t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

autumn in my heart...

21st September officially marks the first day of autumn..

everything will wilt soon...

everything will turn brown and die..

although summer is full of life, but i have enough summer in my life..

i want a change..

i want something different..

and now that ive got it, i will treasure every moment..

to some people its easy to just go to anywhere they want..

a flick of a finger is all they need..

but to those who work hard to get there..

every little single detail counts..

im now like some super aunty in comparing prices for groceries and house necessities..

i dont consider myself as a good cook but still ok la.. all my friends like my cooking.. not that i cook for them or what..

classes starting next week..

to those back home in malaysia, if youre on holiday, have fun; if youre facing an exam, good luck; if youre single and lonely, cheer up, life is too short to be sad..

and to the autumn in my heart, although youre so far, i still miss you everyday..

harmee, old town white coffee and bak kut teh sachet! i love you very much! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i miss you...

i thought i was strong..

i told myself not to cry..

it was easier said then done..

dint feel anything much at first..

i was perfectly fine..

it was harder for him i think..

going to the places we went before..

doing things we did before but now without me..

of course its gonna be harder for him than i..

he gave me his shirt that i always wear over at his place and sprayed the shirt with his perfume all over and i am still keeping it wrapped tightly, smelling it everyday.. as though he is near..

i tear up a lil last night..

it was colder than the other nights..

not even masturbation kept me warm..

i miss your warm hug...

i miss you alot..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the shit...

we just move in..

new place new everything..

not very equipped with stuffs..


so guess what...

one morning i woke up..



there are shit stucked by the side of the shitting hole..

no brush so...



Sunday, September 4, 2011


i was on the weighing scale and my o my i realize that in just 3 months i gained 15 kilos...

its so what the fuck... 

i know some of you might be thinking that tuls is some fat fuck shit cow or something.. hahaha.. i am.. very fat.. fat until no one will like those kind..

only bubu will benefit from it :) cos no one will wanna cow me and he can claim me back after i graduate! hahahahahaha.. wtf..

but seriously i admit that im fatter and the pictures can prove it lor.. i dint really believe that im fatter until i saw the pics..


how to control?

the weather is so cold its so convincing and inviting me to eat and eat and eat and seriously i eat non stop..

i brought julie's peanut butter cookies and coles chocolate chips and im munching all day, before lunch, after dinner.. nyum nyum nyum..

shit man...

have to have self control jor..

if not later i go back no one can recognize me.. hahahaha.. wtf!!

but anyway im safe and sound here for those who are worried so dont worry la alright! :) 

muacks you guys!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

the touch down..

no more sweaty land for me.. i barely sweat here and im loving it still...

there are thousands of ducks instead of crows...

fat pigeons that are human friendly..

places and buildings that are built in ways that are fucking convenient for the disable...

lots of guys that all taller than me..

alcohol cheap as water.. not that i drink..

water from the tap..

coins are used more than notes..

electricity tariffs just increased..

5 mins walk from uni..

15 mins walk from city...

greggs is like the toastbox in sg..

no stray dogs anywhere...

super silky hair cos not sweaty...

im loving this place..

miss you bubu.

im kinda still settling in... still kinda messed up.. sorry bloggie for abandoning you quite awhile.. you boomz la.. brb k..