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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Daddy...

no im not talking about Keith...


ive got a new daddy...

well, he is not like a daddy daddy kinda daddy... erm.. he is a real daddy with a wife and a lil princess..

and the weird thing is he lives in the US and he reads my blog -.-

see i know this daddy thru his "brother", Niey that is also from the US... and Niey has two other siblings, Sunflower and Mascara that are pumped crazy and boomz!!

the thing about this daddy is that he is really annoying, but his annoyingness is not optimum, sometimes the level is really just CMI but he thinks he is greatly annoying and his goal is to annoy me but he fail lesmiserably... and yesterday he was like: i kept refreshing your blog, why didnt you update? 

i was like -.- i have fucking exams next week la... i really cant wait to finish uni life, like in 2 more weeks, everything is gonna end.. .....*deep breath*..... hopefully it ends la... dowana fail anything...

so thats it, ive got a new extra-terrestial(however you spell it) family over the other side of the world! lol.. US is nearer to me than Msia now i think.. hahahahah... more on new family will come later la..

the stressing moment is here!! to all who has got final exams, all the best ok!! :)


oh yea, i shall name this Daddy, O' Connor! :) so, Daddy O', i did update this blog ok! and i iz a good boy lol... you work hard and sleep well old man.. haha.. :p

i love you Niey, good night.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

i did something nasty!!! hahahahaha....

its not my fault ok!

i feel so bitchy suddenly..

ok, so three weeks ago i ordered face wash and moisturizer from ebay. Usually I get it from the supermarket one but mana tau that bitch doesnt carry that brand anymore.. so the benci me have to source for online stuff lor.. and so i bought the stuffs and it say that it will arrive maximum 5 working days cos within UK ma.. so ok lor... i mai wait lor...

waited for 10 working days, i cannot tahan liao, i wrote a complain letter to ebay and the seller and he terus apologize and refunded me..

i was pissed for 2 seconds la then i ok edi... so anyway, that night itself i went and cari some other seller lor and then bought liao, this time got some promo so i bought more la.. anyway... paid liao... the next morning the face wash came without the moisturizer from the previous seller..


i just diam nia...

im not gonna email that fella edi..

i iz bengang...

i iz bad boy wor........ how?!! should i email that fella arr? sent it back to him need postage lagi.. or should i leave it neh...

btw my letter from malaysia tak sampai2 even after 1 month edi.... :( poor me...

Friday, April 12, 2013

I fart you fart we smell.... :)

ive been a dedicated cook lately.. and i love onions, dont get me wrong, they are lovely! but as you all know... the side effects.. hehe.. lots of the wind down there one!

so .. anyway...

its a norm thing liao i think..

that at night we would bomb each other with our gas! :)

some days they are not bad, some days they are killer!!

the best one is during sleep! under the blanket! powerhouse i tell you!!

i think ju-on also will die inside before it can come out and kill me! lol..

i think we all watch movies where if the partner farts in the blanket, there will be fights and like break up and divorce and everything kan...

keith and i... erm... hahahahaha... we fight to see whose fart is smellier! lol...

of course, this could be avoided by me not making so much onion containing recipe(which is never)! so.. i guess this is a new norm!! :)


btw, its not a fetish, if youre wondering.... 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

i was excited for 10 seconds..

the notification on my phone states that ive got unread emails and so i clicked on it and when it appears i couldnt believe my eyes, i was like reading the name of the sender out loud and reassuring what im saying and seeing is really true!

haha.. without opening the email i knew it was legit and i was literally out of words/breath/thought for a few moments and then.. i smiled...

i took a deep breath and i continue smiling..

the excitement wasnt there anymore! i felt contented. i feel like tearing. i felt blessed.

im still smiling like.

the past 2 months was really an adventure for me. it was like taking the road that was not taken, not knowing what awaits you the next turn or the other side of the hill..

lots of emotional cards being played on grounds that were never existed..

i have accepted a few terms in life that i once was strongly against..

i view life and the world in a different perspective a couple of times, all different angle , telling me, showing me a whole new paradigmthingymagic..

im not good in bombastic words and i will feel awkward using one! lol...


its a good change,..

something after awhile, if we are caught unaware, everything change back to the way it use to, sometimes it does, sometime it doesnt...

anyhow, i think as long as at the moment of time, you,ve fully enjoyed yourself, given your all, everything else doesnt really matter...

i think im getting old...

this is so not me writing this kinda thing... -.-

urgh... must be the cold! spring my ass, fucking 2 degrees!

ok tulsie, you have to focus back on your studies, your exams is in a few weeks and you have lots to cover!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

why only tiramisu? why why?!?!?!

so ive been a good boy, househusband, maid, sexprovider etc this whole 2 weeks and yup i even made dessert.. tiramisu..

dear, im gonna make tiramisu later...


err.. yea....


cos i still got the cheese left in the fridge, will have to use it before it expires.... i dowana wait till 5 years and its still in the fridge right?

-.- well, why not you try something else?

-.- well, i have got no time to do it...

you got no time and you still can watch lord of the rings 1 2 and 3 -.-

ok fine, im lazy to learn up new recipes!!

well...OK, FINE! im gonna make TIRAMISU and EAT ALL BY MYSELF!!

youre cruel!! youre mean!! you have to share you know... i love coffee! *fake cry*

no! coffee is bad for you! and i use 5 egg yolks in it, it has high cholesterol! its all mine!!!

hey, you know i love desserts.... i just thought why not change something different...

-.- i'll learn it up after exams! so, do you want to eat or not?!

*nod twice with the jin kak smile*


youre a blessing, not a burden...

so, dont worry if you think youre bothering me..

dont think that by talking to me you are wasting my time studying..

i need to have a break once awhile..! im only human!! :)

and dont think by telling me your troubles i will be burdened by it and will affect my studies and all... -.- come on.. im really good at filtering stuffs in my brain... so dont be stupid ok... you kan know my skills in "filtering" in my atas brain! muahahahaha...

and i know you wont be listening to anything i write pun so whatever!!

im still gonna post this..

and i want you to know that im here for you you idiot...

and im not a maid..


Thursday, April 4, 2013

kutuk my car!! niama!!

its a lovely day today and we drove to town to get me some groceries, not because i asks to, its because it was on the way -.- .. and then we went to get some tiles from some warehouse along the coast road in Newcastle cos mr Engineer here wants to retile the whole bathroom!! *claps* -.-

anyway so as we were on the way there we saw lots of mercedez along the way and he was like

wow, look at all the mercedez...

eww... such a nice car but they have that big butt behind, such a turn off!

well, i like them! cos you could have more space for anything you know.. dont you like estates?

........err.. so bulky... yala, i know you get to put more things la but....

la... -.- what car do you drive back home?.........

ferrari? -.-

bentley? -.-





what so funny?

can it run? -.- MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

ok, let go, no touching my hands for the rest of the journey!!

aww, man, youre cruel!! come on man!! :)

and i pushed his hands away and he kept coming back but i am bengang!! although proton cars are laoya but i drove that for four fucking years before coming here so i iz bengang him!!

and he keep trying to make me laugh, i did laugh in the end but still i didnt touch his hands the whole journey! that would teach him not to make fun my proton!!

ish!! i damn benci him!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

housewife to be...

like seriously..

im only here for a few days and i feel like im Maria...

people who called Maria are so kesian, always kena associated with maids..


i do the dishes, the dishes and the dishes..

i walk to town to get groceries , no trolley have carry 10kilos of grocery back at least twice a week..

cannot use car cos the husband say: you need some fresh air...


ok fine..

at least got exercise a bit la..

have to think what to cook everyday cos ideas running out, all my cards that i have for cooking sudah keluar, so now i have to recycle my cards and add a bit of things yang lain to make the dish special.. -.-

but luckily he is not a fussy shit, he eats everything except for tomato! :) muahahahahhaa...

one day i made tomato soup, i just finish the whole 2 litre pot by myself in one day! :) my favourite!!

this ang mo lang quite funny one, i feel like jumping off the building yesterday when i was clearing the kitchen cabinet.. cos..

i found loads of "food" that were supposed to be expired years ago..

one dated 2006..

i give up...

me: dear dear, can i ask you something?

yea honey?

permission to throw anything thats expired in the kitchen! PLEASE!!!!!

O.O      ok......

seriously!!! carbonara sauce thats opened, expired 2010... -.- seriously!!


-.- opened packet of sphaghetti, expired 2006...

well, its dry!!!


can i throw please!! im asking you permission cos its your stuff! i dowana be the bossy boyfriend who throws stuffs away you know!!


am i bossy?

errr... yea....... ..............but but.. ...in a good way..

hehehe... glad you know.. im only doing it for your own good and for the tidiness of my kitchen! muahahahahahahaha


throw the rubbish for me now!!!!!!

but,... its been a long week for me! (he got a whole week off this week)

long week my ass, i have to cook for you day anOK OK... i'll go... d night... goooood boy! :) 

geeez, youre mean...


youre so cruel to me... :)