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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

good deed : a stranger in the rain

a girl came in to my office today at 6.30pm, wearing blue t shirt and jeans, looking puzzled and a little wet from the rain..

i asked her whats wrong..

she said she was with a man, who promised her a job in KL, but then they had a disagreement, he then left her by the road side and drove off.

she said she lives near the Mines, and I was taken aback of how far she is from home.

i probe around and found out that she is an orphan who is 19 that doesnt live in an orphanage anymore, in her 2nd semester of accountancy in UCSI and doesnt have any money with her.

so i thought, ok why not help her get home, cos there is no public transport within 2km of this area.

and so i took an umbrella, walked with her to the nearest bus stop and waited for a taxi with her.

after waiting for 5 minutes, one of the lady in the crowd approached me and asked me where am i going, and so i said KL sentral. the lady said the few of them are going as well and asked whether we would like to join to share the fare. i smiled. i told the girl to follow the ladies, get to kl sentral and then take a ktm home. i gave her some money to take the taxi. i gave her some money for her ktm to the Mines. and i gave her some extra cash just in case she doesnt have enough. she thanked me and said "how can i ever repay you". i just smiled and say, "help someone home the next time", i left and walk back to the office after asking the working ladies at the bus stop to take good care of her..

i could see the bus stop from my office and from time to time i just keep looking at the bus stop to see whether any taxi stopped by for them.

after a couple of minutes, one taxi did, and when i thought she is going in to the taxi, she did not. i felt a little uneasy after that.

from a distance, both of our eyes met for a split second but i just kept doing what i was doing.

moments later she came back in, and i asked her why is she still here and that she hasnt left with the ladies?

she said she thinks she lost her phone and wanted to make a call and see who answers it. and so i let her, using the office phone.

she then say no one is answering and said that she might have lost it somewhere along the way.

something is amiss. my gut feeling is telling me something is.................... well.. i dont know.

the funny thing that happened next is that she say its ok, and that she will wait at another bus stop who has a larger crowd cos she said she saw more taxis over there just now.

i said go ahead. and i say hope that she reaches home safely. i smiled and she thanked me again and ask for my name card.

i told her "its ok, you dont have to repay me, i work here. you can always find me here".

she left soon after.

the other bus stop was not in sight from my office. and so the story ends here.

i try not to doubt or judge the girl, i know i did my best. putting myself in her shoes, i know how it feels if she really is lost. and so im content. but... hmm.. lol. i should stop here now.