t u l s

t u l s

Saturday, August 24, 2013

burnt milk...

me: babe, want a cuppa?

keith: thatd be lovely!!

so what do you want? what do we have?? coffee?? tea?? horlicks??? hot chocolate?!!?!?

horlicks please!!


i want milk in it ok..

er.... ok...

hot milk..ok...

make sure its hot youalright alright!!!

and so i heat his fucking milk up with a pan and guess what, the milk burnt! -.- i just poured the burnt milk into the sink and fuck it..

once i made him milo with milk powder he said its too watery so i know liao he like thick thick one..
i put in 4 table spoon of milk powder in it just to make sure the drink is thick and milky..

and when the drink was made...

mm.... lovely!!

errr... of course!! i made it!!

one day he asked for it again but he knows we dont have any milk left but i lied to him and said there is still, and used milk powder instead and he still drinks it..

keith is just sohai.. he damn benci.. cant even differentiate milk and milk powder and im not gonna fucking heat milk up anymore, the pot that i use to heat milk that burnt i threw it away liao cos the stain seem to just eat on it.. fuck it..

on another note, work has been busy and i'm quite occupied most of the time.. and like after work i come home eat and shower then sleep liao then work all over again.. the life is quite sien.. lol...

Monday, August 5, 2013

First day of work: Wet!

Like literally wet, the hujan rained like 1/10 of malaysia and this mother flooded. I was a little wet when i got to work. Then noon was fucking humid and hot in the shop i sweat like a cibye! like omgosh i took off my tie and rolled up my sleeves like i cannot tahan at all!

cos i work in similar working conditions before last year during summer so im quite familiar with the SOP and how the shop runs so its all good and easy, just that i need to get used to the people im working with and how they like things done but so far so good la im not complaining it out loud yet lol.

there are two rotating fan in the shop and its not fucking good enough omgosh i feel like dying!!

and yes, ang mos they have a "cuppa" every 2 hours one and the hot drinks made things worse and i gladly accepted it tim, shiz, i shall never drink hot drink for the rest of the summer anymore omgoodness! lol

mental note, bring bottled water and put in fridge when reach work! lol

the day passed quickly as i was flooded with work and when it was time to leave the rain wasnt giving in and yes i was drenched even with an umbrella, my poor little umbby's lifespan reduced by half poor fella, i was protecting umbby more than myself cos she is fragile and could break easily with the sohai wind from north south east west altogether! cibye

i commute to work by train and guess what, half way back home the train terminated cos the rail was flooded -.-

thank you guanyinma..

*ring ring*

Keithy, where are you?

I'm at homecould you pick me up? im wet and im stuck!

where are you?

im at wallsend metro station..

-.- what happen?

railway line flooded... -.-

hahahaa.. is the train stopped?

yes.. well get out then!

ok!! see ya!!!!

after 10 mins..

*enter car*

hahahahahaha... what?!!??!

its only a little water..

-.- water my ass cant you see the amount?!?!

aww.. you poor thing...

thanks for picking me up, i cant imagine if youre not around..

haha, its your first day hun, of course i'll pick you up, no more next time..





Friday, August 2, 2013

new chapter in my life...

yup yup..

there's a cantonese saying: dai gor zai la...

means youre all grown up now, anyone who is elder than you will say this shit to you at some point in your life and it isnt till now that these few words make a little sense..

this week is my last week of "freedom" kinda thing as work officially starts next week.

part of me wanting to start working so badly but part of me is still very, im not sure whats the word, reluctant? afraid? like i say its another chapter, and this chapter came quite late in a way, im almost reaching the first quarter of a century only to start work, i feel really old right now.

ok i can feel slaps coming from everywhere right now to my face and all, the guilty ones will think and realize that they are old, please ok, age is just a number.. keith is almost twice my age and thats not even my point ok lets not go there. rewind!!!!!

lots happen over the past few weeks..

ive had my graduation..

keith tear down a kitchen wall and rebuild it cos the wall was kinda old kinda thing not sure whats the right word for it and i had to help him build it and he has this free labourer, and oh my the concrete are seriously fucking heavy and rough and i got scratches all over my kakitangan..

it was Keith's bday, cos i was on a budget, i made him a homecook four course meal kinda thing.. haha..

first course was of course soup la, ang mo love soup but this time i made him chinese "shark fin" soup konon, no shark fin of course, just 3 types of mushrooms and chicken slice and carrot slice and of course one beaten egg to do make the "effect".. vinegar was optional but i had my fair share of it kihihihihi....

second course was meatball made from scratch and some spaghetti thingy with some sauce thing which i add chili padi in! wohooooooooooo!! lol spicy... amat nice!!

third course was my famous fish pie, too bad you cant see whats inside, we have king prawn, salmon, haddock and smoked fish, scallops, mussels, squid and also generous amount of spinach top with potatoes of course :) my favourite!!!

lastly Keith loves his pudding so i special made this tiramisu in wine glass thingy, he was stuffed at the end of the day and was half drunk with red wine.. lol.. i drank just a little, wine is really not my thing..

his house, can say kinda tidied up amat banyak already, at least its presentable in a way now, although its still dusty cos of the wall still in the process of erecting, but overall im quite happy with my service! :)

i went shopping for working attire..

and basically just rest at home most of the time before work 9-5 daily for the next year..

time flies when youre on holiday huh, seems like yesterday that i just started my first year in uni and now..

im not sure whether im ready for this like...

but, no one is certain about anything unless we try it kan?


oh well...

i wish myself and the rest that are starting work soon or in the midst of some big project "si yip soon lei" with minimal working drama.. haha...