t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


yesterday was the day..

the day that i sat on a taxi after 5 years..

i was so dependent on my car that it feels awkward to sit in it...

its not that i do not know how to take a cab, its just weird to pay for it, i never pay for transportation.. it always the credit card thats doing all the job...

 a good 50 bucks of petrol can last me a whole week..

had a job interview in Damansara Uptown..

dad was using the car so i had to go there on my own..

lucky for me, i got a cab 2 minutes after coming out of the house...

it was an old chinese man driving his mum in the car so i took the back seat...

the meter ticks like nobody's business, guess how much it takes from sunway to damansara?

RM 14.00

oh my gosh!! i never paid so much for a taxi before...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

to Hong Kong...

bubu is in Hong Kong as we speak.. 

not for long.. 

just FOUR days..

its only a few hours since i last saw him but I'm missing him badly..

nah, you want anything from Hong Kong or not?

dowan la...

you sure arr?

ya.. dowan..

i dono whether there got Zara or not la...

i say no need la...

or maybe i could go get you something from the flea market?

ok ok!! :)

hahahaha.. see i thought you dowan!???!

i dowan you to simply spend mar..



so.. four days wor, you think i should bring my laptop over arr?

nola, so heavy, burden la wanna go anywhere also need to carry..

but i cant sms you cos one sms is 2 bucks wor, so maybe i'll leave an offline message la..

erm.. up to you lo..

im sure you will have things to do here four days without me one.. right?

yea.. i got Qboy and OperaMetal to teman.. dont worry la...

hm... you sure you wont fling around arr..? *sarcastic grin*

ok la, i will sms you every hour so that i update you with my whereabouts ok?!?!

hm.. must call Qboy to gab sat nei(watch you tight)!!

haha.. before i knew, i was smsing him the whole time.. no need to wait for every hour.. 
miss you bubu..

..................................................xoxo oxox..................................................
~~Hugs and Kisses from Malaysia~~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

missing you...

after reading Skyhawk's missing you again, i realized that sometimes i don't even treasure the fact that bubu and I are just 30 minutes driving distance apart from each other.. if no jam then 20 minutes la if jam then 35 - 40 mins :) 

to me, a relationship needs to be built out of love, thats the first thing that starts off the spark..

after that time plays a very big role, to create a strong bond, lots of attention and nurturing need to be given to maintain a steady pace at the beginning..

to achieve that, come sacrifices no matter big o' skipping class just to see you sacrifice or just simple little trivial ffk hang out session with your friends just to fetch you to college kinda thing..

no more hidden messages after this bubu.. :)

i miss you..

Thursday, June 10, 2010


what is your favourite drink? 

mine is horlicks :)

whenever we go out for mamak sessions or just for a drink at any restaurants, 
we will always order something that we like right?

i love all those sweet fattening drinks and i never once ask for less sugar and such Xp

since my parents are getting older and knowing that my grandparents both are diabetic, somehow the whole scene changes.. 

its always less sugar, less salt and less everything now..

whenever we hang out and order drinks, we would always order something healthy..

i talk myself into not taking too much caffeine but instead opt for milo and such but my favourite is still HORLICKS!!!

kinda ironic isnt it?

a TULS drinking a HO that LICKS... 

ok thats lame... 


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

grandma's vocabulary...

i was visiting my grandparents for the past four days and i discovered some interesting new grandma vocab :)

eat lice oh my goodness who wants to eat those? hahahahaha
eat rice 

sikilim sounded like some Sirim branch.. haha..
ice cream

sosi see-saw? 

butter and yam no comment... she latino, j silent.. hahahaha... 
butter and jam

samat belacan the b somehow is just not there anymore... latino silent b meh? no right.. haha
sambal belacan

Sunday, June 6, 2010


haha! im currently at my grandparents place.. this place is so so so so awesome it doesnt have any internet connection at all.. not even McD!! haha see how pathetic this is.. haha.. oh well..

the only leisure here is to do some jungle trekking, hiking and such.. im at the cyber cafe now.. its so so so cool here cos i dont need to put any perfume on, there are free nicotine perfume in the cafe! awesome right? haha..  oh yea they only charge RM1 for an hour so its fairly cheap despite the aroma therapy..

grandma was so delighted to see my cousins and i when we reached yesterday.. haha.. she prepared curry chicken and all to welcome us back last night.. we ate almost the whole wok of curry and could only sleep around 2.. had stuffed pork intestine black pepper soup for lunch! it was so so delicious :) life here is so so so carefree.. its not exactly cut off from reality.. its just very layback.. no hustle no jams..

oh well.. will be stuck here for a few more days! :) 

po ah.. gam man sek mat yeh arr?  
(what are we having for dinner tonight grandma?)

ngo pou jor fa sang ling ngou tong tung mai yat tiu qing jing yu, tong mai gam jiu geh fan cheong..
(i'm making peanut lotus root soup and steam fish, there is also the stuffed intestines from this morning)

wah... hou fong fu arr...
(that delicious!!)

sai mat gong.. 

hahaha... im gonna be a fatter pig once i get back! hhaahah!! grandma can say duh in kantonese.. lmao!! haha

Friday, June 4, 2010

off my mind...

so many things had happened lately.. nothing major or drastic but enough to cause a stir of emotions among close ones..

going down south later after this.. back to my dad's hometown to start off this summer holiday..

there are things that i just need to get it off my mind and set things straight..

why are you so affectionate to other people arr?

*look down* i know.. i'm so sorry.. 

i know la youre being friendly and all but of course not to the extend of... you know...


im sorry for everything bubu.. i know that i have to know my limits and
think with the brain in my head and not the one in the dickhead..
sorry if i had hurt you and those that are close to us...

i love you bubu will think before i act next time...