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Thursday, September 30, 2010

are you more attractive when youre attached?

when you are single, you will try all sorts of way to get attached(maybe to some of us, or maybe to most of us) kan?

you will go all out am i right? you will join buddy websites(4 or 5 of them) to look for suitable candidates, go for meet ups, before doing so, you will go join a gym, (try to)build up a nice body, invest some money to do your hair, teeth whitening, some maybe lipo? oops.. anyway.. it just shows the effort to be presentable for that someone..

but what happens when you are attached? do you still maintain that and look good for your other half? or would you tone down a bit because you dont need to impress that person anymore? have you had him saying to you: oh baby, i love you no matter how fat you are. ?ada?

but seriously, is being attached makes a person more attractive? like what happened to Skyhawk, it happened to both Bubu and I.. both of us has got more pursuers after being attached than before we were together..

what does this means?

that we look hotter when we are attached?

our "market value" rose cos of the attachment?

or is it just because people like to break couples up?

he used to be my fantasy :) Won Bin sarangae.. i have his this hair cut now! hotness.. :) kihihihi...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wash hands?

i was with a few friends in marketplace one day.. so i drove and parked and then off  fooooooosh one of ma friends flew to the toilet.. haha.. i went in and looked for him and saw him still standing at the standing bowl so i just gave him a soft pat at his shoulder and he was like WTF!! hahaha.. so after that i waited outside beside the toilet lar.. then he came out.. terus walk.. then i looked at him.. then he looked at me... then i said..

err... you dint wash your hands arr?

er.. *malu* 
*went in and wash his hands* 

i feel so bad la after saying that cos he was kinda embarrassed by it.. hm..

but seriously la.. do you guys wash your hands after pee-ing? 
have you tried leaving the toilet without washing? :)

just imagine hor, when you grind yourself through the dancefloor and all the guys are like molesting you, you dont even know whether did they wash their hands or not.. ewwww.. such a turn off man!! yucks yucks yucks!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

go through me first...

i was having a conversation with my bestie J. Young that is in australia just now about him coming back to Malaysia this coming summer...

hey TULS, when is your winter break(follow UK's seasonal changes)? 

erm.. during XMas lor...

oh.. i will be coming back then!! *giggles*

omg!! ok ok!! awesome!! will totally bring you to a gay club then!

seriously? hahahaha... im only 20 wor... can enter arr?

er.... er... i went in when i was 20 also la.. nothing one la... so many kids also enter la.. hahahaha...

sure arr? serious arr! how if someone rape me leh? protect me arr!!

ok! they will have to go THROUGH me to get to you!! *in a very hamsap manner*


*both burst out laughing*

i can imagine Bubu saying: you like la hor!!! *angry stare*

Monday, September 27, 2010

why so long one?...

bubu and i went to one of the toilet together.. but we entered 2 different cubicle separately la of course.. then he came out and waited for around 5 minutes only i came out, then...

b, what you doing in there?

pee la.. quite a lot.. cos drank lots of water..

erm.. but also not that long one mar pee also.. you naughty har??

nola.. cos i wash..

wash hands?

no la.. wash the down there la...

for what?

so can BJ anytime..


hahahahahah.. you should see his facial expression the moment i said that! hahahaha.. it was speechless! hahahahaha...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

fist me!!

cos bubu and i we havent had sex for quite sometime already cos of the lack of breeding ground so it suddenly struck him to ask me about it..

b, we havent had sex for a very long time edi right?..

yeah.. y?

dont you want it?

er... yes of course.. but if cannot also cannot do anything la.. cos no place mar..

you look so hot when you fuck me the last time noe.. *manja face*

erm.. you know im a bottom right? 

yeah.. you cannot fuck meh?

er... i can.. gua...

if you cannot fuck me, fist me instead lo, your hands so small!! 

*both burst out laughing*

Friday, September 24, 2010

to see = tulsy?...

we bought movie tix to watch the Legend of the Guardian : The BURUNG HANTU of Gahoole just now, we had to wait for another 1.5 hours before the movie starts so thought of just hanging out at McDs for ice cream..

in front of the counter lining up...

Bubu, what do you want?

erm.. just the normal cone will do..

erm.. really arr? you dowan choco top or some twist twist flavour thing?

oh, thatd be great, what flavours do they have..

green apple, mocha, strawberry...

erm.. i want GREEN APPLE la...

oh... ok..

erm.. no.. gimme Mocha...

i dono whether bubu is changing his flavours just for me cos he knows i dont like weird flavours on any food at all, im the traditional dude who goes for the plain o same same kinda guy... and we even fought over this ice cream issue few weeks ago..

you sure you dowan Green Apple arr?


you doing this for me is it? cos you know i dont like weird flavours?


~ ~ ~ ~

then we sat down him licking his mocha twist vanilla while i feed on my chocolate sundae :)

bubu, can i see the love bite i gave you that day...

you mean now?


in public? you damn daring lor hor..

er... ok la..

one of them like dying off edi, the other side still got...

i want to see...

you want tulsy?

= . =""

you have to renew it later ok!!!

er... my pleasure!! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

mooncake festival night...

it was gonna be a dull and boring night as bubu was gonna give tuition yesterday..

so when i was gonna go out and tapau dinner, bubu called...

b, what you doing tonight?

nothing lor...

not celebrating with parents arr?

erm.. no.. not a tradition o... why arr?

i dont have tuition to teach tonight and no rehearsals as well.. 

oh awesome!!!

yea.. mummy asked you to come for dinner... you want?


so i went to his place, then auntie bubu drove us and the bros to have seafood dinner at South Sea Restaurant tepi Subang Airport :)

sho nice one.. its been awhile since i ate seafood.. after finish reached home..

thank you auntie for the dinner...

ng sai ng sai.. ng.. ok ok!!

all smiles :) went back home smiling lor all the way...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


bubu have the softest skin ever on his neck...

like seriously..

i gently gave him a horny kiss on his neck pun dah ada lovebite like seriously i dint notice cos it was at night... i think i gave 2 sumore.. hahaha...

then the next day bubu called me...



was walking downstairs just now and my mum was beside me...
ref : molls.vox.com

yeah... so?

she looked at me one kind.. then she say: ask TULS not to bite you arr, you still have to go to school !!!!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can You Live without SEX??? ...

Question of the day

Random ni..

There are people that are living in this world not having sex, seriously there are, but do you see any gay men that doesnt have sex? 

Do you know any? 

Or are you ONE of them?

Can you live without sex?

The replies will be for references cos of the LDR i will be having next year.. hahaha.. maybe la.. hahahaha

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

i never had any mooncake festival memories.. hm.. i wonder why...

oh well..

Happy TangLong festival to all Cinas out there! and also for non Cinas, you can play along with candles.. make sure dont burn any of the tanglong.. remember to BLOW the candle out if you dowana play anymore :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

my rock killed his bird...

six sets of rice, cutleries, soup spoon to go with 4 dishes..

fried black promfret..

long beans omelet..

steam tofu with sweet anchovies taucu sauce..

vegetable leg (direct translation from kantonese - some sour mild spicy vege soup with meats)..

as usual chinese families will have the round table..

all seated..

then suddenly everyone stared at each other...

uncle bubu asked bubu to pray.. then bubu ask auntie bubu to pray, then auntie bubu ask bubu bro to pray.. omg.. everyone dowana pray then tibe tibe uncle bubu say, OK la, we shall decide with THIS!!

omg i like the auntie that is laughing in this clip! so ki siao! hahahahahahahaah.. hahahahaha

i am serious not kidding.. this game everyone knows kan? lat tali lat tali tam plong!! hahahahaha...

so the first round tam plong it was a 3 3 draw!!

the second round tam plong it was a 4 2.. guess who the 2 is? Uncle Bubu and I!! hahahhaha..

siao man..

my heart was like pumping so sososoososososo extremely fast you know.. shit man.. my prayers are rusty... never been to a church since year 2000..

so uncle Bubu and I one two Jus and yes!! my rock killed his bird!! yes yes yes!! shit man!! i dowana kena man.. praying is not difficult.. just that the tension is there... lmao!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

discovered 2.0 ...

AZ and I was supposed to go for a mutual friend's sisters wedding coincidentally, there was 2 ceremonies involved, one on friday and the other on saturday, cos i have to work on friday so i dint manage to go la. AZ went on friday and i went on sat so we dint get to meet :) kihihihi... no jodoh..

anyways.. after reaching there, went in, cari member then i sat down with them lor.. altogether around 8 - 9 of us.. im not very close la to all of them, some i meet once a year, some maybe twice, lebih kureng all of them i meet not more than 5 times a year but we still keep contact through facebook and such..

so i was sitting beside this cute dude, AM, havent seen him for ages.. know he has a blog and he blogs all about his work and thats all.. so we were talking la, then suddenly i found out that he knows that i am TULS since May! omg!!! he knew and my another friend knew too!! shit shit shit!!  and i was like covering up so so so so so many times in front of them saying that im single la, broke up with girlfriend la all those nonsense cover up excuses, OMG so so memalukan!! omgg!! hahaahah... fuck man.. 2 of them, one of them ZR, i know him since 18 when we were working together in Parkson, the other one, AM, i know thru this ZR, currently they are working together...

so yea.. siao!!

both of them are like me, the crazy mengebabi type of person, and should be bottom la by their looks so no threat no nothing, we totally became GBFF!! = Gay Best Friends Forever.. hahahahaha.. new term according to ZR. omg damn tibe tibe right??!! it so so so so so nice to know that they are sama jenis!! remembered ZR dulu in Parkson, there was this girl who likes him and another dude was chasing after her, i was like helping him to woo her la somehow but mereka cam together but not together so im also confused.. now i know that ZR is just using her as a cover up, that Bitch!! hahahaha...

oh well, found 2 more kawan sejenis.. feels so so so so good.. dont have to cover cover and just go all out when im with them.. dont know when will i see them again.. my sems starting soon, their job requires them to travel alot so the timing kadang kala tak ngam i guess.. oh well.. will just let fate decide la.. hahahaa.. i dont believe in fate.. hahaahah..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

after the dinner at bubu's place yesterday, bubu was told to mop the floor while bubu bro does the dishes... bubu was like cleaning everywhere except the rooms..

bubu's dad say: why dont you clean the room as well?

bubu replied : cos its not dusty...

bubu's dad answer back: but its spermy! 

AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.. the whole family LTAO!!

p.s. last friday was my last day of work.. freedom baby freedom!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

accepted balik...

bubu and i was nearly caught dark red handed(red handed = fresh, dark red handed = stale) few months ago..

it was one fine afternoon after class, during my lunch break between lectures.. i think i have like 3 hours of break in between that i decided to go have lunch with bubu.. its only a 5 minutes drive from Uni.. but then before lunch cos no one was home i went up to his room, striped him down, gave him the best blowjob he ever had and summoned him to fuck my brains out..

after finish everything and cleaned up, i tied the domdom up and put it in a plastic bag behind the door thought of throwing it after we changed when we go out for lunch but suddenly the mum came back! oops..!! then i just left the room cos i was kinda dressed already so i sat down at the sofa, the mum knows my existence then and i come up quite often so its normal la, i waited while bubu dress up, but then dono entah kenape auntie bubu wanted to sweep the floor, sweep sweep sweep luar all sweep edi then masuk jugak bubu's room! omggg!! we totally dint realized the plastic bag with domdom plus cum was behind the sacred door and yeala! she saw the rubbish and eventually opened it up!


since then i never went up to bubu's place and so the breeding ground love nest is gone.. my house is always occupied so no chance la.. but months past, and bubu's mum.. i think she started to accept me back already..

maybe its the first time she get to know that her son, her SON is actually having sex, not with a girl but a GUY and also for the fact that it was in the house so most prolly she hated it that these stuffs are done under her nose.. hm...

just now i went up for Dinner for the first time after so long.. entah brapa bulan already.. the Dad came back, after finished cooking, we all sat down in the same table, cos my family doesnt cook so this family meal thing is kinda awesome to me :) so berkeluarga kinda feeling.. haha.. the mum's cooking is damn awesome la!! sat down with auntie and uncle bubu, bubu bros and bubu baby!! sho nice!! hahaha...

i cannot risk another attempt and ruin my chance to go up to his place anymore!



my place,

9.00 am!!



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

youre so sweet, bubu!!

every time he talks about Australia with his friends, you can see the eagerness in his face of wanting to spend the rest of his life there.. i've noticed this for quite some time now and it bugs me somehow so i just ask on random whether he regrets being with me and whether he still wants me or not..

his reply..

well going to aus is just like you going to uk, not necessary but it's something i've always wanting to do..

but in reality they don't offer my course, so there's no point of going there unless for personal reasons..

i can be stubborn and insist of going there and want you to move there with me..

but that's not the case..

you on the other hand have set your mind to uk as well from the beginning..

and it make sense because your's is a twinning program.. 

its not like you're going there because you like it there..

and i've made up my mind

i told you
i'm willing to wait for you until you graduate

and see whether are you able to settle down there or not

and if you do

then i shall apply to the uni there for masters

since they have the course i wanted

if not

if you can't settle down

then you can come back

and we'll think of another plan

but at least both plans we'll be together

that's what i think

sweet kan?


Monday, September 13, 2010

why suddenly one?...


where should i start arr.. er.. ok..

seeing PLUBOY gets to brag about his blog getting hits around like average 800 unique views per day was pretty amazing..

~ ~ ~

i started out this blog for my own rants..

from Nuffnang i get to know that i have an average of 100 - 150 unique viewers everyday la.. thats for the past 2 months i guess.. at first it was having like 50 or so only.. 

but suddenly hor...

out of nowhere..

tibe tibe only..

why like that one?

did it start off cos of the 100th Post?

or was it cos of Cousins Kononnyer?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

bloggers everywhere..

i went marketplace with bubu and tulsy week 5 last night..

the place was expectedly less crowded cos of the hols and all..

later that we met with another friend that invited us to his place for a drink..

he was like pouring all his feelings and emotions to bubu(cos he is closer to bubu than me)..

then suddenly

hey TULS, actually youve been commenting alot in my blog...

huh? what? *eyes popped out and shocked*


huh? you blog? er.. i know you have a blog la but i never commented in it before wor.. how many blogs do you have?

more than one...

oh... erm... ! *a wild guess* youre *****n!


hm.. sometimes i dont know whether is it good knowing all these bloggers in flesh and blood.. the thing is when there is a barrier there.. barrier cos we all dont know each other starting all afresh.. so all comments and intentions are good.. but when we really get to know that particular him/her, things will change slightly dont you think? it wont change if you and him have no history at all, it might even do you good, as in the friendship.. but what if he is your ex's colleague?, what if your he is your ex's brother? what if he is your enemy's bestfriend?

just a thought :)

so far still good.. kihihi...

hahahahah.. i came across this and its kinda true.. hahaha.. im not 24,  im not living in my mum's basement, but im blogging in my unddies :) kihihihi.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ameer Zachery...

kidney stone is said to be the second most painful condition you can get after labour..

all of us, i hope all readers and followers do pray for your surgery to go smoothly and also that your recovery will be fast and all..

i'll be praying for you definitely.. although i dont have a religion but i definitely believe that there is God..

and also..

Happy Birthday to you AZ..

yes, this year's birthday will be glamorous in a different way cos the venue will not be.. you know.. fancy and all..

you will make it thru..

better and stronger after this..

with new views and perspective in life..

will be praying for you..


Friday, September 10, 2010

cousins kononnyer...

today i went for an informal meeting with my unimates on some orientation thing at the Curve. It was overlunch at  Sakae Sushi and it ended around 1 plus.. Bubu suddenly said that he is bringing his brothers to e@Curve (Cineleisure sounds nicer kan?) to watch movie and so i stayed back for awhile thought of joining them as well.. its cool la cos he is out to his whole family so it wont be awkward if his brothers are around.. haha.. after Bubu arrived and was heading up the escalator to get the tix... out of nowhere my unimates 3 of them were coming up the escalator as well..

hey TULS.. i thought you were heading home just now?

erm.. yeah.. but suddenly my cousins came and said wanna watch a movie so yeah.. teman them lor..

oh okay.. we bought tix too.. we are watching step up 3, how bout you guys?

erm.. not sure yet..  maybe resident evil.. 

*in my mind i was like telling myself no Step Up 3 today...*

bubu turned to me and was like.. 

Cousins? seriously?... *kept a distance away from me*

*look around for my unimates first.... coast is clear :)..... then hugged him back*

Thursday, September 9, 2010

100th Post...

This is my 100th post…

Started this blog on the 8 of May..
It was actually for my own rants..
Later that I befriended Malaysian’s Sgboy and started gaining more views, more readers and then followers..
Hahaha.. from own rants now somehow the whole concept diverted for the public’s interest.. J will have to think what other people might like and will then compare my blog post with the other bloggers.. sometimes you take other people’s idea and repolish it into your own and such.. so funny la to think of it..
But thru this blogosphere thing, I met lots of awesome bloggers(flesh and bones a few, msn a few, fb a few, mostly just online comment based.. wahahahha) and readers such as PLUBOY, Lucifer, Skyhawk, Mr.D, Clayden, Lil Fox.. just to name a few.. hahahaha.. a few.. say like I have a whole list like that.. ahaha..
Bloggers like PLUBOY loves discussing his SEXPLOSIVE life with the world(recently), unlike Skysky, he tends to stir up people’s mind with his intellectual post and also his love and affection for his beloved long distance lover(especially those where he wrote about making love, oh my god.. cannot tahan.. later that Darren his bf can somemore comment on it.. hahaha) .. one wild sex, one passionate making love.. yes!!
Like Mr. D he tends to cari gali kesemua things that are hilarious and weird then blogs about it. Mostly all short posting but a few in a day J Short sweet and simple J
Lucifer and his powderful England will blow you away(I have a thing for people with powderful England) with his words, those bombastic adjectives sometimes makes his blog kinda 4D, hahaha.. 3D is out, 4D plus feeling edi J hahaha.. and then he goes on with his medical terms and the vajayjays.. me likey..
Clayden will have his sweet conversations with his beau in every blog post of his, that is sho sho sho sweet kan? If its not conversation then its some guy’s pic la.. everywhere also he snaps one, toilet la, gym la, coffeeshop la, street la, after movie walking out of the cinema la.. EVERYWHERE! Hahahahaha..
Lil Fox will have his long winded post.. aiyor sometimes I read until wanna sleep edi.. hahahahaha… I told him that before.. hahahaha… so long I tell you.. if the topic is about 3some or something then its ok.. a 10000 words post of that also I will slowly take my time to read but... ok.. I should stop.. hahahaha.. still waiting for your next post k foxy Cleopatra!!  
Different people will have different styles of writing lor I think, and thru these you can tell a lil about each and everyone’s personality and style, such as PluBoy, he is like a Sex bomb, letup here, letup there, real life surely damn slutty one lo.. Skysky talks about gym then that day shows a pic of his biceps or something in his blog.. hahaha.. gym freak, can imagine now that he is the typical gay that goes gym after work everyday.. haha.. then Mr. D, the controversial blogger, cos he is different, minority race, selalu ada orang kacau dia Lucifer and his medical student life, nerd, dota freak, ktv goer.. Clayden and his beau with their private exclusive mysterious life, oi! Make me so gan cheong some times, somemore both mix parenthood Korean, native, hong kong, semua ada!
Ok la.. maybe sometimes what they blog don’t reflect how they act in real life and all but still it does to a certain extent.. haha.. I think la..
Just recently, about a month back, every single post of mine also got comments and feedbacks.. haha.. like the itchy post before this, everyone was like so concern and the comments doubled compared to those sluty TULSy of the week.. hahaha.. felt so loved from unknown strangers.. ok la.. stop being perasan la TULS..
that’s it from me..
My 100th post is dedicated to all my blogger/reader friends that I know(and maybe not) out there..
Thanks so much for everything..
You guys are an awesome bunch!! J

P.S. Selamat Hari Raya to all muslim bloggers and readers, although its illegal but what the heck la kan, my ex also malay, hahahaha.. oh yea.. especially to AZ and A maaf zahir batin :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

adding friends on facebook...

hey you!

yes you!!

do you know everyone in your contact list on facebook? (me.. NO lor..)

recently i have lots of PLU added me on facebook...

i never ever told anyone i met online my real name when i first get to know them.. hahaha.. i will introduce myself to them as Jason[Z](the guy who left me for another guy who's cheating on him).. payback? hahah.. just for fun..

they dint get my info from the buddy website(axcest, manjam, trevvy, fridae) cos i dint put them there.. they cant get me thru my blog cos its not there as well.. so the only place left is facebook itself..


maybe its LOVEMACHINE la..

those who added me all have PLU mutual friends so its not that difficult to guess their sexuality.. plus, their vain poses sold them out..

what do you do whenever you get a friend request from someone you dont know?

 A . Press Accept, then slowly get to know each other

 B . Press Accept and forget about it.

 C . Press Ignore and forget about it.

 D . Send a personal message asking how on earth do you know me and just simply add me cos im pretty, hot, handsome, cute, slutty? then decide..?

my answer is     lor.. easy..

i always get answers like FOR FUN.. 

some i ask how do you know me? they answer Can we be friends..?

is that an answer? hahahahahaha.. sampat..

sorry lor.. i wont approve one lor.. i will kindly reject saying that i dont know you that well, maybe get to know each other better before blah blah blah then give them my GaySN(gay MSN, oh yea.. i have two accounts.. one is Str8SN, the other GaySN).. then from there will analyse dig them in and out before doing so but seriously the people that i added by that way are only a hand full.. usually no no.. because most of them only wanna have sexytime one lor.. my sexytime very precious one.. cannot simply give people one :)

so lets say if they answer as the above, what will you reply?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

itchy itchy..

omg omg omg!!

i went for a buffet just now with bubu..

it was like a post dinner treat...

had the best ever scallops and all.. ate like tons of seafood...

and now im itchy all over!!


bubu come scratch me please!!!

its so annoying.. just now came back after dinner i was so tired i dropped dead on the couch but the itchy was so so so overpowering i scratch myself out of the sofa and went for a shower..

even now after shower im still itchying!! gosh!! help me!!!!!

im trying to flush whatever the cause out of my system by drinking plenty of water and urinating..

will work one arr??!?!? 

shit la...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

marketplace, go or not?

Every Wednesday without fail Lovemachine will definitely send me an invite to Saturday Night's GayNight kinda thing.. haha.. Bubu got that MoneyPenny card shit(he seduced that bitch to register him in although he is underage, asshole.. i tried the same thing but some dude came over and said Tak Boleh.. babi!!) so he get to enter for free and me being a noob guy who wants free entry will then hope to get into the Fab 50 list every weekend.. haha.. Bubu and I missed the past four weekends there already.. But I was there for four weeks consecutively before that.. haha...

Bubu, so this week wanna go Marketplace arr?

Why? you wanna go arr?

erm.. nola.. so long dint go edi mar.. just asking for fun.. so.. you wanna go or not?

hm.. also can wert.. see la how..

see la how means what?

see la...

that day you say go so often not exclusive mar, every weekend see back the same people.. so now we were absent for 4 weeks liao should be exclusive back edi gua..

i think so *smiled*

actually to think of it, both of us dont drink, dont smoke, dont need to social around cos we have each other already, so whats the point of going to the club anyway??!?!? hahahaha... oh well.. bubu is a dancer and i think he enjoys the music there very much gua.. yes he can dance those choreographed steps very well and all but i think i still rock the dancefloor better than him in terms of dirty slutty dancing.. wahahahaha... perasannyer!!

if we were to go there, our routine is so so repetitive.. hahahaha.. first enter edi go pee cos of the long distance driving.. then hor will go wait for 12pm for someone to break the ice at the dancefloor before joining.. then after dancing shaking for 1.5 hours or so we will then go somewhere makeout then go rest, cari kawan then finish off the night at the mamak nearby.. thats where you can see all the fugly faces of the PLU after a night of sweating and crazying in the club :) including me la of cos.. ghahahahaah..



go or not to go leh?!?!?