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t u l s

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

never had a cake in 30 years...

i found out that a colleague's birthday was today and so with the other colleagues, we came up with a plan...

so he came in for his shift at noon and we presented him with a cake, and a small feast at the office and... well, he is a shy guy to start off... and then he continued to say that this is his first cake in his life.

my heart sank.

he is 30 this year.

for whatever reason that may be, we can only imagine and stipulate and just overthink all the possibilities.

we cut a slice, maybe 1/12 of the cake and share it between us few just for a taste and we let him take the rest back for himself and his newly wedded wife.

im not a cake person. i doubt he is too as he chow down a slice himself instantly just now.

that whole scene just make me feel so fortunate to have had cakes over the years, however small was it, with or without anyone by my side.

to me, cake is just an accessory to take an eventful pic for the occasion. but for some people, it could mean the world to them.

lesson learnt for the day:

things that could be petty to us, may be significant to others. never assume the value of something or someone as everyone perceives value base on their own knowledge, beliefs and needs.

you could be a slut to one, but you could be the best thing that happened to another. never undermine yourself, no matter how low, depress, or ugly you think you are.