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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas!

just came back from work!

got a few pounds tip from customers... well, made my night..

im really tired like working most of the nights this week, yea.... i love to complain.. thats what i do best! complain complain complain!!

anyway... tomorrow will be an awesome day cos i'll be having a feast at home with 7 others! :) Roast turkey, Salmon shit and all that BensJerry Ice cream.. lol... i need a well deserved rest(not like i havent had enough from last week lol)

Keith is going to his parent's place for Xmas and New Year so we'll be doing it separately...

anyway, to those who celebrate and doesnt, merry xmas!! i celebrate one, but i've got no religion wor, does that make sense? yes it does!!!! to me la. lolllllllllllllllllll

Saturday, December 22, 2012

if the world ended yesterday...

just want you to know, you were and will always be in my heart...

if only we were not seperated b :(       i love you, always....

Monday, December 17, 2012

housewife for a week..

the title says it all, im staying at his place for a whole week this week! :)

housewife or not, i dont think im able to do much to this bachelor's place cos its the messiest house you can ever imagine and it would take a lot of time and effort to fix the whole shit and I dont think i can do everything this week..

dah la im sick :(

sore throat, fever and headache.. typical cold symptoms.. and its the first in my 16 months life here in the UK..

saturday was great, we went to chinatown and bought about 50 pounds of raw materials to cook for the whole week..

i made him carrot mushroom omelet, steam kailan with oyster sauce and fried garlic, and grilled mackerel for dinner.. of course being a cina, serve with rice..

haha.. before i wanna take a picture of what i made he already started eating liao most of it omgosh..

lol... so no pic la.. and he kept thanking me after that for the meal.. lol.. as though its like a big deal like that.. but like maybe its a big deal for him since he never cooks.. lol..

tonight i made him special fried rice with char siew, chicken and prawns and also spinach anchovies soup! lol...

have to forgive the simplicity of the meal cos im sick! :) haha...

im so tired..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

wasted my time..

i work as an interpreter on an ad hoc basis..

i travelled all the way to the appointed location only to find that there was no appointment made at all by the client with the surgery..

wasted my time nia! niama!

cant wait for the weekend to come! im meeting Keith this Friday and for the very first time we are going out on a date! :)

the encounters before this all took place at his rumah.. so not counted la.. hahahaha...

he is quite excited about it.. and me, of course needless to say, my heart bip bop bip bop.. !!!

all thats left to do now is to finish my sohai report tonight and i'll be free!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

big palms on me...

i got personal masseur! :)


his name is KEITH! lollll...

i always give people massages, grandma la, aunty la, mother la, brother, workmates, friends la etc and its really nice to be massaged cos you can see on their faces how much they enjoyed..

now, i get to experience that like! NAKED! loll.. hahahaha...

his palm is twice of mine and like when he pushes from my butt up all the way to my neck with those big firm palms with the help of johnson's baby oil omgucci the feeling is better than sex!

he is now in London working and will only be back during the weekend..

i still have reports to habis! so ngam la, at least both of us are occupied... :( cant wait for the weekend to come as i plan to make us homemade dinner! hehe.. he loves to eat and loves food and so far i havent detect anything that he doesnt like yet through thorough screening interrogation! lol...

his place is like the typical bachelor punye rumah, the kitchen was a mess but after having the housewife tuls in for a day, hehe, sudah clean and tidy jadiknyer at a glance.. lol.. but more to arrange inside the cupboards etc.. and more raw material to get cos he is kinda surviving on can food and pasta thingy and sauce(vomit)... lol .. i aint pasta person sorry... i tong nasi ok! lol..

so this weekend, hm... i will make us... erm..... hot bean tofu with mince pork, steam pak choi with oyster sauce and fried garlic, and... erm... king prawn omelet with cheese! :) hehe.. ok la.. settle!! lol..

hopefully jadi la.. or maybe i'll think of other stuffs to cook! :) im good at cooking so many things *flips hair*...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

home sweet second home..

so here i am, sitting in front of the fireplace, well its his fireplace i mean.. he made it himself, the heating and all, people engineer ma, the house water piping and the heating all he did it himself! :) impressive!!

have to put in coal daily, i'll die of lung cancer in the future! lol.. hahahaha...

it warms up the whole house like, no need to have sex also feel warm.. just imagine if have sex, omgosh.. sure rain(sweat) one..

its 2 in the afternoon, im sitting here in his long L shaped cushion couch thingy, taking a break from my report writing this while sipping cranberry juice and munching on spicy chicken wings..

he is just sitted beside not too far away doing his report..

those big blue-ish grey-ish eyes are so beautiful!!

i came straight here after work yesterday and we cuddled all the way through the night last night and i think i'll be staying over tonight as well.. :) its so nice to cuddle in this weather of almost 0 degrees, at least i wont sweat that much! :)

i can feel that it would be a new routine for me, to come here every week! :)

he was so cheeky few days back: so, when are you moving in?

er..... well, maybe when i start working?


why? when do you want me to move in?

this weekend?


haha.. then i kinda change the topic and he realize and then he said well, im not gonna ask you about that anymore, just move in whenever you like.. :)

i think its like cos he has nothing to lose, well, he has got his own place, job, car etc and just missing someone to settle down with...

but like.. haha.. well... its really flattering for me that he wants me to move in with him so fast but like.. haha.. i dont know.. lol... i have one set of toiletries in his bathroom already now.. haha.. guess i'll move in sikit by sikit every week.. lol..

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

how Keith came into picture..

so, as usual, have to come up with a name for this new character in this blog, erm.... lets call him Keith.

so i met him over Scruff, lol, i have scruff only for over a week and then it decided to die on me but just within that week i was able to chat with a few dudes and one of them was Keith..

it was really lucky that we did exchange numbers just before that app died, and also quite lucky la cos he was only on that app and not the rest.. lol..

so we went out for a date one fine day in September, from him picking me up from uni, then for lunch then back to his place just for a "cuddle" end up having a sexsion(sex session)..

well it was the best hug ever cos he was taller than me, bigger than me.. he could just engulf me and it felt nice la.. now i know how other guys i hug feels, cos im usually the bigger one! :) lol...

he gives the nicest hug so far! :)


we went out for another few sexsion after that usually on weekends usually on every other week..

so one day in October he said something like: Tuls, you're really lovely and I like you a lot.. but youre just too young for me.. (dont ask me his age, i wont reveal, not as old as your dad, but not as young as your brother)

so since then i didnt really put much hope in it la knowing that it will lead to no where...

i went back for the sexsions is cos the hugs are so solid and ok la, something else also solid la period.. lets not go in further.. lol

so one day he had to go to Wales to work for 2 weeks and ok lor, so i told him, text me when youre back la..

then two weeks was up and i texted him on the day he supposed to be back: home? ok la feel like i gatal la but just anggap that I'm just being a concern person ok... lol..

he replied only after a week which was last friday and it was like 6 in the morning and i was like: hey youre back... and so i was asking him by text if he would wanna meet and i know that his works ends at 2 on fridays so i push friday's schedule all to this wednesday(lol like some big shot like that can push push stuff one) and so we agreed to meet after work..

i went to his place and he gave me the same strong hug again.. and this time he lifted me up... haha..

i was really amazed cos no one can carry me like! lol... mind you i am 70kgs! lol...

the first thing i asked him when i saw him was: did you receive my message last week?


but why didnt you reply? omgosh, youre avoiding me!!!!!

erm.. well... yea.. kind of, i try to forget about you but it seems impossible..

haha.. lol that instant i was like in my mind: really or not? but anyway pun make me happy nia... lol...

we cuddle the whole afternoon watching x-men 3 and crocodile dundee lol... then dinner then sexsion and then more cuddling.. lol...

and then at around near midnight.. we were just chatting normal and then suddenly the relationship topic came up... and somehow this took place..

well, i would like a relationship. i like you very much. thought of ending it rather than to think of you all the time..

but.... but... im too young for you! you sure?

he smiled and then say: yea.. and then he asked the would you wanna be my boyfriend question..

and i was like omgosh blush lol... it was in front of his fireplace, was warm and like i dont know how to react and just *nodded* and *smiled* ... lol...

and thats how it all started...


Sunday, December 2, 2012

finally, im not single anymore..

well, the finally took quite awhile kan?

been single for about 15 months now, not to say im loving it but not to say i dont enjoy singlehood.. haha..

to those who are still on team bubu, just know that we are still tight, as friends that is.. well, as corny as it seems but he will always be a part of me, deep down, or in my brain or wherever.. :)

well, will update about it soon but now im really squeezing through datelines and reports and stuffs as the first school term is coming to an end..

catch you later bloggie!