

do you get signals in the gym? 
or maybe at a diner? 
or malls? 
anywhere at all? 
definitely got right? hehe..

we shall leave the rest and just concentrate in the gym ok.. wahahaha.. my ex tempat pembiakan(breeding ground)..

the look back signal..
guys would work out so much for your attention and when he walks halfway to the locker and he feels like youre watching, he turns back, give you one look, sometimes a smile as well and goes into the locker hopefully you will follow.. hehe.. i always follow one lor...

the stare..
he will be running on the threadmill and youre at a distance, wah kao he will just stare at you as though youre a diamond or something then if you look at him he will look away or maybe look at you from the reflection of the mirror in front or something.. hahaha.. i dont mind la if that guy is hot but if its not then i will move away.. hahahaa..

the read lips from far.. 
some gays are so horny they will mouth signal the other party hopefully to get back a response.. but that one very hard one.. hahaha.. i use it very often lor like in the locker i will mouth signal a guy from afar saying: You wanna fuck? hahaha.. but sometimes damn stressful cos the other party is too cina he can only speaks mandarin then surely damn potong steam one.. hahahaha.. but usually jadi one la :)

the strip..
in the locker guys(gays) will tend to strip and then wrap a towel in front of you(my case la).. i will always wrap a towel first lor before stripping.. kihihi... lepas tu i will follow in to wherever he may go... ahahahah.. i will follow you... follow you wherever you may lalalalalalala..... *music* sometimes in the sauna also they will strip!! kihihi... that one normal la i think..

the flex..
not all guys are vain but the gymers are lor(usually gay one).. they will look at themselves in the mirror before shower and after shower and whenever there is a mirror la.. then with the help of the mirror they will know that youre looking then the flex lagi more.. hahaha.. those who love to worship muscles will suka all these la.. ish... me likey define.. not too big.. too big takuts...

the sit near near..
after entering the sauna or steamroom, guys that wants action will tend to sit near you lor like seriously next to you to maybe hopefully get to touch you one.. kihihi...

the sit across..
this one another popular one, in the sauna and steamroom again.. they will tend to sit across you or at least a 90degrees angle from you then after awhile they will slowly open their legs to reveal their trophy! *wah too bright*

the peep from shower room..
my favourite.. we will leave one side of the curtain open a lil and the other side closed fully.. then after knowing someone is at the other side of the shower we will then peep out from that small(sometimes big) space and hope that he is looking over as well :) kihihi...

the embrace butt/dick/hand by the translucent mirror
so Celebrity Sunway has this translucent glass between two shower rooms.. the slutty me will always put a hand first... if got response from the hand then the butt will go, if a bottom is over the other side then another butt will be there and i will be turned off!! but if theres a thick long shadow that appears then VOILA!! im coming over baby!! kihihi...

the pull shower curtain...
some sohai really got no patience one lor and will sometimes pull the shower curtain to peep.. i mean.. thats too much.. hahaha.. but i personally dont mind.. then he will eventually end up inside my shower room.. hahaha.. but if i dont like what i see after him taking off his towel then off i go and sayonara not gonna see you forever!!

have you encounter any other signals whatsoever? kihihi...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

big but soft!!

bubu loves muscles especially the chest and the biceps.. gosh he could like stare at those for hours and wont get bored.. in grindr also selalu jer fav all those muscular ones.. ish.. i know la my muscurl not that big! but ive been training at home.. so anyway.. one day we were talking bout it and ...

b, you know right what i like?

yeah.. i know.. you like muscles.. big chest and biceps.. to hold you and hug you and then you can touch it like toink toink toink like that..

er... *blush*

i know la my chest not big enough.. but i will work towards it lor dont worry..

er... ok.. *blush*... BUT.. i want it soft ok... i dowan hard one...


i want it big and soft at the same time so i can like drown in it...

erm... i cant control the hardness of the chest one wor.. i just make it big then gao dim la..

i want soft one soft one nicer...