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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What happens when your ex dates your friend...

hey... how are you lately? 

im pretty ok... im heading out in a bit, can't talk now..

oh alright.. ...... a date?

yea, with my harem of asian boys..


would be interesting no?

right.... so, is it a date?

in a way just hanging out, its not like a date or anything..

so is he asian too?

yea, asians are more interesting than caucasians!!


what? even if you disagree, its true!!

-.- ..... so what country of origin?

what the fuck, are you shining a bright lamp on my face!?!!

more like the sun!!

i'll die!!

is he malaysian?

i'll let you know more when things are actually going well this time, i don't want to get prematurely hyped up this time, last time got me too much in a slump and it affected me WAY more then it should have

is it Jeremy? (Jeremy is a close friend of mine from home who is studying where i worked in the UK)

no response for some time...

you went out already?

i met Jeremy on Jack'd, we started talking and we've gone out before. As said, i don't know if anything bigger will grow from it, i'm being cautious after last time and i don't want to go through that stuff again.


im waiting for him to tell me when he is ready... so im still here...

you must be joking, Jeremy is like a brother to me.....

no not really. yeah, i heard you guys know eachother :p i guess i'm giving you both quite the surprise huh

this is weird, anyway you should go..

hehe i guess it is yeah. sorry if it makes stuff awkward

i dont know what to say...

is it a bad thing to you?

i dont really know how to react to that...

i think i should go before i say something that i would regret.. catch you later.. :) have fun...

are you angry at me? or at him?

why should i be angry? but seriously of all the asians there, Jeremy, seriously? 

yeah, i don't know how that happened. it's a bit weird to me as well but I can imagine how weird it must be for you two

have you had sex yet?

wtf, besides, even if i had would you really even want to know. it's 3am, go to bed *hugs* and just so you know, even if things end up more serious between Jeremy and me, you'll still be a friend of mine..

lets not go there.. night.

i feel disgusted, i seriously didnt know how to react or what to do.. it was 3am in the morning and i kinda ranted and sent offline messages to Niey and went to bed.. the next morning Niey replied with the following...

Well.. I know things cud be weird at first. But in the end, He is someone that you know you won't have a future with. And u have moved on too.. So.. Good or bad, it is his own choice. I think in the end, you just have to let him go on with his life even he may be dating ur friend. It doesn't really matter if he date ur friend or ur ex or anyone. Somehow, u just gotta learn to be happy for him.
For now sure it's gonna be weird.. But in the end, your priorities in life will be more important than who are the people ur ex date one. Let it sink in, n u will just feel a lot better sooner. Both are your friends no? So put it in thus way lo.. As long as they are happy.. U just gotta be supportive. That's all. :)

What Niey said was true la.. and i really thanked him for that ..

hey, im sorry for reacting that way yesterday, clearly i wasnt thinking straight. ultimately i just wanted you to be happy..

i know , and i dont blame you. its a weird coincidence, its kinda why i didnt wanna tell you yet until it actually became more serious. its kinda weird i met him of all people. so yea, i dont blame you. i just dowana make things awkward.

haha,... it wont be la, i'm past that already..

thanks for being understanding..

Saturday, October 25, 2014


a conversation on jackd goes like this...

hey, mind to be friends?

sure no prob!!


are you attached?

...well, what if i say yes? hehe....

then i will say bye bye :)


does he know that youre here?



he does...

but by then ive already stopped talking to him and ignored him altogether

so many signals pointing to the fact that his intention is questionable.. whether he is here genuinely to find friends, we dont know..

its just weird la saying that you need to expand your friend circle by joining these gay apps when you already have a partner..

you can always explore the scene with your partner..

you can always make new friends with your partner..

i dont believe in self venturing and find friends through all these apps knowing that most of them are on there to just search for a shag..

i dont really understand how could someone that is attached still on these sex apps.. i dont really get the big picture behind it..

you are putting yourself at risk of cheating, no matter how strong your willpower to overcome temptation etc..

its just weird to me.. 

i wouldnt wanna have anything to do with an attached person even if he just wanna be friends... that only applies through apps kinda thing... 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Past relationships... First boyfriend : BabyZ (The End)

There isnt a time where i feel like i could have done better if i were able to turn back time. It was a good experience and relationship for me. They say you can never forget your first or the first cut is the deepest, i dont think it really feels that way to me. It would have hurt like crazy but maybe cos our love or at least my love towards him kinda die over time, it did not really hit me that hard.

I was the one who asked for the break and according to him he teared for a few days. Well we kinda still talk after that and thats how i know. I think we totally stop talking a month after that. Im not sure the reason why but i dont think i need a reason for that anyway. He is the only ex that i did not keep in contact with up till now. Its been 7 years and hopefully it stays that way. I wouldnt want anymore drama in my life haha.

honestly he did try to contact me through fb but i ignored it. that was a few years back and i think i did the right thing.

if there is one thing i wanna say to him if i met him is to thank him for the valuable experience. i have the imaginary meet in my mind. we kinda bumped into each other in the mall and have fake exchanges of hello and how are you and all those shit while holding my bf beside me so close, maybe a small peck or what not. lol. such a show off. typical show off stunt to display that im so much better off without him LOL... i feel so bitchy thinking of it. lol

since babyZ i kinda came up with a list of criterias that i would wanna see in a potential bf candidate!  i did post it before HERE and HERE but i will put it up once again! :)

well there you go, an inspired list after breaking up with my first love! the list kinda change as we go along!!

babyZ is shorter than me by a head, it wasnt a problem at first but it kinda did as things got worse between us. feels like im going out with my little brother or like im babysitting lol. i dont mind having shorter friends but boyfriend criteria must be tall la! lol...

babyZ is younger so that explain the next criteria.

the 5 big X are my principle in life.

the rest are quite self explanatory :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Past relationships... First Boyfriend : BabyZ (Part 4)

we had a share of public sex all over town, not caught of course. The experiences were heart-pounding both physically and mentally. sex is fun if both parties are honest and true to each other. you can feel the sincerity when you make love. You will know if its a revenge sex or breakup sex. The emotions, the thrust, the feelings they are all different.

Things started to fall apart shortly after 2 years in the relationship.

He started making new friends. I mean friends come and go for all of us and it should be deeply encouraged anyway. Peer influences on the other hand, should be cautioned at all times. I see babyZ started to go to temple more and more often with his new found friends. They were obviously very religious in a way. Thats fine. I even stop eating beef the whole time i was with him anyway. Sacrifices are needed in a relationship, it happens. I mean i respect his culture. He doesnt mind me eating it but i kinda chose to anyway.

What irks me the most is after two years into the relationship he kinda ask me to be a buddhist. If you love me, then be a buddhist, we can pray together, we can go to temple together, I will introduce you to my new friends. Those were the exact words he said. Hm.... Well that was quite annoying. I mean I do go to the temple with him like every special occasion if he wants to. I believe in God but I dont really believe in religion, knowing that and yet he still wants me to join is just.... how should i put it, inconsiderate? I mean come on, we have been together for 2 years, there wasn't a problem in terms of our faith 2 years back anyway. Why now?

Obviously I hold on to my grounds and principle and said no. That kinda build some tension between us.

Then comes my birthday. Obviously he got me a present. I know in the western part of the world you would open the present there and then but I was being Asian and kept the present and opened it at home after our "celebration". Well it was just a dinner as he has some "stuffs" to do after that. Seems like I wasnt the most important thing in his life anymore then. ha. whatever.

Anyway I opened the present and guess what! :) It was an FCUK shirt. First glance was like, oK. Good la. I dont have one anyway, I mean all my life Ive been working since 16 and I wont even get me anything more expensive than a TOPMAN whatever anyway so that was like kinda a great deal in a way then. Then as i look at it again, that shirt was kinda off in a sense. I looked again and found that the FCUK stitching was really sucky and that some of the thread were out. I was like hey, this is not right. haha. my heart was kinda itchy already.  Then as i checked again, i found a hole at one of the underarms. I was pissed. Being me, I just smiled it away. I called my bestie and told him about it la. Well, bitchy ma. So he said that I should talk to babyZ about it and maybe ask him to get it changed la. Fine. I called.

Hey baby, I got something to tell you..

yea what?

Well, the shirt you gave me...Yea? some of the thread is out...oh....and there is a hole near the pits there...



ok my heart is itchy already... i had to ask...

where did you buy it from?

i got it when i went to the trip in Jakarta with my family...

oh... ok...

well in my mind, the refund or exchange is out of the question already.. but i still dont really feel comfortable...

erm... but like where did you get it from?what? like is it original?

i had to ask.

why are you asking me this? why are you questioning my sincerity?

omgosh.. i think i hang up one or two lines after that. i dont remember what i said after that line. I was so so so angry.

first of all, its a birthday present.

second of all, im not questioning his sincerity because if he was sincere he would have checked the product before buying. clearly he didnt. and to be honest it feels like a fake, i mean, hey, im not judging, i wore pasar malam clothes before, really whatever, but like seriously that line pissed me off..

the tension grew even bigger after that... i think i disregard the shirt and kinda forget about it and assume that it didnt happen..

following that, we went out one weekend to 1U, the tension is clearly still there. At times there were total silence and it was quite awkward and weird in a way. it was about 5-6 years ago and i dont think i can remember what or how did the conversation started but until the day i die i will always remember what he said that day: if you dont want to date me, there is a whole line of guys waiting to do so..

i dont really see the point of doing that. trying to flaunt his popularity? hm.... humans changes over time.

a few days later after that i dont think i can take anymore of the nonsense anymore. There were so many so many minor details in the past that wasnt an issue but because of all the collective recent happenings, it kinda contributed a little to the decision of breaking up with babyZ.

This relationship ended after 2 and a half years.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Past relationships... First boyfriend : Baby Z (Part 3)

I work on weekends when I was in sixth form while dating babyZ then. Sometimes it would be difficult to meet him so weekdays are our usual hangout period. When there is a school holiday i would kinda work 2 jobs, one weekday and one weekend just to make full use of my time. I think then he would have felt neglected and I too feel that I wasnt the best boyfriend. Maybe I didnt really put him as my priority. Maybe i couldnt.

When SPM comes he kinda took some time off to study and then of course i had my exams as well so it was quite understandable that we didnt really meet as much as we used to. Yes we still have our "after tuition moments" but that was it, some nights we would have supper and then it ends with me sending him back.

Talking about getting caught from the previous post, our luck was just about to get even better. There was this one night, as usual, I missed him so much i drove over his place and picked him up. Sex pheromones filled the air in the car and we just couldnt resist it anymore and so i drove us to a quiet industrial area and we kinda started to make out. As things were starting to get steamy we saw a single weak flash from afar. The light was getting brighter over time and then we heard ramming of engines of motorcycles. My heart stopped. I thought we were gonna get robbed.

If I am not mistaken there were 4 motorbikes around and they kept knocking on our window and kinda circulating our car in their bikes, trying to scare us or what not. We just kept calm and not do anything. At one point I thought one of the windows is gonna break. One of the bike just stop on a side while shinning its light into the car. We were just totally in shock and in fear. We cant do anything and it was in the middle of nowhere. No one will come to our rescue lol. I totally forgotten that the car has a horn. My car was afraid too i guess *rolleyes*

When we thought we were about to die, the gang left. Gosh. WTF man. They say once bitten, twice shy, three times a fool or something. Our luck just got better. There was this other night where we met up and drove all the way to another industrial area, a newer, better, well lit area thinking it would be not so dangerous. WE WERE WRONG. A police patrol car just turned the corner and they have their spotlight switched on and shine through into our car. FUCK! Our pants were still down and we didnt really have time to react. We were totally stunned and all i can think of then is NOT AGAIN!!!

We were asked to step out from the car..

Can I have your ID and license please...

*handed over......*

what are you two doing? tell me...



we were just talking...

why are your pants down?

i was just fetching my friend from tuition and we were heading home...

home? this doesnt look like home to me...

.........*silenced, we were just looking on the ground the whole time*.....

how old are you?

17.... 16...

16? you know you are underage right.....

do you know what you are doing ?of course we know what we are doing stupid!!


please just let us go, we wont do this again...

ok at one point i was thinking of bribing but i was out of money... and i dont really know how much does babyZ have got on him..

you wanna spend the night in the lock up?

.....no .... we were not doing anythiDONT tell me you were not doing anything, your pants were down...

i think by then babyZ has started to tear...

.....so, what should i do about it?

i know that is the sign that i should bribe him...

*i opened my wallet* erm... i dont have any money on me now...

so...? what about your friend?

you know what, i can drive you to the bank and get some money if you want...

i think im either blonde, or desperate or just plain stupid.. lol hahahahahaha.... i know there is a bank just next to the police station...

no no no... we are not going to the bank...

its ok then, just take us in(to the lock up), i will just phone my parents...

i dont know was that act of bravery or what. to be honest my memory fails me after that, im not sure what happen. I think either they let us go after awhile or babyZ took some money out and combined it with what ive got and they just left with that. haha. seriously we were just really lucky.

xx to be continued xx

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Past relationships... First boyfriend : Baby Z (Part 2)

Baby Z and I kinda grabbed every opportunity we have to be together and of course intimately too. So whenever his house is "free" even if its just for awhile I will try to go over to his to savour the moment. We could do it at mine but it would be a hassle to go pick him up to mine and then back to his after. I dont really have air conditioning at mine as well and I do really sweat a lot and therefore his place would be a better option. Im not really joking about my sweating abilities, anyone who knows me personally would know. haha. I sweat by looking at the sun, im the literate definition of hot! lol. Think twice before you wanna hug me to sleep, dont think its doable if youre another fiery person or if the airconditioning is not set full blast with the lowest possible temperature. haha.

I remember clearly one afternoon when i was at his place. We were going to use his parent's bath tub and kinda have a soak, together. It was really romantic. There were candles all over, the tub was filled when i reached and there were a few rose petals to soften and ease the mood. To be honest it was quite weird cos its a one person tub, haha. We kinda adjusted a few times before getting the right position to have both of us comfortably fitted in the tub without the water overflowing lol.

We were just chatting away and having sips of soda every once awhile. There were lots of body contact obviously and also lots of kissing. At one point he just stood up and say: "wait for me, i will be back". I'm not sure what he was up to and I just assume he went out to get lube and i was pretty excited already. I just relaxed myself in the tub and kinda clean up while i have a short time alone. Well guess what. Its not short. I waited and waited and waited. My curiosity kinda took myself up from the tub and go check whats happening. When i open the door i saw a handbag on the bed. FUCK ME i thought to myself. The mum is home! GREAT. BabyZ was no where to be seen and so i softly closed the door. I was trying to put some clothes on when i realize that all our clothes was outside the bathroom. -.-

My heart was pounding so quickly and i have really no idea what to do. I just kept quiet hoping that he would come for me. He didnt. I waited and waited and was thinking WHERE THE FUCK IS HE. haha. Seriously you have no idea how crazily scared i was then. I have no clue how long have i waited so i tried to open the door a little and guess what, the handbag was still there. fuck. So many things were going through my mind. What would happen if the mum found out? Wait, if the mum heard our conversation or heard someone was talking in the bathroom, shouldnt she have knocked and asked or something? Does that mean she doesnt know? I daringly stuck my head out from the bathroom door. I looked left and right and there was no one there. The next thing i realize is my clothes were gone too. Great.

I took a deep breath, i clad a towel around my lower half of the body and weirdly tipped toed out the bathroom. That was the first thing I did was to lock the room door. The next thing i did was to figure out what to do, i explored the room a little and found a door that led to an "office" and there he was. BabyZ, sitting in front of a computer. I was like what the hell are you doing?

i had to switch on the computer to use as cover just in case.

right, but you could have informed me.

i can't, i was talking to mum just now.

ok, ok. so what now.

wear these first. 

After im dressed, we moved to the main bedroom door. Once we checked that the coast is clear we moved on and up to his room. Thank goodness it was the most relieved moment in my life. lol. Later i found out from babyZ that his mum was in the room next to the masterbed room folding clothes or something. I think i left shortly after when the mum is occupied doing something else. I can't imagine what would happen if we were caught. Seriously his family is like one of the least tolerable type against us gays. That heartpounding moment would be one of the many ones that would be remembered forever. lol.

xx to be continued xx

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Past relationships... My First Boyfriend : Baby Z

so tuls, how many boyfriends do you have before this?

erm..... you change boyfriend like changing clothes right?


superficially how i wish i had so many boyfriends but nah... ive got let me count... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, lol.. just 4 la..

so this post is gonna be on my first ever boyfriend, babyZ

once upon a time in middle school, lol, i was an active society person, i know im not really an active person physically and therefore i think i kinda compensate it with joining lots of non-sporty societies. I used to be so good in paperwork that i ended up becoming the secretary for 5 different societies/clubs. My hands were full, i dont think i really enjoy the work but i did quite well as a secretary with the first club i joined and then subsequently i kinda contested for the secretary position for every other societies i joined. bear in mind the secretary carries the same points as the president of the club, stupid point system, i was kinda trying very hard to be an all rounder. haha..

anyway i was going through the membership forms of one particular club and there's this one guy's picture kinda stole my attention. naturally i kinda was on the look out for him at each member's meeting and there he will be, sitting with his small bunch of friends.. i would just look at him from the front, stealing glances without being too obvious about it.. haha.. its not easy cos every silly thing you do that is out of the ordinary would be the talk of the class or club for x amount of time, you know how school kids are like... so....

the time for the annual installation of the club arrived and we needed to prepare the venue and members were asked to help and only since then i started to approach the mysterious Zboy..

i was young back then and i think i was quite shy and he was shy too for some reason but as the secretary, i know everyone and so it was only natural to greet my members and ask about stuffs and so i did...

we exchanged a few lines and it felt good.. i was so happy inside because we talked.. haha.. bear in mind i still dont really know whether he is gay or not.. but at the end of that particular day i can still remember looking at him as he walks away from the hall when i was closing up, surprisingly he turned back and look at me with a smile, our eyes locked, and that instant i know that he is GAYYYYYYY!!

lol.. my gaydar was rusty then but that look kinda fixed my antenna..

i remember passing my number to him and we texted everyday since. I can roughly remember changing phone service provider to be the same as his and added him into the "family" list to have better rates in calling and texting him despite parents are all using the previous service provider lol.

soon after we met, i kinda left high school and did sixth form in a school nearby while he still continued with high school as he was younger. our life kinda revolved around me going to his place when his family is out and fuck the cum out of each other, mostly me la. lol. I can remember we were kinda each other's first boyfriends and so we just went all out. I never remember wasting one drop of his cum after each session. His cum was always salty i have no idea why. And he on the other hand kept begging for mine too. The sex was just too much too crazy. Dont think we ever did it with condoms too.

Our first sex was surprisingly amazing. Reason for doubting it is cos first times are USUALLY awkward or somewhat needs adjustments. lol. speaking through experience lol. It was at his place one night. I remember driving over to his around midnight to wait for everyone to sleep. His room was all the way up at the attic, the 3rd floor. As i enter the room, it was pitch black and only lit by stars and moon that glowed in the dark. It smelled like armani code, and till now i still love the smell. He then lit 2 candles by a corner and woah, his room is literally like how a teenage angmo's  kinda room with boybands posters, a guitar, a blackboard with things to do on it, arts and crafts all over. So boyish kinda feel. lol. I remember Peter Pan's song was playing softly in the background.

We were both quite shy and stupid I guess. I remember lying on his bed as he slowly came next to me, the next thing i know, our eyes were of same level both lying on the bed. I held his hand as I adjust my head rubbing deeper into the pillow as I move closer to him. One kiss. And another, and another. I think we kissed for about an hour. It was my first time kissing too and it was with someone I love and it was just so calming, so sexy, so hot, so passionate.

I remember stopping after that, I went out the room and burp! lol. There was so much tongue going on I think the air kinda went in as well? lol After going back in, his was under his blanket and when i join him only to realize he has nothing left on except his undies. I follow suit and i took my clothes off and we braced each other and continued kissing. This time our hands were more adventurous and we started feeling each other's treasure down there. I was shocked when i felt his tool. I literally stopped and took the blanket off. With the candlelight flickering shining on his tool, it aroused me even more, my jaw dropped with amazement and he just shut it up with kisses. At that point i was super super aroused with that thick 8 of his. I was like no way a 16 year old with the right mind would have an 8. I just tucked it between my thighs and under my balls and there were so much frottage going on my precum oozes out, and so did his. It was clear that we were so sexually attracted to each other we were dripping so much.

This meet up was random and i wasnt prepared for anal at all. I was so aroused cos it is my first tool encounter that is so huge at the tender age of 17. I remember asking him whether he wants to try it or not, I told him Im not sure about doing it but we can always try. With no lube around, he spat on his hands and coated his dick head and i did it as well trying to contribute to make it wetter. His dick was thick and long from head to base, just the touch of his crown on my hole kinda heighten all my senses and that is when i found my g spot. Its just at the tip of the opening. As he push half of the dickhead in, i let out a moan and it was the best feeling ever, haha, after moaning i just look at him and he knew that instant i was so comfortably pleasured. I hold his neck firmly maintaining eye contact while raising my ass engulfing his dick deeper into me. I can see his eye widen and it was so good we kissed while he was in me i just didnt wanna go anywhere, i didnt wanna move i just wanna lay and die there! Slowly he pulls out only to make me move even closer to make sure his dick never leaves my hole. lol. We didnt really do it for long as I was so near to cum. As he took his dick out, once the thick dick head kinda expanded my anal entrance upon exiting, it hit my Gspot and i just cum all over. Guess what, he didnt waste one drop of my cum. It shocked me and it just literally blew my mind away that night.

We clean up and went back to the room and just talk. There were more kisses and the night was just perfectly sweet.

We were so horny and in love at such a young age. I remember him going to the tuition centre which was a 2 minute walk from where i live and i would always go meet him after his class ends and we would go to the top floor of the apartment next to the tuition centre and we would just make out there while looking out at the whole of PJ. Some days we would jerk each other off and drink each other's cum. Some days we fucked by the emergency stairways. Some days we just met and kissed behind the tuition centre door if his parents arrived early to pick him up. We were really in love being each other's first.

xx to be continued xx

Thursday, October 2, 2014

20 gaylasexshipz facts about TULS

1. Bottom

2. I only fuck 5 person before.

3. Ive got 4 gay ex-es

4. I lost my gayginity at 16.

5. I joined the gym for a year when i was 18 just to have steamy hot sex in the shower, sauna and steamroom.

6. Uncut

7. I like thick mushroom dick heads a lot

8. I'm a spreader not a sitter.

9. Turn ons: pits, thick dicks, tall guys, big dark nipples,

10. I've got a fetish of cumming on people's face.

11. I only swallowed 2 person's cum so far.

12. Usually only watches interracial porn.

13. Best sex was with a black german guy in the UK.

14. Had a backache and sprained my neck once during one of the long haul sex all night thingy and went to work the next day with a slightly crooked neck with limited movement. lol

15. Fisted one person in my life. It was fun!

16. Bareback for the entire year when i was 18, the year that I had sex the most in my entire life. naughty naughty

17. Never blow a person that I meet for the first time.

18. Realized what a wank was at the age of 12 but only to pee instead then. lol

19. A condom filled with cum was stucked in my rectum once. Took me 10 mins to remove it. lol

20. Slept while a dick was in me once.

i tag any gay blogger who reads this to *blog about their gaylasexshipz(gay/sex/relationship related) facts!!

*do it if youre sporting bitcheS!!