t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, April 3, 2016

dear tuls... on adultery



i'm sleeping with this guy.... and? but he is attached.... and he is good looking... and the sex was great and it felt good and he liked it and i liked it and ..... hey slow down slow down...

do you thinkim not judging... but people judge anyway... 

yea.. i mean, life is short, you do whatever you want and as long as you think that you can live with what you are doing then... i guess... i have my own opinion on it but yea...

what do you think about it?

that youre lazy, and you resorting on the easiest option there is..

youre smart..

of course!

people i want dont want me, people i dont like keeps coming after me...

you need to get back in the game brother! don't use no time as an excuse! screwing other people's bf is not a pleasant thing to anyone other than temporary pleasure. put your shoes in his bf's and you might feel it, or not. depending whether you are a person that gives a shit or not. but then again, the world is full of shit, maybe there is a bigger picture than just what i know...


Friday, April 1, 2016

he is not that good looking....

i was out with a friend just now and we were talking about him starting to see this guy and the conversation goes...

so, are you seeing anyone now?

well.... it's only been a few outings... usually just over a meal...

ok, omg, tell me everything... a pic maybe?

he is not that good looking...

ok bitch stop.


it's like you lost the war before you left the castle. it is quite funny to think of the stuffs we say about people. i mean, i think i too did use those exact same words before, when i was younger of course..

but like why?

is it because we say that to tone down the hopes of our friends before actually seeing the person? so like when our friends do think that he is hot or what, it will be like a good thing? -.-

or is it because he or she is really not that good looking in our own opinion?

but why must we say it like that?

and im guessing that as time passes, the so called "excuse" or silly "statement" will be a one of the factors that will determine whether the relationship will work or not.. and in the end you will feel like he is really not that good looking enough for you!

so when someone ask you how is your date like, say: oh he is gorgeous!

beauty eye beholder thing, you get it. and if your friends think otherwise then fuck it, youre the one dating him, not them lol..

my own moral of the story is that i feel that positive reaffirmation, reinforcement, praise and recognition is very important in a relationship. Whether it is the initial phase or maybe even years or decade down the line.