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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

finally sinked!!

ok la!! after a deep long alarmless sleep!! (just woke up by the way, its like 3.25pm!!)

it sinked in jor that my summer hols are really here!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAH...

read the instructions carefully and choose the best answer. dash it in the EDPAC sheet like this after doing so!

i have like nearing to 4 months worth of hols!! hm.. what should i do leh?!
(a) sex?
(b) movie marathon?
(c) exercising?
(d) shopping?
(e) travelling?
(f) part time working?
(g) all the above?

i know its super lame.. nevermind.. lalalala...

this week and next week's schedule full jor! so perasan man me! wahahahahah!!

this weekend anthems!! wohoo!! im coming baby!! i will whip my hair back and forth!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


its official!!

summer hols started jor!! hahahaha..

final paper went smoothly like baby's skin...

it ended at 5pm.. but now it still hasnt sink in yet the fact that its finally over! hahahaha..

i just got home and i feel like i need to open a book to revise but there isnt any..

oh my.. hahahaha..

wohooo!! i cant wait for the weekend man!!

pink dot is coming up soon and i cant wait to go with bubu like oh em gee! hahaha.. Jason and Vince are going too.. and also KeeCeeJay and his hubby.. not forgetting PLUBOY and his Cookie Monster! wohooo!! we will form a smaller malaysian pink dot there at another corner! :) cos we are not allowed to form the pink dot at the centre! we make it at a corner!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...

for those who are going, see you there then! wohooo!! for now i need to get back my backlog sleep! :)


Monday, May 23, 2011

when teasing becomes annoying..

you know its kinda nice and cute to be teased once awhile..

but what if the teasing is continuous!?!! hahahah...

its so annoying!

bubu went on this teasing frenzy one afternoon, an in an hour he did it like 10 times making you doubting whether whatever he says after that is true or not omg i feel like slapping him!

then later we make agreement!!

bubu say when he touches me and tell me something, means its real..(so lame...)

but i tell you hor, its not practical de lor!!

for eg..

i dont like your stomach...

er.. whatever.. you have to live with it!! blek!!



i dint hold your hand right?!


its really so not practical! hahahaha.. but in the end it made me laugh non stop!! stupid bubu!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

is it ok for a bf to trash you?

so you go out with a bunch of friends and one of your friends trashed you kau kau and then your bf got angry confronted him and fuck his fist into his mouth.. fine..

the awesomeness feeling is there.. the WAH MY BF STOOD UP FOR ME feeling.. haha..

but hor.. what if its the reverse? your bf is the one trashing you in front of your friends? can you accept that? ok if its joking once in a while.. but what if its a constant thing.. like in science dulu kita ada pembolehubah yang dimalarkan? remember? to what extend can you accept? if he trashes about your outlook appearance...? your sex performance...? your bad habits...?

what do you think?

do you feel like he should be the one standing right by you and supporting you all the way? if the things he says embarrass you, is that acceptable?

Friday, May 20, 2011


its a routinal thingy that when either of us are driving, if we do hold hands, it will be on the lap of the drivers side.. haha.. cos if anything the hand can kuai kuai chup up the steering ma..

so yesterday bubu was in a kinda emo mood entah kenape, or was it tired.. and he was driving and was somehow quite like you know moody driving style.. or not? erm.. erm.. like break will break bery deep and sudden.. and drive till very near only break.. aiya emo la.. 

so some parts along the LDP, you know LDP damn sohai one, good traffic then full stop then again and again the same shit! how can a highway be jammed where there are no traffic lights pun! so sohai kan?!?!?! anyway.. so because of the good traffic - full stop thing... i damn gan chiong la.. and the way he drove makes me sweat lor.. got one instant my armpits and the whole back basah wtf..

*gan chiong moment - omg the car is damn damn near - breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak*

*eyes open big big*

you know you dont have to squeeze my leg so hard one right?!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAH *burst out laughing* fucker what happen to you la!!

im kinda like.. tired.. dono la.. bad day...

*took my hands away from his leg and put on my leg*

*another gan chiong moment*


HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i gan chiong ma!!! oi!! drive properly la!! HAHAHAHAHAH

you COME! i let you drive!! 

NO NEED!! YOU DRIVE!! PLEASE LA!! drive properly la!! moody also not like that ma..

after that ok jor.. serious shit make me panic only.. dah lah my ketiak already banjir kilat! babz!

i hate drawing human.. fail!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

diarrhea 3 kali sebelum finals!!

today's paper is thought to be the toughest paper cos of the annual record of highest failing rate.. 

i slept at 5 woke up at 7 and my tummy hurts like fuck 

at 8 i exploded in the mens and again at 10 and again at 1.30..

my paper was at 2..

fuck me!!

i will need to finish 5 essay questions in 3 hours and when i reach the third question the feeling came...

i know im going to exploded but i scolded  my shit i say: you fucking go in and let me finish this shit

and so guai, it went in.. 

i think i know why.. cos this morning at 8 i release the mother dragon already, but she yai yai(naughty), she went and lahirkan baby dragon.. so baby dragons are usually more guai.. 

im glad the toughest paper is over!!

i think this paper is the easiest among all the previous papers i did..

oh well.. im just glad its over..

ok baby dragons, you can come out now!! :)

the end is near!! i want my freedom!! come to me... grrrrrr!!

oh yea, i just realize this and shit is actually the rearrangement of alphabet! awesome right? *rolleyes*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hobi saya - sot orang!!

should be some kid that is still in some elementary school lor! he is so so so cute i laugh until i teared just now! hahahaha.. if you dont laugh at least like a soh loh means either youre too stress or you have some emotional block.. hahaha.. thats how i conclude la.. anyway this boy is so so so so cute and he is so multiracial to use the three main languages.. damn gao funny.. kerana memasuki 2 mata di muka saya! hahahahaha.. oh my tuhanku!! damn soh hai!! omgomgomg!! dont think he knows what is kaunseling lor! hahaha...

he got potential!! to have funny entries in his blog in the future!! :) *jumping* i think i want to make an entry like that also la!! so cute!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

acid splasher..

there is a serial acid splasher out in KL.. that animal siao one.. so many died jor.. and its not even funny.. one day i saw this friend's status asking pretty girls to beware of the occurrence...

Status: Beware and inform all yr female frens or loved. Attention to all females! If you're a guy, be aware to and let your girl friends know about this too.Beware of "acid man"!

A: luckily im not pretty!!
B: hou choi im not pretty!!
C: haha.. im only cute so no need to worry..
tuls: pretty boys wont kena one hor? *rolleyes* hahahahahah...

seriously lor its damn scary lor.. 
it makes KL not a very safe place jor to think of it..
oh my gosh i cant even imagine if terkena.. all the reported images are just horrible..

all i can say is if youre not in a car then you should be worried.. what if the acid splasher suddenly turn homophobic!?? 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

habit number 1..

my first noticeable habit!

you know sometimes you do something unknowingly that its outt of the ordinary, its not somehow weird but you dont see other people doing it..

well something that i just saw today was that all my life.. whenever i am going upstairs.. i tip toe up!

whether im in slippers or shoes or bare! i tip toe.. hahahaha... i consciously try walking up flatfooted but hor.. cannot lor.. after a while it automatically switch back to tip toe-ing lor...

anyone of you got this tip-toe syndrome?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

dumb black!

recently i got in touch with a few new gay bloggers, some old ones, and "some" commentors.. ooi2009

*perasan mode ON*

some of them said that they were inspired by my blog to write and i was like wow! thats cool..

some of them ask me..

are you really lengzai?
what makes you think that? who told you? *perasan*
oh, from the blog, i get the impression from the blog..

from the blog can sense the lengzainess one meh? i blush ok...

hahaha.. i also wanna feel the other party next time liao then.. hahah..

some of them indirectly ask me am i a dumb blonde kinda thing...

can sense de..

when i look at my scalp in the mirror really closely, the hair root is indeed blonde, but after that its dark brown jor.. my grandma's hair is gold, not white, she never dyed it before and she is 78, my dad's is also gold - light brown, so its natural that im turning into one as well.. 

so to answer that, the answer is NO! im not a dumb blonde! im a dumb dark brown ok! *flip hair* but now cos the hair damn thick so its kinda dark, so its dumb black!

*look at nails* *flip hair again*


what is the purpose of a blog anyway.. haha..

to me, i can portray the side of me that i can never do it in front of the public, not that im a two face bitch split personality kinda thing, its just that.. haha.. i can be a blonde here and no one cares! padahal rambutku hitam keunggulan.. 

dont hate me cos im beautiful - keri hilson! muacks!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

hypocrite ? or letting go ?

sometimes you get hurt..

sometimes you get hurt so bad by that one person that you say you will hate him forever..

you go tell the whole world how bad is he, how a bad ass is he to treat you that way bla bla bla..

you swear in your life that you wont wanna have anything to do with him already..

i have that someone in mind now...

i bet everyone does..

but the thing is after awhile.. maybe months or years..

you suddenly met that person back...

and.. you dont feel the hatred anymore..

and maybe(certain cases) you try to befriend him back.. will it work or not thats unsure..

but if you guys really get to work things out...

friends that once thought you guys were enemy, or maybe unfriended him because of what you told them will think that youre a hypocrite?

will they?

so if this cases arise, what should you do?

you just do what you think is right irregardless what others think?

hahaha.. oh well..

just a thought...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

are gays slutty?

just B3cks asked are gays slutty?

from my previous poll asking are you a slut? 1/3 said YES, 1/3 said GOING TO BE.. hahahahahaha... i mean that cant represent the whole gay population but still..

he too stated that : i cant stand guys who say I LOVE YOU to me everyday but ON and OFF have fun with other guys..

have you encountered guys like that before?

Helix said that 
Males are programmed to spread the seeds (horny every other second and gets turned on more superficially in general). Females are programmed to be selective (conditioned horny). The male will do the mating ritual (showing off) most while female will do the confirming ritual (flirting off and acceptance). So what attributes to slutty and superficial? You see this in both hetero and homo. Just that with gays, you have both male and feminine side in large doses...teehee

Lucifer then added
It's not because we are gays, it's because we are guys.

i mean how true is that..

the thing is there are gays who are not slutty at all(RARE), there are also gays that are so slutty that they cant be tamed not matter how hard they try, and the third type is the type that was slutty but not anymore because he found the one that unSLUTifies himself! 

the view of the society of us gay community is that we are a bunch of all-time horny slutty  whose minds are all about sex sex sex! every guy thinks of sex every 7 second as so they say.. the more they view us that way the more we will fight back, prove that they are wrong, we cant change the view of the society overnight, but we will have to start somewhere sometime some point.. we are no better than what they call us if we dont change.. haha.. what i say might not mean anything but.. yea..

the latest episode of Glee is awesome! :) episode 20 :) my friday song is in it!! wohooooooooooo!! friday friday!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dowana PDA = Shy / No Balls / Respect ???

are you the PDA kinda of person?

do you like to show off overwhelming actions with your partner to the society around you?

me leh, i will try my best not to PDA if we are in public spaces or if there are friends around = RESPECT..  .. rolleyes for some of you but whatever.. blek! i know myself cukup! hahahah..

sometimes bubu will think that im not affectionate enough because to the friends around, it wont seem like we are together because i will try to minimize any form of contact, its just me being.. like.. "considerate" to the other party even more if he is single and we are like mushy mushy kinda thing.. hahaha.. that was when i first start to know him last year.. it ticks him off always.. hahahaha.. 

but now he has learn to understand my ground and i understood his as well. he just want a lil assurance maybe just the hand around the waist or something hahahaa... but yea.. its different for us now.. was with another couple the other day and being attached longer than the other team makes us not to lose in respect of closeness.. got such thing wan ar?! hahahahaa.. but if it was me a year ago, i wont agree to do what i did.. hahhaahaha.. no need to disclose.. hahaha...

whenever excessive PDA happens, people will tend to "hey, get a room" you kinda thing but the thing is we dont have a room.. so... whateverla.. *flips hair*

i havent seen him for 2 weeks cos of exam thingy and me being in johor kinda thing, so when we did meet for the first time after 2 weeks in KLPAC for the musical, in front of all his friends and my friends, i kissed him on the lips eyes close :)  haha.. its against my no PDA in public spaces shit but.. hahaha.. whatever la.. being in KLPAC is kinda safe to do whatever you want cos i can feel like more than 50% of people performing/working/attend shows are all LGBT! hahahaha..

wah.. so brave already arr these days. *smile*

of course!! *smirk*

why so brave one?

klpac gay village ma.. so its ok lor.. 


i know he damn happy one that stupid boy... :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

baby fish anak ikan...

was with a friend watching a musical number in KL recently and the audience was filled with lots of young cute looking guys... then he was like..

ei, tengok.... anak ikan...

*i was like what?!!!* huh? whats anak ikan?

erm.. its like those baby fishes la.. erm.. lets say if an elderly guy ends up with a younger guy, that guy will be his anak ikan..

erm.. wah... ok... but.. erm.. whats the criteria? as in to be an anak ikan..

young la.. around 17 - 21 like that...

wah!!!! AWESOME SHIT!! im also an ANAK IKAN!! WOHOOOO!!!

hhahahahahaah... youre A BAPA IKAN, so big!!! hahaahahahaha...


are you an anak ikan?!! is your version of anak ikan same as my kawan'z!?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy birthday tuls!!

wah, turn eye between, one year already wor...

what is turn eye between?  转眼间 dont know correct translation or not?! hahahaah..

dint know it would turn out with such good response over the 12 months :) 

terima kasihs with all the sokongan yang tidak terhingga teramat sekali sekala...

damn kelakar cos this blog lots of celebration de.. every 100 post then got celebration, then anniversary also got celebration! kihihi... 50,000 views also another celebration? hahahaha.. 58K unique views for a year, and over 100K views... not bad hor??? hahahaha... perasan much.. 

shit.. tomorrow my finals starts jor... those who doesnt need their luck please loan to me first k, then i will give it back to you after my last paper on the 24th :)

jia you jia you!!

happy birthday tuls, tuls is now 1 year old jor!!!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

what size is appropriate for you bottoms?

bottoms or versatile bottoms,

i bet most of you tried a few talents up your asses before :)

so whats the average size of a normal penis for malaysians? haha... normal is subjective.. and its determine by our genes no? you have good genes then boom your kukujiao is big!! if not then.... erm... you can work on your skills lor.. *rolleyes*... anyway..

whats the size that you can tolerate?

do you prefer long ones?

or you like shorter ones?

or do you prefer thick ones? i know PLUBOY can tolerate thick ones but not too long! kihihi.. sisters ma... blek!

straight or curvy?

myself, i like straight ones.. curvy ones are kinda like erm.. have to adjust adjust.. leceh.. hahahaha.. cannot be thin lor, and at least a 5 if not no feel.. hahahhaha... 

Friday, May 6, 2011

is dick size important in a relationship?


this poll was done last month lasted for 31 days and boomz 132 votes, awesome figure!!

53% say that YES it is important 


46% say NO


the last 1% dont know what is a dick?. nevermind.. moving on... *rolleyes*

where did the 1% percent went to anyway? hahahahaha...

its almost 50 50 but yea it is still important huh? kihihihi...

for a top, they dont really care about the dick of their bottoms but its an added bonus if its big la.. you can hold it and stroke it while fucking.. foreplay is funner too...  :) you can slap it like a tumbler(不倒翁) and it will pop back up if stim la..

but what if...

scene 1

so... you(a bottom) go on a date and really fancy this guy, and he too have the same feelings for you..

after one month of dating, its official..

then later that wanna take this relationship to the next level and found out that his dick is only like a 4 or lesser..

what will you do? just dump him???!!
i fake it once, i just fake my moans and everything cos i really cant feel a shit.. and he cant even wear the condom.. i finished it fast so that i wont have to fake any longer! muahahahaha...

a new poll is out :) please vote! muacks! to the right to the right...