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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Conversation of facial hair, fatness and WiFi connection!

the same blogger friend was high on drugs last night and the following conversation was resulted..

oh, dont worry, he is not a drug addict, he has medical reasons and the side effect of his medication was the highness.. 

i dont maintain friendships with addicts, i dont despise them, i just dont mix with them :)


me: ei, i misai like this nice or not?

him: nope, you look tua la.. your face no "energy"..


no misai, cut your hair, then you will make the WiFi more kuat!

but but... my Carter say I look hot wor....

he suka then i cannot comment d ...


Uncle Tuls!

*send him my current face pic*

this one looks like pedophile...


doesnt suit you la, you wait till youre 30 then you keep those hair...


youre only 25..

hm.... you got a point hor..

children see you, will call you uncle, you will damn sad one, or those aunty aunty ask their children call you Uncle ..


you will curse them inside, and rolleyes and after they walk away you will sure say bitch! LOL

....hm.... see my face, you think i fat or not....

you ah.... you face didnt kembang wo... just below expand.... but still fine la...

although i got bf liao but i still need to maintain one.. so that my WiFi is strong!!

yes you should!! but ok la, you still got neck, not gabung yet.. if gabung then your connection is like the old telephone cable... have to dial one...

-.- but talking about old telephone i like leh, old telephone you have to press and then turn the dial, if you do that to my nipples will turn me on one!

what? turn? how to turn?

like twist the nenepok like that, and picit, and then gigit!

...so wrong! only boobs can twist!

i got boobs ma...

yorrrrr... omg,... not yet la..       boobs is like saggy...


cos men dont wear bra...

mine not saggy...

so you see those obese one, can flip boob.. piak piak 

lol big man boobs can touch, hug, hold, press, so turn on la...

ewwww... like sea cucumber k... and it will sweat!

wtf, what sweat?

sweating la.... fat people ma...

-.- i like big big guys ma... lucky Carter taller and bigger than me! :) i tell you hor, i had this fling hor, he super hot, 8 packs, toned and super kiet the body one, but once i hug i feel pain cos his body too keras d.. too hard liao


so the conclusion is, train so hot punye body but sometimes nice things are just needed to be left alone after viewing, no point having them cos it will hurt you in the end...

yalor... like that guy i was talking to on grindr *sends me pic*... 

wah... his body damn hot ...

yea lor.. i wanna train until like that... 

good good...

he cute la, but tengok cukup..


people like that jual mahal one...

LOL not everyone is like that one... *flips hair*

i want jual mahal liao also..

ok la, you try la, then you wont have any friends left jor..

LOL... nvm, i got you


ok i go sleep now, meds make me drowzy jor....

I'm Carter's visual WiFi...

so I was having a "normal" conversation with a fellow blogger...

ei, Carter is so big (he is taller than me) you can melt into his arms la..

yalor, somemore Carter "UP" very quick and easy too..

good la, sex make life happy...

yalor.. no need to touch, he see me also UP edi..

wah... like WiFi ah...

right?! i knowwwww!!!

Strong and fast, stable LOL


Line fast makes you happy!

er..... LOL hahahahahahahahahah

Upload Download also happy....


i got one ex, he is like bluetooth one, not stable, and connection not good, so always soft one, and when i horny but he cannot UP, so stress...

o m g.. i know how it feels...

but being a good bf i need to understand also la...

hahaha.. but WiFi not everytime also stable ma... not meh?

sometimes you need to switch the modem off, cos too hot it will make the line slow.....

O M G, REALLY ARR? I DIDNT KNOW LEH... my modem at home 24/7 365days a year on one...

that is why IT server room is air conditioned one...

OMG, ONZ, i will migrate to angmo country!

but seriously, Carter is the first guy who has such reaction towards me. I never had a guy who could get hard by just looking at me, well maybe they didnt let me know, but like, lol, seriously if we hug in public even just for a second you can see his bulge already. lol. Hug any longer than a few second will make him uncomfortable and blush.... hahahaha.. how cute!! and how turned on is that!!! like seriously i feel like im a stimulant... super hotz!! hahahahahahahah.....

Thursday, November 27, 2014

tUls, why you no draw anymore!?

so there is this odd blogger who said that he cracked at my drawings on my blog, well, used to..

and so that made me think...

why dont i draw anymore?

haha.. the answer is simple, i lost my mouse and ever since i change from desktop to laptop, i dont need a mouse anymore and i havent use a mouse since maybe for the past 3 years or so... so..... yea lor.

whoever wants me to draw in the future post please kindly present me a mouse, thanks.

if you wanna contact me, please email me la, email is on the right side. muahahahahahaha... *flip hair*

this post damn syok sendiri! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hottie search me up on grindr!!

i entered a train today and i was looking for a seat and there was a table seat, two on each side of the table facing each other and there was only one guy seating towards the direction of the travel. i walked over, smiled and ooooh, he was cute, i smiled and sat next to him cos it would be awkward to sit opposite him cos i will be in his face for the next half an hour or so.

anyway,... i sat down. i took out my book from my bag(for those who really know me, they will be shocked to know that i keep a book in my bag hahahahaha) and started reading.

*flips page*

*familiar sound beep*

*realized it was grindr*

seriously, the first beep kinda get to me, i was like thinking to myself where have i heard this sound before and after 1 second i realized it was grindr and O M G that cute guy sitting next to me was GRINDRI-NG!!!!


seriously, i was so amazed at myself for forgetting that noise cos i needed 1 second to register that sound. usually i dont even need grindr to know whether that person is gay or not. anyway, he exudes the straight vibe. lol... mentah mentah i only deleted the app few weeks ago. lol

anyway,... he keeps switching app, i kinda peep over after finishing each page, facebook chat la, whatsapp la, grindr la,...  and he keeps turning his head around.. i think he might be chatting with some other guy on the train or something.

so after flipping 10 pages i kinda took my phone out, i covered my phone with my book and pretended to play with my phone... lol.. i was trying to mess with that guy!!! hahahahah.... and in no time he checked his grindr after seeing my "suspicious" act lol


i think he suspects that I am one the instant he saw me cos of the tshirt im wearing, whats with Gays and hollister and AnF in Malaysia, seriously.. lol....

Monday, November 24, 2014

Season of Love....

was talking to an Oddball-blogger today....

him: you noticed something? suddenly all bloggers are like.... "Falling"

me: Falling what? in Love?

yalor, love is in the air...


i think you started it first.. haha...

who who who?

you dont know meh? you went around commenting... ....so far, you, peace..... erm....

jboy? wait.... peace? he and his bee are like dinasours ok -.-

plus i-zach.... musim kot.

now is autumn ok... musim everything dies...

musim hujan ok!

eh, actually quite flattering la if you say i started the musim for everyone... muahahahahahahahahaha....

but seriously, i should kutip komisen for each couple that get together selepas ni within 3 months.. lol... temenggung kononnye... lol

i miss my Carterbaby wor... 

now we are 400km apart, lol, but not for long! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

my first breakfast in bed by Carter!!

Guess what i woke up to today? TADA!!!

There are coffee and orange juice, clockwise from 6oclock Honey bacon ham, heart chicken nuggets, potatoes thingy, and more potatoes thing, steamed? carrots, mushrooms, baked beans, and scrambled eggs!!!

Feels like I'm the most happiest boyfriend on earth! :)

everytime i wanna thank him for it he marah me.. urgh... say no need to thank one -.- damn potong la he!!

they say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, i wanna tell Carter that, you dont need to go through my stomach anymore cos you are making me fatttt,  you can go through other "entrances" lol... but I still love you for this.

Thanks again :P you cant marah me online!! ngehehehehe...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Nippon surprise..

our Jboy-san recently came back from nipponland!

we met up for brunch today and look what he got me!!! lol

its for Carterless times.. 

i havent use one of these before so it would be interesting to see how it goes!! 

lol.. anyone have got any experience? care to share? lol.. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

never smiled this big...

what a way to start the second quarter of my life. thats if i ever lived to 100 years old age. haha. thanks for all the wishes and prayers everybody.

the updates on honeymoon will need to wait cos it aint ended yet.

what name should i give my baby this time round. lets call him Carter.


i think i myself get all these alias mixed up at times. lol. too many to remember. Some of them present in my life for such short period of time that i dont even remember how do they look like already. lol.

anyway Carter and I have known each other since Valentines 2013. It such a coincidence now to think of it. We transitioned from just online buddies, to close friends, then to ex-friends, and now lovers.

We basically know each other inside out, no introduction was needed, i dont really need to hold back or give any first impression whatsoever. he knows me too well, and so do i him.

This is my first ever relationship that starts out as friends, the dating part was skipped and we just jumped straight into the relationship wagon.

i feel so comfortable around carter, i dont have to put up a front, my hand touching my tummy and he could tell whether im hungry or having a tummy ache! lol. ok maybe im not really using the right example but you know what i mean...

we always finish each others sentences and we always jinx each other. we've been best of friends for almost two years and i guess that made the whole relationship even more special.

we know each others deepest darkest secret even before we started this relationship and even with that we still could embrace each other to the fullest..

i told him its the right timing..

its really definitely the right timing..

and somehow me not getting a job in the UK for the time being makes everything possible. i was thinking if i was working right now i wouldnt even have chanced upon him.

i felt quite wasted that i didnt get to stay in the UK but im really glad that it happened that way cos if not, i wouldnt have been with Carter.

Carter and I will be meeting this weekend and we are gonna draft our future together! :)

I cant wait to see him once again.

Well its only been days but........Im going peanuts!!

I've never smiled this big when i realize how i felt for him last week, it was the biggest smile i had that i can think of cos even friends can see it through chats.. i just dont understand how.. lol.. i guess love has a funny way of expressing itself through words.. haha

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5th relationship commenced!


im not collecting exp points just for the sake of levelling up myself..

im really really really happy this time!

will be off for our honeymoon tomorrow! buahahahahaha...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

searching for sex is harder than having sex..

searching for sex in Malaysia is more tiring than having sex.. by the time you found someone to have sex with youre already exhausted and say goodnight and goodbye..

malaysians have changed over the years..

gone are the days where you just say hello wanna meet up? then you really meet up and have fun.

now, you will need to show at least 3 face pics, then 3 body pics, then one dick pic and then a butt pic, if not clear then have to resend, then some want butthole pic, then some want a few dick pics -.-


its so funny.

the tuls me will just need one dick pic, so easy kan? no fuss.. lol.. 

anyway, i realize one thing about malaysians, a lot of them are very clingy, and they cant really separate sex and feelings. In my opinion that is really a good thing, but not for those who wants just a quickie.

you dont really see these kinda situation much in the UK. the whites are very straightforward, sex means sex, no feelings attached whatsoever. its not like it doesnt exist, its just less, much lesser. 

i remember back in the days where i usually hunt for straight guys in dating websites who just wanna fuck guys. those are just pure pleasure for me. no fuss, no strings, and most straight guys are hot! they just fuck and go. nice if you want a quick release. lol.

how "straight" are these guys, i dont know la, but as long as it does the job, why not!?

tuls just deleted all his sex apps already O.O

o M G!!!! why? hehehehe.... maybe he feels like he found the ONE d? lol

anyway, those of you who are still playing around in the scene, just be more careful la k, i was doing my free full blood check up in GH the other day and was chatting to this hot sexy doctor and he said that there are A LOT OF UNDIAGNOSED HIV CASES out there.

just imagine those irresponsible people not taking care of themselves properly and not take the right precautions while having sex makes me so furious and scared at the same time.

hm... anyway.. play safe la.. xoxo