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Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend getaway..

sat, bubu made a lovely dinner for us :) hamburg steak consist of ayam, lembu and babi (nice combo!), potato cubes, brocolli and grilled tomato as sides! haha.. i feel so hang fook that night.. it was a lovely dinner.. no candle la but the dim yellow light jadi la..

sunday, bubu and i met up with lucifer and kidz for a  5 hours karaoke session redbox style!, movie, and makan makan then sleepover :) wohoo.. just sent that hellboy and kidz off, one of them flying to gayland up north and one more flying back to gayland down south :) nice meeting them again.. hahaah... due to excessive gossiping + lack of sleep + sing for 5 hours non stop with limited drinks = dehydrated zombie.. haha.. eyebags worse then LV bag quality.. good luck to kidz and lucifer in finding love at gayland masing masing, by the way siapa nak pun boreh because kedua dua masih bujangs :) sila faxkan resume anda ke email i yang tertera di dalam blog sekian terima kasih..

sekarang kita akan meneruskan dengan revision for finals!! fighting!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

300th post :)

welcome to my gua tuls, as you can see my ancestors are on the wall doing some god knows what over there.. :)

finals is coming up soon.. dont miss me if i dont update.. (perasannyer cina ni).. i will draw a picture a day at least :) haha..

thanks for your endless support!!

gossip gays

Friday, April 22, 2011

CORN-yness overload...

cos bubu and i are going to have a lil plan on couple's time this weekend out of a sudden and this conversation came up..

b, im so excited la about this weekend.. oh gosh.. its gonna be only the two of us.. I WANNA KNOW WHAT YOURE COOKING for DINNER! haha..

see.. i shouldnt have told you about it.. i dowana jinx it.. later i so excited then you so excited then if tak jadi how?

no such thing la.. dont worry la.. jadi tak jadi youre still my baby

*vomits* corny much...

wait till we have our own home then everyday is magic... *vomits*

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA... sorry la.. too much of vomiting and i find it so funny! hahahahaha

this post is damn syiock sendiri :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the awakening...

my wound.. the clot or whatever you call that - the piece of black thing that covers your wound? cos my wound is fucking deep that piece of crap is 1-2mm thick and its starting mengebuka mulut like mulut buaya like that..

when i sleep i have to bandage it up scare that it will rub against my bed and hurt my wound la..

and guess what...

that just happened..

it was a sharp tear and one piece came up and the scene should be something like a gorilla that goes for a bikini wax or shit.. one tear and i jumped up!!

the other two was hanging half way...

i think i twist and turned too much till the bandage fall off...

it was so intense for the first 2 mins..

the other two half hanging shit have to go and so i wet it... hehe... slowly trying to detach it from the wound and tada..!!

all four piece of clot thingy are gone!!

3 of the wound fully healed, one still not quite done yet.. stupid awakening..

now its like 4 piece of pink coloured chewing gum stuck on my leg with one colouring added!

but with that four thick slab gone, i can wear shoes already! yay!! hahahah..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

after so long...

thats the sign thats found in fitness first's shower/locker area...

after our awesome activities for years now only they put up the sign..

it means we are getting noticed.. hahahahaaha... so bodohla all the guilty ones!!

pandai pandai la!!

xiong dong nin, boon gong berleluasa in cali without getting noticed! :)

but i dont think it makes any difference lor.. unless they install CCTV!  

still remember i used to inspect my "surroundings" before action.. hahahah.

i will look up into the air vent.. the slits... the wall.. the walk way... hahahahaha... behind the clock, behind the papan notis.. hahahaha.. now to think of it so kelakar la.. hahaha..

oh well.. the good old adventurous times which i dont wanna go back to liao.. 
but at least i had my fair share of the experience..

you got caught before ma in the gym? doing

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sex On First Date, jadi?

in my recent post of [ first date thingy ], i got a comment that goes like this..

We will never get the second chance for the first impression. So most ppl try to impress their potential partner during the first date. I will be very open to him during my first date. I made love with him during our first date and we last till now.


and i found that another fellow blogger also experience the same kinda [ scene ]. Click the link in the bracket, i experienced before too.. hehe.. but that guy wasnt a date la.. hahaha..

I met with a guy from the internet, after few times of chatting, I decided to ask him for an ORGY in the mall's toilet. For 3 years we have been together, I'm here to announce, the he is my very first boyfriend, Tim.


people like Kidz, he has taboo of kissing on the first date, dah lah tak leh kiss, how to even have sex... hahaha.. jsut imagine you dint even get to build the atmosphere and just go for the finale... its so whorish.. so slutty.. like me.. dulu.. hahahaah...

people like Skyhawk and Jay on the other hand they survived their first date with sex and get to scored their partner as well and its now a few years long with the other partner...

i mean we always say that if we were to start off with another person with sex, the relationship will not last but now there are 2 living stories and maybe many more out there to prove that wrong..

i mean, for the single lad and ladies, do you think it can happen to you? do you think its possible for you because other people have done it? for the attached parties, whats your say? 

to Sky and Jay, im not condemning or what, i'm so happy for you guys and wish you all the best and this post is just a reenforcement to your relationships, not trying to cause any havoc whatsoever.. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

feminine gays..

hey , how come i cant stand soft guys , i mean im fine with normal gay guys that act like men , but the sissy ones i cant stand and have to avoid being associated with them , does it often happen to gays , i am fine i 2 normal macho guys having sex , but when a softie behaves flamboyantly , i move away. does it always happen to u , i mean do u see pple doing that ? 

the below reply is a general reply to the topic and not just to zhenyu27 alone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

all the above in bold and underline touches the side of feminine..

whats your definition or gay?

whats your definition of a sissy?

what does feminine mean to you?

ask yourself :)

its a rather direct question..

now after answering all those... tell me,

how do you define normal?

to some of you normal means gay, means all the other straight people are weird.. vice versa..

to the straight people, or to the society, we are still the "special" group, the abnormal one, the weird ones... the minority group..

and being feminine/sissy in a minority group is like the minority in a minority...

in the end they are still gay..

they are no different than any other gays out there..

if youre gay, the straights will still see you as an eyesore no matter if youre macho or sissy, if youre gay, you are wrong..

me, i used to hate sissies.. i was like.. cant they act more manlier?  but after making friends with them when i was working in parkson(olden days), they are actually a nice bunch of people, they are born that way.. we will just need to understand and accept them the way they are..

what if a straight person comes to you: why are you so gay? cant you act more straight? 

will you feel insulted? likewise.. you can be how open but deep inside there will definitely be some uneasiness within..

its the same when you talk about them..

if you see a bunch of sissy gays being bullied by some normal folks, do you say: oh padan muka those sissy guys? do you? anyhow they are still gay, and we are all the same.. we cant run away from being gay..

the natural thing to do is to stand up and fight back, if i was there, i will.. and if you guys out there.. who cant stand sissy gays, its your own opinion, its your judgement, no one can say anything about it..

if thats the case, you lack of understanding, you lack of qualities of acceptance, your mind is still close up..

in a relationship, there is always adaptation, tolerance and sacrifices to make..

in a society too, you need to adapt with the view of the society, tolerate one another and the sacrifices you need to make in order to do both..

to all feminine gay guys out there, 
tuls love ya!! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

15 hours...

the night before i was harassed by blood suckers that woke me up from bed after 2 hours of sleep... my body was on fire after that... so i onlined a while... and lil did i know it was morning already...i had a lil breakfast... and try sleeping at noon but my tummy was not feeling well, i cant sleep but the weather is fucking nice yesterday... its like the best weather ever to sleep m***** f*****! geramnyer..

usually i will teman bubu study at night but last night i couldnt tahan anymore, i feel like dying anytime so i went to bed at 1 after kissing goodnight over the phone..

boomz me... i woke up at 4pm!! :)

bloody 15 hours and now i feel like GOD.. no im not saying im god.. im a JING GOD !! in kantonese its call JING SAN! :)


whats was the longerst period of time you slept in a go?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

evolution of communication in a relationship..

we started off msn-ing each other after getting each other's contact...

sooner than we know we exchange numbers and started to sms..

sms was like the in thing then.. we sms each other like money wasnt an issue and time wasnt a limiting factor..

a few months down the road, we sort to calls cos sometimes we need the assurance of the tone of the voice  to reconfirm the real agenda of the message..

later did we know that its not enough and instead we will meet and meeting is so crucial and when we dont, all the above types of contacts cant even replace the attention lacked.. and we will fall into withdrawal mode.. haha..

but because msn-ing and sms(especially) is not as often used as we used to, a short sweet message received sometimes is enough to make you smile the whole day :)

did that happen to you?

Friday, April 15, 2011

i survive my First Date :)

was talking to bubu on our first date and realized something.. i did a few taboos that first daters shouldnt do.. haha. but yea.. hey, here we are still together after 1 year and 4 months :)

hahaha... bubu wrote an entry about it before but left out the silly details :)

we were having a chat in McD, me over ice cream and him just a cup of coke, after me finishing my ice cream i just took his drink and slurp up! hahahaah.. i dont think he drank it after that at all.. hahahahaha...

ok, to me, i totally forgotten about the whole thing and usually we students we buy one large drink and a few of us will just share that drink and then refill refill refill.. hahahaha.. lil did i know i did that to someone i just met and have no idea whether he has herpes(choi) or shit... but 50% of malaysian have herpes anyway.. so.. small matter.. anyway.. SO, A BIG NO NO number 1 !! hahahahaha...

second thing is i think i burped when we talk.. hahahahaha... thats just plain rude.. hahahaha.. i mean, its ok if you  were to do it at home or something or maybe just go away and do it but yea.. not in front of a date.. hahahahahaah... NONO number 2 !!

third thing i was very nervous and fidgety .. it makes the other  party very uneasy because he doesnt know youre fidgety and nervous because of the first date or is there something wrong with him or something.. hahaha.. Stay Calm la brother!! ahahahahaha... NONO number 3 !!

fourth thing i told him that im going abroad to further my studies.. usually people who wanna start a relationship doesnt want a bf who is leaving them.. haahah.. so im a NONO myself! hahahaha...

you guys have anymore NONOs to add on a first date? (whether you yourself did/did not do before)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

spring break!!

although we are in malaysia but spring does exist for courses that are from countries with seasons :)

now the UK is having spring so naturally we will have our 3 weeks of spring break starting from now..

haha.. but after the spring break will be our finals.. 

so spring break is something like a study break la right..

UK programmes have got no study break so dont argue say how good it is to have spring break for three weeks where IMU only have 2 weeks or whatsoever.. ahaha.. tibetibe IMU keluar wtf...

although i should be studying for my finals now but the mood is just not there ya know..

its as though finals is still far but.. hahahaha.. what the hell am i thinking!!

procrastinate procrastinate is all im doing!! cannot la! hahahaha..

last night i was temaning bubu study giving him online support and all till 6am in the morning.. this morning i woke up with my hand holding the phone.. hahahaha.. dont know whether i slept while talking to bubu last night or i wanted to call him but slept! hahahaha...

bodohnyer me...

ok la.. will start studying next week la.. hahahahaha... 


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

15s a crowd...

was out to watch SourceCode with a bunch of friends and bubu...

guess how many of us?

15 awesome fabulicious individuals :)


i mean.. dont talk about gay parties or clubs la.. 

as in friends meet up at a public area..

whats the max number of awesome fabulous people like us you were with before?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

legal PDA...

being cacat/cacare/injured at the bawah(kaki) is quite a convenient gesture for me to PDA with Bubu without any uncomfortable feeling at all.. hahaha..

usually we will have to tou ji mo gou(steal chicken touch dog = lay low) if wanna PDA because i of all people paling tak suka PDA one so i dont do it too.. hahaha.. 

but now i can grab the waist or the butt or just literally lean my whole body on bubu's body anywhere we go as long as i have that patch on my leg! hehe... and my tempangness..

remember that day he say that he dont care about my leg one, saying its all small matter and just external wound?

b, still pain la.. but drying liao..

your leg got kena water not?

got lor.. mandi time lor...


if dont care he wont say until like that la.. 


wanna care but dowana show..

i dont get the hints one lor sometimes...

please be more obvious ok!! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

told you so asshole!!

what i predicted in January is really happening now..

that asshole is back..

last night in the fucking middle of the night 3 am in the freaking morning bubu told me that that asshole loser nudge him on msn..

he wanted to commit suicide few weeks back and sms-ed all his close friends telling them that he is where and where, see you next life thanks for being a friend whatever...

this is so lack of attention..

people who wants to commit suicide dont sms everyone telling that they are gonna kill themselves.. they just write a note and then jump off..

ok maybe most of you might think that im cruel or evil or whatever but i was amaze that he is not dead yet... 

when we heard about that news bubu even tried calling him to asked what happen despite everything that has happen..

i mean.. bubu is such a fucking nice person to do that, if its me, ngo choi nei doh soh!!(lantak la you mampus tak mampus i tak kisah)...

firstly a person who doesnt appreciate friendship is not worth my time..

secondly a person who doesnt respect and value his own life is not my friend.. i dont make friends with low lives.. i mean.. how much time do you have left in this world? and you still wanna shorten it more? wow... youre helping the environment and the control of the population is it? good for you!!

i dowana reason anymore why shouldnt i hate that particular person because bubu is going to befriend him back.. thats just great.. 

if i sense any sorrow, or hurt in my bubu's eyes or i found out that he is taking advantage on my bubu then he will be gone.. he can jump 10000 times and i dont really care!! 

why am i even letting bubu to be friends with him again? 
i hope i dont regret my actions!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

types within types of people you meet in the club!

so yesterday i wrote a lil bout erm... the types of people you meet in the club.. ok la.. i might left out a few type la but seriously i cannot like think of sudah! hahahaha... 

this will be on types within types..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. Twink

young boys, slim, tall or short,  usually clean shaved or limited hair on his body! :)

2. Anorexic

skinny boys that dont eat and is as though they can be blown off or break when knocked by someone beside..

3. Bear

Guys that are very hairy everywhere.. face and body! hihi.. can be muscular or big.. they are still consider bears! grrrrrrr..


Big guys (obese or overweight) or  you can call them chubby guys too.. ahahaha.. may or may not be bears. if he is a bear then he is a chubby bear! hahahahaha.. cute kan!

5. Underage

seriously like what the fuck are you doing here, you look like your bulu has not fully grown out from your cibai..

6. Hunk

sexually appealing, well muscled, porn star(my kinda) body... grrr....

7. Fabulous

transexual or drag queen eg Fabulous Kumar/Shelah.. dont call them pondan ok.. so degrading.. call them fabulous!! :) 

what are you?
in between 2 of the categories? 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

types of people you meet in the club!

Just a suggestion , i have this blog topic i would like to request u share. Can you talk abt the type of people you meet in a gay club. FYI , im a club virgin,  and many are, so give us ur best honest opinion and comment. Ciao.


i try my best la ok.. hahaha.. lalalala... i will write on Marketplace, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.. cos thats the frequent one i go to.. it doesnt represent the rest of the other clubs but.. yea.. hahahah... should be lebih kureng..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

1. The Socialites

you see them every week there, seriously! friday will be frangi is it? then saturday will be mp and la queen thingy, sunday maison.. everywhere you go, anyday.. they will be there! hahahaha.. and i have 2 of my friends thats categorized under that lor... people either love them or hate them.. those who knows them will love them cos can chit chat, social butterflying, those who dont know them will feel so muak of their face feels like slapping them asking them to go home! hahaahah..

2. The Dancers

there will be people go there solely to dance de lor(ME).. hahahahaha.. as long as they hear music they will move and shake their ass off irregardless who that is beside/infront/behind them! :)

3. The Strippers

got one.. they will hog the whole stage and strip once the clock struck 1.30am.. you can their chest bouncing off here and there.. and a few of them will me-molest each other.. then some will grind each other.. then their sweats will be all over and anyone beside them will get drench by it! hahahha...

4. The Drinkers

they go there to get drunk de lor.. seriously... you will see case of me-muntah-ing one.. 

5. The Predators

bubu and i saw the guy that approach us before thru our old buddy website profile thingy.. where this guy offers us rm5k for a 3 time sex shit! hehe.. yeah.. we saw him there alright.. you gay club despo virgin better becareful.. this people will do anything to get you if they have their eye on you.. they will buy you drink and make you happy, drug you drink and the next thing you know you are at his place or some hotel naked with no idea what just happend.. they might have HIV or some STDs.. gone la if kena!! 

6. The Druggies

they wanna get high and shit.. and yea.. seen guys having tremors sitting by the balcony once.. hahahaah.. scary shit i thought he was high wanna dance until my socialite friend says otherwise.. careful.. there are druggies everywhere..

7. The Lookers

some people go there just to look de lor.. cuci mata or whatever you call them.. there will be by a side or a corner, with or without a drink and just stare stare stare... sometimes annoying but they dont mean any harm geh...

8. The Opportunists

young/old desperate guys will be there on a lookout for potential fling, usually will be dressed in decent clothes and will avoid the dancefloor(cos very sweaty) to find for that other someone to go home for the night and if they are certain that they are hooked then only will he proceed to the dancefloor for some "feeling".. hahahaha.. to feel whatever they wanna feel on the other person..

9. The Grabbers

some people are there just to grab other people's dicks or what i like to call "talents"... they will usually be at the dancefloor and they will wait for the smokescreen to happen and they will grab whoever is around them.. he usually will be around the ones he thinks he likes and just wait for the smoke to be sprayed and then jeng jeng jeng!!

10. The PDA

there will be couples there kissing through the night! seriously de!! i mean is like to the extend of slapping them and ask them to fuck off! so annoying! hahahahahaaha.. ok la.. not like bubu and i tak buat la but its terlampau one cos they asyik menge-bibir their pasangan omgucci is like the lips are gonna be removed like that...

11. The Sesats

got one.. tibe tibe got one straight couple here one.. so sesat is like: are we in the correct club? are we bisexuals? hahahahaha... the guy will have to be careful cos if he is hot then gone la surely kena grab by the Grabbers and the Predators! hahahaha..

12. The Haggies

or we call them fag hags! fag hags are the backbone of the gay community, without them, we are nothing as quoted by Margaret Cho a faghag herself! hahahahaha.. its true!! they are usually fucking hot de! like wah... cannot tahan man.. if im a guy i would totally do them.. but oh well.. cant even get lil tulsie to come to play.. no hope la.. hahahaha... usually they will teman their fags and dance with them and grind and everthing.. hahaha...

13. The Groupies

they will always be together, they wont be separated one.. cannot de.. if they come in five they will be in fives all the way.. there will always be one group on the dance floor..

14. Celebrities

this one rare, but still got one ok.. cannot say name later they ban my blog saying that i kutuk them.. hahahaha.. but you know la.. erm.. one ex news anchor.. one cook lor.. one actor.. lalalalala...

15. The Virgins

that will be you guys... look up and down.. left and right.. dono what to do... buy a drink and just walk around... walk walk walk... look look look... cultural shock! club shock! hahahaah... siao la.. but its like going into a shopping mall like that.. you have everything there.. everyone! hahahahaha.. doing all sorts of stuffs... dahla shopping mall got marketplace.. you are at marketplace too! hahahaha... got different meats all over...

Friday, April 8, 2011

thug of war..

i was 18 then.. just started my lil relationship with my ex.. everything was lovey dovey and all.. as usual he is living with his family and i was too so we couldnt do much at home so i drove him out to a secluded area near his house, some industrial area in PJ..

you know the drill, the normal making out session thinking that no one knows kinda thing but then suddenly we heard like few ramming motorcycles horde towards us... wah... my heart skipped a beat..

and soon enough our car was surrounded by thugs.. i cant really remember their faces anymore but it was freaking scary...

i remember our seats were declined and we acted like we're sleeping trying to just avoid the attention and hope that they just leave us alone... but NO..

they kept ramming their bikes is as though they are trying to finish up their fuel kinda shit.. omgosh we were so scared(no pissing pants la)...

they knocked the car window and shouted: bangun la bangun in the roughest deepest voice ever... some while giggling off.. the knocking was so intimidating as both of us dint know what to do we just stay put..

i thought that my life is gonna end already..

jangan pura nak tidor la came after that... oh my gosh....

can someone kill me now...

what will you do if you are in my position?

they left after that... but it was one of the scariest moments in my life..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

bubu is bigger than yours!

scene: in bubu's house...

Bubu's youngest bro: Vin
Bubu's second bro: Cent

so one night after dinner we were all sitting watching tv in the hall when Vin started to scratch his dick.. bubu's mum saw and...

Vin, why are you scratching your *toooot* ?

itchy la...

come lemme see...

he was kinda shy cos maybe i was there but he let his mum see anyway..

Cent saw and commented.. why so shy? not like you got anything to show also...

then vin said this.. why is your dick so small? i saw bubu gorgor's one that day, his one is bigger than yours..


i love my boyfriend's family.. so sporting and all.. hahaha..  hm.. how i wish i have family like his too.. accepting him and all.. i mean its very difficult for a mum to accept his child being what he is now and to think that bubu's mum is actually quite traditional as in she holds on to her traditional values alot but yea... oh well :) hahaha.. im just happy im apart of the family now.. :)

thankiu kidz! i nearly forgotten this scene! hahahahaa..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how hot are you?

my bff in uni.. erm.. she dresses like a hooker at times, usually see through shirt with striking bra strap and mini skirt cos she dont wear pants unless there is a lab session thingy..

anyway yesterday she wore this hot hooker outfit kinda thing and i was like "complimenting" her la...

wah... why the weather so hot today arr? *fanning myself with my palm*

*look at me* of course! *flicking her hair*

do you think youre hot arr? *sarcastically*

*eye pop out* of  COURSE!! *stare* i hot until i hold ice the ice also melt ok!!


please! you think youre hot? im hotter than you ok! im so hot that i dont need to even go pee!!


as in.. im so hot that whe..n OH!!!

as in no need to pee cos evaporated before it even come out?




do you have any hot moments?!?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my new pee-ing style!!

this is how i pee! 

this position is done on purpose one..

guess what is the reason?


if you notice yesterday's post..

i said that i couldnt stand for long cos that leg hurts.. hahahaha..

so this is my latest most updated pose while peeing!! hhhahah...

i got a feeling it will stay for awhile...

and to bubu's mum: auntie, what cannot tahan pain? your son's trophy so big also enter liao la.. this one... haih... im manja-ing him only mar!! blek you auntie! hahahaha...

bubu, dont tell your mum k! hahahahaah

Monday, April 4, 2011

am i a baby?

youre such a baby...


a bit of pain also cannot tahan..

a bit of pain? you try and see la see pain or not!!

external wound ni ma *smiling*...

eeee.. benci you!!

hahaha.. my mum say: wah, lil bit of pain also cannot tahan, next time how to ngai(tahan) with you in the future arr?

eeee.. different one mar.. you try and see la...

ok lor.. i inflict injury on myself and see ok?

eeeeeee.. siao boy you.. benci benci..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

my leg is getting better semua..

i dont feel any pain if my leg is elevated..

i just cant stand stationary for more than 2 seconds..

throbbing pain at the wound man.. like the blood pipe can bocor anytime shooting out blood like water tap.. hahaha.. its just the feeling.. but yea..

now mandi before school have to wrap with plastic bag.. so kelakar..

got once i put my bandage on to go to school cos if dont put cant wear simplers.. after a whole freaking day in school, i came home and unwrap the bandage and damn the whole shit was stuck on my wound cos it dried up.. i tried wetting the bandage but its too hard edi so.....

yea.. i cant continue jor.. too pain to even think... hahahahahah

Sunday, April 3, 2011


when is the right age to act and be mature?

when youre with your loved ones, you tend to put the mature side of you at rest and just be yourself and be comfortable... do you do that? i do that alot..

but do you need to be mature in a relationship? yes of course, like duh...

how do you consider mature?

what if im a serious and mature when im doing my job and studies but when it comes to relationship, im as childish as a 10 year old.. is that acceptable?

yes, you may say if you love somebody you must accept that person for who he is blah blah blah but what if he remains childish for the rest of his life? as in in relationship.. should he change? 

can you stand your partner if he is fucking serious and mature when he is not with you and you like that side of him but when youre together he is that shallow simple whatever guy thats jovial and fun..

how mature do you want your man to be?

in which or what sense does he need to be mature at/in a relationship?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

i had sex with my ...... before


had this poll thingy last month and wow..

most of you had sex with your best friend before!?
wow.. like one third leh..

its so incest to do it with your best friend cos its like doing it with your brother.. yes some of you may develop feelings over the years and if it turns out good then ok la.. but.. i really cannot tahan lor.. my best friend and i are so close to the extent like brothers where there wont be sexual intentions between us lor.. 

colleagues stand at number 2 with 28 percent.. you guys hook up in the office, have sex then quit the job and move on is it? as in if tak jadi? hahahaha...

then comes friend's boyfriend and bf's best friend..

if i was a slut i would totally do it too lor, if the third party is f-king hot la.. but so far i belum la! hahahaah... wah.. friend's bf zong dak liu one, your friend found out then gone case la both of you!! boyfriend's best friend also same thingy! oh my gucci! this is so awesome to discover! hahhaa...

i love you guys! there is another poll out sudah! just click yes or no! by the top right! go click it alright?!! hahaha... 

p.s. poll result might not be true and it does not represent the gay population in malaysia, terima kasih