t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, October 31, 2010

touched by an angel...

i loved her since the days she bled love...

she keeps bleeding.. keep keep bleeding love...

i went to Changkat Bukit Bintang last night before marketplace..

she was there at 10.30..

singing 9 - 10 songs of hers..

i was standing 1 meter away from stage and 2 meters away from her when she was performing..

before she went up stage i saw her waiting at the back.. 

she looked my way, i sent her a flying kiss.. 

and guess what..

she return one to me...

that moment i can seriously die...

she is the most amazing singer ever after Mariah Carey 5 years ago..

after closing the show with bleeding love i rushed all the way to backstage and waited for her..

dint know where to wait cos there are barriers all over... 

but she walked towards my way to go to one of the clubs..

i reached my hands out...

she gave it a shook..

my heart stopped for 2 seconds..

one of my dreams came true..

i thought of going over to UK next year and try to go to one of her concerts there.. 

but no..

i did it here and i think i got what i want more than anything else last night...

im still like... 


oh my...

words cant describe how i feel right now...



Friday, October 29, 2010

what makes you horny?...

i'm at my horniest peak after i release the black dragon from the dungeon! i feel so empty down under, it needs to be pump louder and harder by a trophy!! haha.. siao me!!

what about you?
what makes you horny?

i get turned on by looking at bubu's trophy too :) come to papa!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

you again... TULS..

the YOU AGAIN story really crack me up last night, haha, thinking what is my own YOU AGAIN scenario in life and this is what i can say..

my You Again scene happened in the Gym..

back when i was still a slut, i would be alert all the time for any potential fling sometimes even stalking them.. hahaha.. not to the extent of like following them everywhere they go la but i would like go to the machine beside the entrance of the changing room and observe people going in and out of it..

sometimes when i was working out pun dah dapat signals.. by following signals i will end up in the changing room  then to the sauna and then to the cubicles :) hehe.. but if tak dapat signals, i will definitely end up observing any potential fling(plu-s like us has high sixth sense power to detect our own kind with an accuracy of 99.5% rate.. cheh wah perasan...) that goes into the changing room and will slowly trail them, stripped and go to the sauna(testing and elimination round) and wait, just in case.. haha..

when he dint turn up after 5 mins waiting in the sauna, thats when the 0.05% of inaccuracy took place, the probable things that might happen is:

0. he came in, refill his bottle and left...
1. the guy is fucking hot but straight(i doubt so)...
2. he is rushing to go somewhere so he went shower straight..
3. he dint know about the touch and go(i made that up.. or is there such a process?) process in the sauna..
4. he is waiting in the shower cubicle..
5. he is doing it with someone else..
6. he is not interested in fling-ing(20% chances)
7. his bf is around.. :)

usually after working out, with or without signals, i will go into the sauna for the touch and go process lor.. stay there for a max of 10 mins, then out to the cubicle to wash my sweat off, the cubicles are designed in a way where you can see the person opposite your shower room and its adjacent cubicle.. hehe.. usually will go to the end cubicle la..  thats where the you again scene happens.. across my shower cubicle..

sometimes i will end up seeing the same guy from last week that i hate cos he dint give you a good time in the shower, thats when it spoils my mood and i will proceed back to the sauna and go for another round after that hoping he will leave by the time i get back and scout for other potential flings along the way.. sometimes i will be at the shower area for hours especially when im horny, im such a slut right? i know.. whatever la..

sometimes i will end up seeing the same guy that rocks my ass off, hoho... 2 things can happen after that, its either we have a "rerun" or he is just not into me anymore and just end up being like me going out of the shower room and away.. thats even better.. its so exciting sometimes to just be in the shower "showering" and whenever someone passes by or enters the cubicle in front of you, your heart beats fasten hoping that a hot fuck would be in there and hope for some sexy time!! haha...

most of time its sexy.. it usually starts and ends there and then.. no communications at all.. sometimes when it too good to be true, i would talk a lil and most of them would say that they are in a relationship already, such a slut man me, and the fling as well la so slutty to even fling after in a relationship.. im definitely not a relationship destroyer la but what the hell man right.. now thinking back makes it sounds so exciting although its technically wrong.. haha..

oh well..

stupid you again scenarios..

thats my clones!! hahahahahah....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

you again...

Bubu and I went for "YOU AGAIN" last night! :) awesome show..

OOOOOOOOOOOOPS! wrong ad! hahaahahah

this show is about a successful PR bitch (2nd from Left) heads home for her brother's wedding just to find the soon to be sis-in-law an even greater bitch i.e. her high school mother-slutting arch nemesis (2nd from Right). Slut forgotten all about her bullying bitch days in high school and tried to maintain that goody image but that doesnt last long as her ex fiance spiced things up menge-porak-peranda-kan the whole thing. hahaha.. siao one.. mana tau pulak the slut's aunt (far Right) and bitch's mum(far Left) are also ex best friends and started another whole set of "competition". The claw comes out and reopen old wounds in this siao siao bitchy cat fighting comedy! go watch k! 

Do you have any YOU AGAIN scenario happened in your life before???

p.s. Happy 300 days to Bubu and I :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

kissing dilemma...

i had runny nose, phlegm and also bad sore throat recently.. its been a week since then and bubu hadnt really kissed me passionately cos of the infection..

as its almost clearing up..

*holded my neck and pulls me closer*

*pouting lips*

*push away*






you come here now!!!


I dowan you to be sick!!

i dont fucking care!!

*kissed passionately* *kissed reluctantly for 2 seconds then give in*

a day later...

i think i might have a nose block already...

i dowana kiss him cos i care ; he pulak wanna kiss me cos he dont care  


Friday, October 22, 2010


as long as you know what you are doing..

as long as you dont do evil..

as long as your intentions are good..

any religion will do you good..

there is no religion that teaches bad values..

there is no religion that does evil..

you dont have to compare religion see which is better..

you dont have to keep on changing religion just to so you can "go to heaven"..

there is no religion that is better than the other..

all religion serves the same purpose..

i believe as long as you're good, you wont be forsaken by the creator..

humans are the one that does evil..

no matter what religion you go, if you have bad intention, you do evil, justice will be brought upon you sooner or later..

no religion can guarantee you a spot in paradise after life..

so please think before you speak...

think before you act..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

couple's telepathy...

9.30am... lecture was ongoing...

*beep beep* sms came from bubu...

yeabo(darling in korean)! morning!!

i feel like shitting, eating and sleeping at the same time la...

wtf  =.=.. feeling sleepy... stomach not feeling well... Urg...

yeala... same....

whats this? Couple telepathy is it? lol...

after 15 mins...

Fuck, im in the toilet now... shitting...

Err... Ok?! lol... i can smell it from here... XD

wah we both damn centralized right, i shit also you can smell :)

Grossness... lol.. go wash your ass la... now sure Dyamnn horny one...

what the fuck, you think i SLUT arr?

haha... Ex-SLUT nia.. Xp... Muaks..

Monday, October 18, 2010

hot hot hot...

shit man the weather today damn hot right?

yesterday was like this, the day before pun like this.. wah say.. if this continues then i will definitely have rashes..

stupid sensitive skin.. *scratching myself*

cant take the heat..

i cant wait to go over to UK..


that place would be perfect for me..

im sweating like a cow now.. 

wait.. cow dont sweat kan? hahahahaha... Mr. D was saying that last night.. damn funny ...

if the rumah tarak air con memang cannot study man..


stupid weather, poda!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

opposite attract meh

A lot says, opposite attracts. Do you think so? Always, people tend to look for someone who can be their other half. Someone who complements each other. So if you are beautiful, your partner will be ugly. If you are good looking, your boyfriend will tend to be the shadow of your looks. Hmm..now I am thinking. Personality wise, appearance wise. If we are so much in the opposite direction, then are we match made in heaven then?

the above was from Chen Xing..

haha.. i shall just comment it here la.. maybe i dont have the exact answer but what i can conclude is this..

bubu is a dancer ; im a singer
bubu is a bitch ; im a slut
bubu is sensitive ; i couldnt care much(over trivial stuffs la)
bubu is more conservative ; im more sociable
bubu is pasive ; im active (on bed is the other way around la)
bubu loves noodles ; i love rice
bubu is a cheapskate ; i spend much more than him
bubu loves to be manja-ed ; i love to manja people
bubu is attracted to korean stuff(drama, men.. etc) ; i love the japanese(movies, language, food.. etc...) more
bubu loves muscles and body builders ; i love pretty faces
bubu is out ; im closeted
bubu is virgo ; im a leo
bubu is hokkien ; im hainan
bubu loves muscles ; i love dicks
bubu have a religion ; i dont
bubu loves the rain ; i dont
bubu uses the term lol ; i dont
bubu have short eye lashes ; i have long awesome ones
bubu has single eye lid ; i have 3 on one side and 4 - 6 on the other side

both of us are the eldest in our family..
both of us are tall(if he is not tall i also wont lamun lor...)
both of us dont smoke
both of us dont drink
both of us looking for a top (haha.. siao la.. ive been taking care of people so much that i just wanted to be taken care of.. but no luck.. hahahah.. this time also have to take care of lil miss bubu..)

b, will you take another glance at me if you dint know me and you accidentally walk passed me in the shopping mall?

erm.. no.. to tell you the truth, i will just stare at you saying: wah why so tall arr?.. then go..

haha.. me too.. i will be like: why is that guy wearing a scarf arr? so gay!!... then walk off...

both =.=

its almost 10 months now.. lots of ups and downs along the way.. many bitches and sluts wants us to quarrel and break.. some hope that we get diseases and die.. some secretly try to pry into out private lives..

we are not each others types at all..

but we are getting stronger by day.. :)

opposites attract meh?

Friday, October 15, 2010

grindr... angry... dot dot dot dot dot...


someone tibe tibe got grindr application...

we were heading to 1U one day for movie then bubu showed me his grindr-ing thing.. then there the list of his favourites were proudly displayed at the top, mostly all half naked.. after viewing some of them he took it away from me then opened some game application thing instead of grindr..

fine lor..

wanna show also show half way then take back, must well dont show right...???!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

after dinner we went walk walk then he tibe tibe jer took out that grindr-ing thing and scan again.. wah seh.. damn semangated right.. scan scan until no battery lagi..

i think that silly boy wants me to get jealous lor..

yala yala..

i am la ok..

you better stop grindr-ing i tell you...


Friday, October 8, 2010

Charlie St Cloud... instant stimulation...

bubu and i went to the cinema last night for Charlie St Cloud..

before we went, ChrisZ said remember to bring tissues.. lol... hahaha.. oh yea.. its a very very touching story BUT I DINT SHED A TEAR AT ALL!!

you can call me whatever you want but im just so SO SO distracted by Zac Efron!!

he is so fucking hot!!

those blue eyes... mesmerizing.. 

his strong arms...

its so define.. gosh.. so hot..

then his body...

to die for..

gosh.. the whole time when people was crying, my eyes was stuck at his hot chest...


its so nice i can die watching them..

instant stimulation...

love you Zac... hahahahahaha

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i look young :) yay!!!

bubu and i went up to genting for our sexcapade sempena his birthday.. my 21st just passed then.. so we thought of checking out the casino la.. hahaha.. as in me la.. not him.. hahaha.. so we went in lor from the front entrance.. very the gong ming zeng dai tong tong zeng zeng(secara terbuka) we walked in but I was stopped at the entrance..


ok lor.. so i took out my IC and SHOWED that blardy dono what race punyer kawan, looks tak macam malaysian, colour abit like malay campur cina.. haih whatever.. after inspecting and certain that im legal to enter.. he let me through.. hahaah...

i look young :)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

no time for each other le?...

bubu's sem started already few weeks back and now he is also busy with his rehearsals for his upcoming musical.. me leh, mine started too and i will not have any breaks till Xmas and the schedule is pack from 9 to 4 or 5 everyday for the next 13 weeks.. gosh..

i can see that our time together will be decreasing over time.. :(

he has his mondays and tuesdays free but i have classes to attend..

i have my weeknights free but he has his rehearsals and all and sumore its till 12 or so at times.. :(



weekends are family time so we might not have time too..

gonna miss you bubu..

will cherish everytime we meet after this...

is this like a pre-LDR kinda thing to test run our relationship?

Monday, October 4, 2010

push harder..

Bubu, can you do me?

cant you do yourself?

do la... please...

erm.. OK..






why cannot poke through one? *frustrated*


dont worry.. just push harder.. can one.. *smiling*


ah..! done.. 

bubu was pinning three button badges onto my Polo T! :) we went for Short and Sweet : Musical and they were selling off badges. haha.. cos bubu is into performing arts and influenced me as well, so we went to KLPAC for the Musical night to support.. Short and Sweet will last for another few more weeks in KLPAC Sentul. Go drop by if youre interested! This week and the next will be on Dancing! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


this morning on the way back from Marketplace, Bubu poked me while i was driving..



you poke me damn pain lor!! *angry*

everything i do to you also pain one la... *raise brow while looking at me*

*smiling* you like arr?

*both giggle*

Saturday, October 2, 2010

when we are angry...

OI !!!

WHAT !!!

BAKA BOY!!! (japanese)

PABO BOY !!! (korean)


WHORE !!! 


SLUT !!!

er..... NO..

EX SLUT !!! 


*both laugh out loud* hahahahahahaahahah

Friday, October 1, 2010

afraid of the sun...

my new sem started for a week already.. oh yea.. back to school again.. erm.. i meant uni.. haha..

was late for the stupid one hour lecture today, damn sien right, cant they just move this hour to some other day and make this day free instead? geez.. its so kebodohan to think of it cos i will need to drive my ass all the way to uni(around 30 mins, if no jam,  if i use the NKVE then maybe 20 mins la) and back.. ish.. and im paying my own petrol lagi.. damn..

i actually counted my daily tuition fee on average is about RM300. thats like crazy, so i really cant afford to skip.. yish..

after class, about 12pm, i got a phone call..

hello TULS..


your cheque is ready for collection..

huh? seriously?

yeah.. you can come over anytime.. i will be waiting in the office..

you not going out for lunch meh?


sounded so wrong now to think of it.. but i went there straight after class, went up to the HR department then i asked her after she passed me the cheque..

Renee, youre not going out for lunch meh? why the whole day in the office geh?

oh, im afraid of the sun..