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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CB ice cream!!

effing angry ok! last night a friend was craving for ice cream mar and i was free so ok lor we went out for it la.. Subang rox kan? whoever stays in subang will definitely thinks so! wahahaha.. cos ss15 itself got 2 Mcds.. so as usual we will go to the drivethru one la since there bigger and more seats but mana tau went there...

can we have 2 Cornetto Sundae!

er... mesin rosak..



WHERE CAN NO ICE CREAM ONE?!! *i purposely say loud loud to takutkan the konco konco baru* 

then we left for the other Mcd near Taylors Inti there..

can we have 2 Cornetto Sundae..


dont tell me tak de!!

er... sorry la memang habis...

siao kia cb all the bad words all keluar secara spontan like type writer like that.. dak dak dak dak dak dak..
then ok lor we went to the one near Sunway Mentari, if this one dont have then have to go to the puchong tol edi.. as we step out from the kereta canggih, ternampak a dude licking a normal cone.. kihihi.. sudah lega rasanye..

so we went in and order...

2 Cornetto Sundae please...

Choco Top?

NONO... Cornetto Sundae Dua...

*make make make*


CB Bitch, you know what she gave us? Cornetto McFlurry! hwa... damn swey man last night... can bunuh diri i tell you.. the petrol also more expensive than the cb ice cream!! but ok la.. got one guy with a big bulge there makes us happy skit.. belum stim also so besar.. hwa i tell you.. go to Sunway Mentari and check out la.. wahaahahha.. his name starts with K ends with I.. haha..

Monday, November 29, 2010

open mouth!!

while heading towards the opposite side of the road at a junction, i accelerate at first to boost over then bubu was shocked as a car was coming quite was heading towards us..

oh my.... go.ooo...ooo..sh...


the car...

er.. i know my driving la.. ive been driving for how many years already..

*bitchy accent* er.. dont be too confident..

*open mouth - cant believe he said that*

dont have to open mouth like that one... not asking you to BJ now..


*both burst out laughing*

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Malaysian timing...

what the fuck is Malaysian timing?!!?!

got such thing as Malaysian timing meh?

why would Malaysian love to be late in gereral? very nice to be late meh? i used to hold 5 secretary posts in my high school and im always on time.. i hate to be late and if im late i will definitely have a freaking valid reason if not i wont feel nice la i, just dont like to be late.. so whenever someone is late for a meetup or whenever someone is late for an events or function whatsoever it will irritate me to the max one lor.. ish..

common terms such as on the way.. what the fuck is on the way? on the way means your showering is it? on the way means what, you just left the house? on the lrt i witnessed a guy who was at subang jaya station, he could tell the guy on the line that he is on the way at kampung baru station.. wah.. kampung baru and subang jaya station is like at least 10 stations apart lor.. around 45 mins.. siao one.. so sohai la..

there is no such thing as soon also.. what the fuck is soon? soon 3 mins or soon 30 mins?

no such thing as coming as well.. coming means what? youre still at home la? coming now? or coming on the way?

the most recent one kena by me is the word REACHING.. to me reaching = max 5 mins.. but no.. it turns out that reaching = 30 mins.. 

ish geramnyer!!!

you can say on the way, reaching around 30 mins i dont mind you know.. you just say coming and then hang up is like leaving me waiting somewhere without knowing the ETA!! fuck man!! c****!! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

just want to see you...

bubu and i had been doing stuffs together all the time and today when i suddenly appeared at his place at around 11.30 at night he was kinda not sure what to do and drove us to McDs..

er.. why are we going to McD?

you want ice cream right?

no.. i dont want..

nah, take this money *gave money*, go buy.. im tired.. i wanna go sit down..

*bought something*

why dint buy ice cream?

i dont want to eat ice cream.. i dont want to eat anything.. i just wanted to see you thats all.. you are the one that brought us here.. .. .. .. youre tired right? come, lets go home!



*drove us back to his place*

why cant we just do nothing?

we dont need to do anything  everytime we meet..

sometimes i just want to see you thats all...

so coincidentally i was around the corner thats why the urge to meet..

so what if i drive all the way to your place to see you?

doesnt mean that we need to do lots and lots of stuffs to make it eventful..

just to see you pun dah cukup dah..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

food for love...

bubu was very excited for the past week knowing that his parents are gonna go up to Ipoh for a week or so bringing his brother along.. so he'll have the whole house to himself and we could you know~ WHAM WHAM WHAM!!!!!!!!

so on the scheduled day of the family's "departure", coincidentally i dont have class and he has rehearsals only at night, bubu tibe tibe thought of cooking a meal for me! i know!! i was so shocked!! as in.. erm.. we talked about it before but he said that it would be for our anniversary kinda thing and he promised to make 9 dishes.. i know! 9 DISHES i was like wtf! its some korean tradition thing la.. stupid korean freak.. anyways..

so the morning itself(it was 2 days ago) i picked him up and we went to Giant to shop for the materials :) kihihi...

aiyor mana tau pergi pasar come back OMG the mum say: not going back to ipoh le...

we were like.. omg wtf...


no more sex then... hahaha.. i was excited by the sex part actually.. cos its so rare for us to do.. haha.. like how rare you could find a unicorn kinda rare.. er.. maybe nola.. anyway so he started to prepare cooking as usual..

materials used lor :)

after preparing half way the mum went into the kitchen...

ah boy, ng hai gam geh...
(ah boy, its not like this...)

ah boy, nei fong tai doh yao jor lah...
(ah boy, too much oil already!!)

ah boy....

ah boy....

ah boy...............

omg.. ah boy this ah boy that its like she damn scared that boy of his cannot cook like that.. but seriously lor this is the first time bubu ever cooked for a guy, as in bf so im like lucky :) haha... im the first :)

 so after entah brapa lama bertarung di medan pe-PISAU-an, akhirnyer the end product keluar...

2 different types of omelette :) 
one with long beans and the other one with onion :)

steamed tofu garnish with spring onion and onion and oyster sauce :)

potato salad...

OMGUCCI!! all my favourite one...

i know you mar.. like to eat all these...

thank you b...

now i know the reason or meaning behind the chinese proverb A Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach...

kihihi... i think it will work one lor...

so if i ask you to choose between sex and food which one will you choose?

erm... FOOD!.. 

good answer :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

post blog post...

yesterday's so called unromantic post does not reflect the real me at all.. its just a sudden thought that came to me.. haha... a few friends msn me saying that im unromantic and so did some of the bloggers.. hahaha.. k la maybe im not~ that~ romantic but im still using those heart related terms still lor...

after reading it, bubu called me...

b, i love you with all my heart and soul...

bubu, i love you with my brain..

stupid! *burst out laughing* 

you want me to lock you in my heart?

where's the key?

the key arr? erm.. flushed down by my blood lor.. to my lungs...*burst out laughing* its diffusing out into the air...

ok ok thats too lame already, stop stop!!


*both burst out laughing*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this happened this morning.. bubu irritated me somehow and i said:

ngo sam tong arr...
(i heart ache arr)

nei yao sam zhong beng arr....?
(you got heartattack arr?) 

=.= mou la mou la, ngo ge brain tong arr!!!
(=.= nola nola, my brain pain la!!)

huh? nei brain damage arr?
(huh? you brain damage arr?)

=.= mou la mou la... ngo ge soul tong arr!!
(=.= nola nola, my soul hurts arr!!)

huh? nei ge soul break arr? final fantasy?!!!
(huh? your soul break? final fantasy?!!!)

*kill myself*
*jump off the building*

Monday, November 22, 2010

brain vs heart...

i think everyone knows that the brain is the main processing unit in the body just like the CPU of the Computer.

all receptors are linked to the brain and impulses are transmitted back to different parts of the body for a certain response eg 5 senses, emotions...

so there is no such thing as:

I love you with all my heart! (heart is used to pump blood lor seriously.. so if i love you then i should pump you with my blood? nah!!!)

You will always be in my heart! (heart got no space for another person lor... got no store room one lor.. the blood is pumping at a max rate of 4 miles per hour which is 1.7meters a second.. haha.. get flushed away man!!)

Can i have the key to you heart? (heart got store room lor so it wont have a lock lor.. dont ask stupid question!!)

instead of those we should use:

I love you with all my brain! (eventually brain is the one that interprets love and all, emotions etc...)

You will always be in my brain!! (cos brain can store memory mar.. so its correct!!)

Can i have the key to you Brain?!! (we only use 10 percent of our brain so there is still 90 percent of it empty.. so can la.. got tempat to berteduh a bit..)

nah, here are something more sensible :

you are always on my mind! (right?, this hits the spot, not stupid at all..)

im thinking of you...

youre driving me crazy!!

i'm missing you...

despite the truth, people still use words related to the heart, i think last time the olden days people dint know about the brain and the heart was the one pumping hard(controlled by the brain) when love is around.. i dint realize it until just now when i was showering at it suddenly hit me.. ok la kinda mou liu but whatever la.. hahaha...

dont even touch soul ok.. i love you with all my soul la... with all my heart and soul la... SOUL!!!??? seriously?

you are my heart, you are my soul... omg.. cornynyer and its so wrong!! hahahaha.. just imagine your bf is your heart!! hahahahahaahah....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

expecto patronum...

harry potter was a fun watch for harry potter fans :) 2 deaths in this episode.. the ending is so sad :( cant wait for the next installment man! july 2011! gosh... cant they make it earlier..?!?!??!

cos bubu was too bored last night, he suddenly burst out saying..

expecto patronum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*huge dick fly out from the wand and start fucking those dementors*

*apparently all dementors and a ever ready mouth to suck*

expecto patronumdeeplythroat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*a killing spell to kill dementors by deep throating them*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

surprise me? tipu!!

i went out with a close friend Daniel 2 nights ago for supper, so ngam he was grindr-ing la that night, so i thought of like menge-grindr this place since its my neighbourhood kan.. pas tu i tengok tengok tengok and i was surprise to see bubu's profile there.. hm.. and so i clicked and then the chats between bubu and Daniel appeared.. bubu had deleted grindr WILLINGLY few weeks ago and had never used it since then so i was kinda shock(sekejap la) then i smiled to myself.. haha.. after going home we chatted...

oi.. you deleted grindr already right?

er.. yea...

but just now when i tekan grindr i saw your messages with Daniel one de?

er... er... hahahahahah...

you hahahaha what?

i was supposed to surprise you with it this sat, so that we can grind together.. thought of using your face mar.. ... actually i cannot tahan.. hahaha..

hahahahaha... you arr.. naughty naughty... and dont use my face!! blek!!

oi silly boy!! im not angry with you ok!! you can grind all you want :) just make sure they dont grind to your doorstep la!! haha...

Friday, November 19, 2010

what happens next...

i peeped out the shower once a while just to check but i shiver whenever there are shadows moving by below the door.. it was damn freaky.. like seriously can die kinda thing..

my whole body was numb and cold, i thought of just giving up and just rush out but no.. i slowly open the door, i walked out the shower room, after looking to my right i saw my then bf sitting in front of the computer!!

i am in pink and he is in brown

there was a small room joined to this master bedroom and he was there sitting all the while, then i asked him: where is your mum? ... i think outside!! where are my clothes? *he was holding it all the while* nah.. take it.. faster wear!! *put on clothes* nah you sit down now, we are doing assignment ok!! add maths!!

i was relieve in a way cos im not naked anymore but the shock is still there like what if the mum comes in and asked why is my hair wet and what the fuck is all the candles and petals doing in the bath tub kinda thing.. shit man..

after 30 minutes, still no sign of her coming in so i say why not i go get my stuffs then try to just sneak out.. so we left the room after checking that the coast is clear, then we proceed to his room up at the second floor (his house was 2.5 storeys) he has this whole attic to himself.. like a mini fortress castle kinda thing with a slanted ceiling with fluorescent stars on it and peterpan posters all over the walls.. teenage kids.. biasela..

after i took my bag and everything.. cos the stairs joining the first floor and second floor is made out of wood, every step i took to go down gives out a wooden squeaky sound which i hate cos its a sell out of our position and the mum would totally know if we were coming down..

i walked pass room 1 in order to go down and there she was, the mother.. sitting on the bed in room 1 folding his sister's clothes.. i swiftly walked across and went down and off i go after he opened the door for me and which i need to climb off the 2 meters high main gate cos the padlock rosak.. gosh.. its such a bad day for me.. i will never forget that day.. its like.. MY HAIR WAS STILL WET!!!

oh well.. adventurous times..
im still shock till now.. 
is like, what will happen if the mum actually came into the shower room for a leak?
or what if she stripped naked and walk in to take a shower?
or what if she was sleeping on her bed resting!!???
what can i do?
what will happen to me?
ok ok
dont think anymore!!!  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

you dowana get caught in this...

i went to his house one afternoon when everyone was out, the parents were out working, siblings all in school so we had the whole house to ourselves..

thought of setting the atmosphere so out came the aroma candles and pots.. candles were all over the master bedroom and the shower room.. the bathtub was set and foam and petals were all ready...

we then started our so called love session and after an hour he went out to get something i couldnt remember what.. he was out for quite sometime and i was kinda uneasy waiting dont know whats happening out there.. and so i opened the door slightly cos i was naked and behold in front of me lies a handbag on the bed! i was like OH MY GOODNESS the mum came back.. i quickly shut the door and kept quiet!!

he was nowhere to be seen.. i cant just run out like this and my clothes i just cant remember where i put them.. it was one of the worst moment in my life when i was in my teens.. i was 17 back then..

i was wrinkled all over in the shower room for quite some time.. i dont dare to even put my head out and look.. i felt like i could die there kinda thing!! im trapped in this small tiny room with no clothes on and no where to go..

im doomed!!

what will you do if you were in my position?

surrender? sneak out? wait signal from the boyfriend? stay in the bathroom until the mum leaves the house?

Monday, November 15, 2010

my virtual girlfriend...

remember in the olden days, or maybe past few months or even now, whenever some straight friends ask you about your girlfriend and stuffs(if youre single la).. what would you answer? hahaha.. we all faced the same situation like forever and there she is, the most attractive girl on earth, without a face yet beautiful will be virtually there for you, keeping you accompany 24 7 :)

whenever you are asked about her..

1. she is the prettiest girl on earth la..

2. you two are so deeply in love that you dont need to fling around with other girls la

3. you are so loyal that you guys last for 3.5 years together since god knows when la

4. you had sex with her already la(wanna show off your macho side saying that youre not a virgin anymore)

5. she is a student studying in _____ college/uni, kinda popular la...

but when your friends starts to pry and keeps pestering you to intro to her then...

1. she is the prettiest girl in town but cannot be compared to the girls in uni/college.. average only.. average..

2. our relationship is not stable.. i think she might be seeing someone...

3. im still loyal but it seems like she found someone else.. slut..

4. the sex was just ok only la.. i had nicer ones before..

5. she is at ______(some far away place), so yea.. long distance relationship..

all these just to avoid the topic, right? 
hahahaah.. true kan? ...

right, youre HOT virtual girlfriend will always have the below characteristics:

1. she is always in your mind but in real fact she is a he

2. you are always texting her but you dont have her number in your contacts

3. she is the prettiest girl in the world but you dont even have one picture of her at all to show your friends..

4. she never calls you at all  

5. she is your best friend / faghag (with / without her consent)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

slut 10 commandments...

my commandments no thou thee thy thine one arr.. its just slut slut and slut only :) the slut here refers to both TOP sluts and BOTTOM sluts! haha.. dont think that sluts are only bottoms sluts k! there are top slut all over.. but malaysia now macam kurang TOP Sluts. now all the bottom sluts growing like wild mushroom dono come from where and they are all fighting for the same few slutty tops.. its so kelakar.. hhahaah.. when a few top sluts goes to the club together, a very funny line that one could say to his friends is: have you done it with him, or him, or him, or him, or him, or him, or him.... hahahahahahahaha so sohai!! hahahaha,..

here goes..

Slut shall always make sure that slut's private parts are clean at all times
(it is to prepare oneself to be able to have sex anytime of the day, anywhere, anyhow..)

Slut shall always bring 2 helmets wherever slut goes
(its the essential of a slut life)

Slut shall refuse to have sex without protection*
*unless slut is as daring as TULS then dont use lor...

Slut shall not receive money for sex
(if you slut around for money then youre a whore, if you slut with one person for money then youre a money boy)

Slut shall guard his asset for life
(if youre a top slut then make sure your dick is at tip top condition, dont over strain it by masturbating too much or make sure your fling dont bite off your dick, if youre a bottom slut then make sure you do your Kegel exercise more often to strengthen your mangina!! ok!! tops are encourage to do Kegel exercise too for better longer erections :)

Slut shall never regret slut's sextion(sex action)
(dont regret, just move on and learn from your experience if your slutsperience (slut experience) is a bad one, if you somehow contracted some disease also try not to be sad, just move on and live with a thought that everyone will die sooner or later, at least you had fun in your life!!)

Slut should never ever fall / have any emotional feelings for the person slut had sextion with
(if he is such a slut with you, he might be slutting behind your back if you end up with him)

Slut should never ask information about his fling
(dont care whether he has a bf, dont care if he is married, dont care if he has kids, dont care if he is your far related cousin brother uncle grandfather or anything, dont care if he is underage *wink*)

Slut should never let anyone tom dick or harry to squirt in them (bottom) and never to squirt into anyone(tops)
(duh!! its like the number one rule!!, we are sex bombs, not disease bombs!!)

Slut should leave the fling if slut finds him dodgy 
(dodgy as in if his dick has pus, or he has too much scars and wounds on his body, or if his penis has dick cheese = might have infection, or he has face problem etc.. BE PICKY SLUTS)

im not trying to convert you guys into sluts ok.. just thought of pouring out my slutness rules i followed back then :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

im not famous!!

why everyone thought that im famous jek?

seriously im not lor..

i dont have the fan base like pluboy eric, nor the wise and intellectual side like calvin strictlygay, nor the sexplicit and sexciting post like simonlover.. im just an ordinary ex slut..

some people refer me as the ultimate slut..

some call me the queen of slut..

some call me king of slut..

some call me mother of slut..

when i meet up my friends they will korek information of other bloggers from me... like, hey is he hot? or hey, is he cute? is he tall? is he fat? oh yea.. he is a medical student right? he single arr?


you guys think i know all of them just because they are linked to my blog? you think i met all of them arr? siao siao!! how i know jek?!!! 

i met only 2 bloggers in my whole entire blogging life since i started in May..

so yea.. that makes me a noobie still :)

im not famous im not famous im not famous!! ahahahahahah

if you perasan im talking bout you, you are wrong, cos im not talking bout you! hahahahah.. 

ok la..

kinda gila random post..

tulsie slutting off!!

no mp tonight :(

no cardio :(

300 kalories retained :(

Friday, November 12, 2010

gross shit!!

just recently a friend called me for a "therapy" session to talk about his fling-ing experience as he was kinda traumatized about it.. k la.. maybe not traumatized la.. shock maybe.. but whatever la.. its damn gross lor from what he told me.. eww.. so... he say he needs to let it all out to the sifu? im the sifu meh? sifu my ass.. hahahaha.. slut-fu got la!! wth!!!?!?!?! ahahaha.. 

this is the thing, they met online and agreed to meet for dinner then stay over for the night at my friend's place. they never met before but when he arrived, oh my gucci he was fucking fat and older from his pic, then he revealed that the pic he put on msn is when he was 20 years old and now he is what? 34? siao kia!! if me i would totally just say byebye.. then nevermind, i think my friend also damn excited over this and had been preparing his house for the "night" so he just keep cool and stayed for dinner..

back at my friend's place after dinner, that guy rushed him to have sex.. that one still ok la.. the guy dint rinse his mouth nor take a shower, dirty ass, minus point for first date.. then nevermind, he was wearing a cap when they meet and when he removed it, OMGG he was bald in the middle!! like seriously!! minus 21 points!! eeww.. i dont know how my friend can tahan lor like seriously.. if its me i wont even let him in my house.. thats like.. yer... sorry la im kinda superficial one.. oh well.. anyway.. my friend showered and everything then after that they start.

he kept asking my friend to lick his nipple.. then later he ask him to give him a blow.. omg.. his dick was like fucking smelly... and sweaty..  i never put a smelly dick in my mouth.. like seriously.. NEVER!! its like my own slut rule established since day one that if the dick is smelly, its forbidden!! then they mouth fucked each other and then the guy cum-med after my friend gave a few blow!! so sohai.. then he say he wanna leave.. oh my goodness!! so inconsiderate!! mate, if youre reading this, please do some reflection and learn from your experience.. try to maintain a certain standard even though its a fling...

standard procedure...

make sure he is presentable and looks like the pic he showed you on msn etc.. if he is not then say BYE BYE 

 - shower 
be clean as in literally all over la come on... youre gonna be with that person for a few hours right, cant you take the effort to just clean up a bit? make sure no sweat la firstly.. yes you may say that you will sweat later but still!! start fresh!! 

 - brush you gigi!! 
no one wants to french kiss and exchange chili seeds or chicken meat ok.. yucks!! 

 - wash your kukubird!! 
no one wants to smell your ammonia filled uncut sac and creamy dick cheese ok!! thats just totally gross!! 

its called smegma by the way.. go google it :)

 - release the dragon 
its a ritual for bottoms like me to release dragon before doing it.. i wont even agree for a sex date if i had not release the dragon from the dungeon.. hahaha..my asshole wont even open up if its filled!! so.. make sure your dragon dont play hide and seek with you!!

 - short nails 
you dowana finger your fling and make him bleed right? actually i kena before so this is like also a reminder for myself.. hahaha.. once your ass is hurt, wanna anal also no mood liao...

 - helmets and lube!! 
play safe right? marketplace gives out free Coral condoms.. being the cheapo me i will go ambik secara meluas bile pergi sana!! haha.. KY would do..

 - stretches  
its good to warm up before doing it.. you will be stuck in that certain position for sometime so numbness and cramps might occur..

 - watch porn before that 
its good to follow porn these days as it provides you the standard positions to do and some different exotic poses.. different races and different ethnics have different rituals.. but just follow the ang moh one la.. more pleasure but the bottom torture skit la cos your leg will be thrown here la , then one leg there la , then invert la.. etc.. go watch la.. 

 - on the radio  
just incase anyone is a screamer then at least can mask the sound!!

 - towels and tissue 
essential items..

i think still got banyak lagi but now cannot think liao.. tomorrow i got my placement :( saturday fully occupied liao.. :(

Thursday, November 11, 2010

kinda annoying right...

recently i dont know what happened but lots and lots of people started adding me randomly on fb.. mutual friends are of course the same few plu friends i have.. ok la.. maybe if i was single i might still accept a few of them(slutty me).. but its really too much already..

i did an entry on things to do when you receive a friend's request from someone whom you dont know before and what i did was send them a message asking them do i know them, if they can give me a satisfying answer then i might just add them but so far i did not  add any of those at all..

damn lame.. i have a few examples.. you'll be the judge, tell me annoying or not!!

they added me and i send them a message...

tuls: hi, do i know you?
A: We dont know each other but i saw your profile then i just 'poke' you.. Care to be friend?

tuls: hi, do i know you?
B: hi...no,,im B btw, js saw ur profile and just added u..if u are not confortable to approve, its ok :)

tuls: hi, do i know you?
C: hi, are u bubu's boyfriend by any chance?
tuls: yes i am!! i know you added me alot of times and i rejected a few times too.. ahhaa.. its just that my account is flooded with plu-s and im trying to delete all those irrelevant people.. sorry arr.. under maintenance.. hahaaha
C: oh ok =) thank you for the clarification, handsome. could you let me know once you have done with the filteration so that i could have u added in my buddy list? it would be great for us to keep in touch. thanks tuls. have a good week buddy!

after a few days..

C: hey have u sorted out ur facebook already? can i add u yet? :)
tuls: C, erm.. i dont know you that well.. haha.. maybe some other time.. im not interested in adding PLU now.. hope you understand.. see you in MP if i see you.. ciao..
C: thanks for the kind reply. yea, maybe some other time. your verdict and privacy is respected. maybe i didn't read clearly on your last email that you're interested in adding PLU. no hard feelings, as there is no obligation for you to add me, sweetheart. yea, see you in MP around yea

tuls: hi, do i know you?
D: maybe...
tuls: bye bye...

tuls: hi, do i know you?
E: May be not. I live in Perth . How about u?

A is just poking the wrong hole right now! hahahaha.. damn siao right... B, im not comfortable lor.. sorry..
C.. i kinda worried when bubu's friends add me, cos i cant just ignore them just like that cos dowan bubu to look bad then dot dot dot so i just give lame excuses most of the time and then politely reject the next time if they still persist.. D, maybe is not acceptable.. sorry.. E, may be not is the best answer!! IGNORE!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

boyfriend criteria..

i stumbled upon my old diary and the last page list the criteria of my future boyfriend :) haha.. its kinda superficial and childish but whatever.. here goes..

    so yeah.. i used to emphasize on the height a lot.. i used to date a guy but after 2 years, i think i grew like much taller and he was like 1 and a half head shorter.. i just dont know how to walk with him without feeling awkward.. so yea..

    i cant live with someone who just sleeps, eats, and shits everyday.. he will have to keep himself busy and updated.. older preferably... not religious cos one of my ex-es actually asked me to convert and i fuck him off the next day although we have been together for 2.5 years..

    if he cant speaks english then sorry la.. erm.. you dont need to have like accents and stuffs or shit.. just speak basic proper english..  i like my man simple.. haha.. YEA RIGHT!

    the good looking part is the superficial side of me.. haha.. i think everyone would love to have a good looking boyfriend but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so.. whatever la.. .. i love to laugh like crazy so that person will either have to be funny or he has to be so stupid to the extent that it amuses me! hhahaah.. what the hell am i talking??!?!?!.. hahah.. make me laugh la.. 

    the five big NONOs are smoking, drinking, tattoos, piercings and doing drugs lor.. i really despise people who gives excuses to hurt their body intentionally or unintentionally.. 

    music = tuls, without music = tuls mati 
    he must either know how to sing very well or he must not sing at all.. haha.. if he can play any instruments at all pun dah kira pass already.. but if that also cant then he will need to know how to dance.. ahahahah.. at least something to do with music!!

    brand conscious is another superficial part of me :) 

    im just curious why dint i put the dick size into the list of criterias.. hm... im such a slut then but seriously.. its not there????!!!!... hahaha.. im still asking myself why.. is it because i've seen all types of shapes and sizes and colours? or is it because dick size doesnt matter? or is it because love overrules everything else? erm... nolor.. i was chanced by a 4" one time and i had to fake an orgasm.. like seriously.. its like i dont feel anything at all but just to not make that person feel so bad i moan a bit here and there.. cis.. its damn kebodohan now to think back.. hahahahaha... wtf..

    oh well.. it a freaking short list that did not touch on the emotional side that much.. whatever la.. im disposing the diary.. bye bye list!!

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    my asshole exploded four times!!

    today is such a bad day..

    i set my alarm at 9.. but my tummy ache woke me up at 7.30..

    i couldnt take it anymore and release the mother of all dragons from the dungeon into the whirlpool..

    after cleaning up i went back to bed.. 

    not even 10 minutes and i went back to the whirlpool to release more baby dragons..

    it was a torturous one..

    i couldnt sleep anymore so i went and had breakfast.. 

    after breakfast it exploded one more round till there is no more dragons to be release..

    so later that i went to uni just to find that i had been selected for the accreditation interview this year by the professional body of malaysia for my course.. 

    half way thru the lecture the dragons made noise and i had to interrupt the lecture to go to the loo..

    mana tau the toilet is in cleaning progress.. sien diao... i almost exploded half way walking to the next level..

    instead of going back in the lecture hall i went to the library..

    lunch = imodium tablets + activated charcoal

    the interview went well but my asshole feels like as though 2 dicks penetrate it at one go for an hour or so...


    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    productive night...

    last night after bubu finished his rehearsals, we went to marketplace..

    this time there were no friends that came along..

    like seriously no one at all..

    around 12 after feeling the beat, we danced like there's no tomorrow on stage!! haha.. 

    30 minutes passed and the dancefloor is full and packed with people.. damn siao.. not as pack as last week la but still.. after an hour, after Telephone habis main, i got off the stage and we went home after that..

    cos we dont drink and i accomplished what i came here for so yea..

    i think i lost 200 kalories last night.. dono got or not la.. estimate ni.. 

    we dint waste anytime at all.. and luckily not too late.. always balik also around 4 5 in the morn then sleep till late afternoon the next day.. feeling so restless and stupid.. 

    this time ngam ngam hou.. sumore can eat KFC with bubu.. ahha.. so nice.. 

    shall stop clubbing cardio for 2 weeks :) 

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010


    after our cardio session few days back on halloween night, a friend of bubu and i, J said that he needs to crash at bubu's place as his house is like an hour journey from here so ok la.. drove all the way to Damansara City.. then bubu said..

    b, wanna stay over arr?

    erm.. i got assignments to finish tomorrow la.. nevermind la i think i go back la..

    stay la, got friend around, my mum wont mind one..

    er.. i wanna sleep like a pig and youre going out early tomorrow morning, nevermind la i go home ni la..

    stay la..

    *look into his eyes* ok...

    as J was showering, bubu and I took the opportunity to do whatever we need to do la.. but it ended after hearing the opening of the bathroom door. shit.. i just finish making my mark on him and i have to stop.. this is so challenging.. we rushed ourselves to bed, switched off the lights, waited for J to snore and we started our little action pack beside.. haha.. it was kinda exciting as we need to remain silence throughout the "mouth actions" and "prize giving ceremony" under the blanket :)

    haha.. oh well.. 
    should do this more often..

    J, lets go clubbing again this saturday, mau?