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Thursday, March 31, 2011

will you lie?

what will you do if your boyfriend ask you to compare him and his best friend

baby, you think who is hotter arr?

baby, who is more handsome arr?

baby, is he sexy? 6 pecs wor... i dont have...

baby this baby that...

what will you say?

will you lie to your boyfriend just to make him feel happy because there is no doubt that his best friend is 123456.78 times hotter than your bf?

or will you indirectly ignore that question and say something like i chose you wert... will that be enough to stop him from pestering you? will he accept it? hahahaha...

what if he ask you again? how can you reassure him that you love him only? what can you say?

till what extent will you find it annoying and think that this guy has such low esteem and its time for you to move on to the next relationship? or maybe move to his best friend instead?

ps: this has nothing to do with bubu.. i muacks him a lot.. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

drag me to hell..

parked at a slope two nights ago.. cos im driving my manual hero (wira) so i put it on first gear cos i takut the car roll down the slope!

the next morning.. without realizing(the first gear thing) i went and start the car thought of warming it up..

the car jerked and start rolling down hill..

one of my leg is out the car..

it happened all so fast and there was another car 5 6 meters infronna me..

it rolled and the first thing that came to my mind was to stop the car.. my leg was far from the break so i use my other leg on the outside to try breaking the car, how pandai..

the car eventually knock the divider by the road side and my leg was caught in between the car's skirting and the divider..

i cant really feel my leg then..

i forced my leg out of that gap and voila.. its like rotten shit..

i thought i lost my leg..

luckily its still there..

i remember seeing my car keys flew out as in jerks..

and guess what?, the keys are underneath the car's tyre.. 

thats just great..

lesson learnt: drive auto car in the future..  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


this is my leg...

reach school ni i ask my friend to park at the orang cacat area, laugh his ass off..
today got exam lagi.. that exam need to jalan banyak wtf..

i was in the lab pai ha pai ha...

like orang cacat but not cacat, cedera nia.. so cacat + cedera = cacare? ooo awesome new word!!

i reach home now bengkak like fish ball..
tak tahan...
those anti inflammatory not working also geh...
very pain arr... 
plasma oozing out...
fuck my leg...

everytime i think off what happen i will jerk a lil..
its so painful i dowana think..

luckily my leg still attached! haha.. thank god! :) 

Monday, March 28, 2011

whats the longest gay relationship you heard of?

i have a friend that has been attached for 5 years now..

but he say that the love for his bf is fading by day..

even lil small talks leads to an argument..

they dont say i love you to each other for a couple of years already..

and they have been living together for 4 years,,

i mean..

what could have happen that result in this kinda situation?

they are both compatible..

its just so sad to hear about it..

why stay on together when you stay on just because you promise each other that you wont leave them..

if you love that someone.. let them go..

if they leave and never come back, they are not destined to be with you...

usually if the feeling is there, within hours or days the withdrawal symptoms will arise and he will come running back to you...

whats the longest relationship you guys heard of before? 
as in in terms of duration.. 
5 years? 
10 years? 
20 years?

the year thing is alil hyperbola cos usually if not compatible surely tak sampai 10 years one. hahahahaha...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

bones and skin..

was reading whizkid's kfc entry and it sparked this post :)

bubu and i love kfc..

we love kfc to the freaking maximum!!

i can finish a whole bottle of thai chili sauce with 3 piece of chicken! hehe.. power leh..

anyway thats not the main point!

the reason why both of us love kfc is because i love cartilages and he loves the skin...

he swallows the skins like MPSJ and will never get fat and i will pop all the cartilages off the bones like pop corn.. haha

if you witness this scene, its like barter system :)

do you have any weird eating habits? haha..

Saturday, March 26, 2011


last night after wee wee-ing at a friends place something happened..

bubu looked at me.. and i look back..

you know those bitchy eyes with meaning?

i read it as: you arr...*angry*

so as we head off from the rumah to my car i said something but he dint reply and entered the car so i thought he was angry..

so to let him cool off i just shut the hell up...

the whole journey from Sunway to Kota Damansara the car was in total silence..

i tak tahan so i on the radio and sing.. as usual..

seriously the whole 20 mins journey there was no conversation at all..

when i finally reach his condo..



and thats it...

at first he told me to sleep over cos it was super ultra late already but i guess he doesnt want it cos he was still angry? so i just left la.. it was nearing 4am..

after reaching home.. was really tired then he say he wanna sleep thru sms.. so i said good night too thru sms..

i thought our ritual of talking to each other before sleep was not gonna happen last night but he called.. after 5 10 mins.. i was about to shut eye liao...



were you angry?

.... you say la...

what happen?

... you tell me la...

i have no idea.. you tell me...

.. no.. you think!!

were you angry?

no.. were you?

no.. i thought you were angry so i dint talk to you thought of letting you cool off..

i was waiting for you to talk to me.. i thought you were angry too..

i thought you will get mad so i dint say a word.. you know you la.. want to have a say in everything so i waited..

what the.. youre the top ma.. you should initiate the talk mar...

how would i know.. i dowana get into an arguement ma...

so in the end it was all a misunderstanding shitty niama thing.. hahaha... everyone asking how are we and everything this morning..

bubu, you got lots of supporters hor!! eeee

Friday, March 25, 2011


how do you know whether he's THE ONE?

because he seems perfect to you at first sight?

because he is super handsome?

because he has a big talent downstairs?

because he is filthy rich?

because he has the nicest body in town?

because he is the most talked about in the community now?

if we end up together with THE ONE, is he really the ONE for us?

what if we broke up with THE ONE, does that mean that we have yet to found THE ONE?

if you are with THE ONE, have you thought about are you his THE ONE?

after getting together, you realize he farts in the blanket and he snores like a pig or he digs his nose in public, will the THE ONE status be removed?

is there THE ONE out there for you?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mr. Rapunzel...

i have a friend..

he is like rapunzel..

unlike rapunzel, he has a family bringing him up whereas rapunzel was brought up by this evil witch which kidnap her since young to use her magic hair to retain her youth..

but his mum was not much different than the witch where she tries to have her son all to herself..

she doesnt want him to go into a relationship with a girl but lil did she know he is gay..

he is the only son in the family so i think that the family has got no hope in continuing the blood line.. i wonder if his sister is lesbian? hahahah...

he is 25 this year..

just started a relationship with a boy, mum dint specify that he cant date guys..

the thing is he is filial to his mum, which is a good thing but his mum is too demanding and controlling..

for example after a long day of work from 9 to 6, he reaches home, she will ask him to fetch her around or to run errands and stuff..

he has got only one car.. and he doenst go to work with it.. poor boy had to take public transport..
he wont have time for his bf...

in the event if he has time to meet his bf, if his mum suddenly calls, he will have to go home immediately.. it happened before countless times.. when he was with the bf at the bf's house, the mum called for dinner but in fact she said she will have dinner herself at first, he had to abandon his poor bf to go dinner with his mum...

i pity the Mr Rapunzel.. and the bf...

this all must stop.. 

but i think he will have to step up.. voice up.. like rapunzel, in the end, if not.. jeng jeng jeng.. he wont be able to live a normal life.. and the bf will suffer..

i love my mum but if my mum was to that extent, she doesnt love me as much i guess..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 reasons why i dont shh shh at the urinal...

NUMBER 1: Cos got peeping TOM(why they call tom arr? nothing else to call arr?!

Look left, look right.. very nice to see meh? hihi.. but ok la.. if big i also dont mind geh but really damn annoying lor.. wanna pee also sometimes cannot cos got feeling like someone is watching you like that... sometimes is the cleaner auntie.. eeeeee....

NUMBER 2: Cannot WASH!

i need to wash the kukubird cos must maintain nice smell so bubu can BJ anytime.. kihihi... bubu also same one.. hihi... instant access!! :)


tall people like us very difficult one.. so tall hor then no matter how pandai we shoot hor surely deflected out back kena either the shoes or the pants near the knee there one.. kena once before so i dont dare liao.. so memalukan..

you pee at the urinal or in the cubicle ne?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

how far will you go for a friend?

this scene there are A B and C

A is homophobic, B and C are gays

A is very very very super close to B 

but A doesnt know that B is gay 

Recently came a new guy C to the class 

A suspects that he is gay and is kinda mean to him insulting him and everything

B is stuck now

B really wants to help C out but A is his best friend


Should he help C? If outing himself would help C, will he do it? what if outing himself to help C but in the end both of them gets despised? 

if youre B, what would you do?

*this post is dedicated to someone, if you perasan, please do something about it.. if youre gay, going against another gay guy is like going against your own brother.. please use your brains before doing something! if youre not gay, then fuck off!*

Monday, March 21, 2011

the harder to get, the more valuable it is? CONT

i asked around for some views about the topic and there is this one that caught me..

When u see the guy presumably of your type being attached to someone who u think is not physically as compatible as u think u are, this kind of sour-grape mixed feeling arises. it generates room for imagination and seductive effort...

i mean, everyone definitely experienced this before dont they..

do you?

you might think that he is better off with you than his current bf la..

why cant he just dump him and be with you la? kan?

or why not you just go there and show off a lil here and there try to seduce him over la.. hehe..

i bet a few of you did that before huh?

i mean i definitely thought of that before..

why is that guy's bf so clingy one? dint give him space to breathe.. if its me i will give him more freedom...


why is that guy's bf so short one.. so not compatible.. hm... wah if we were together surely damn awesome lor.. he so tall.. i also so tall.. damn ngam...


wah.. that guy's body fucking hot man.. but the bf... hm... i should be the bf la...

dont you think its fucking true?

have you done it before jek? 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the harder to get, the more valuable it is?

why when its hard to get something, we will tend to get it no matter what it takes geh?

true or not?

be it diamonds, limited edition stuffs, hot guys etc...

but if we get it easily, will we truly appreciate it?

what if we get it after long battling and waiting etc.. will we still value it? will we value it even more?

there is always things that are new everyday and is sometimes hard to get your hands on..

so what after that? we get the ungettable stuff then we put it aside and search for new ungettable stuffs instead?

im talking bout guys here..

whats are the type of guys thats hardest to get?

taken ones of course.. hahahaha...

if the taken ones are easily obtained then they are no good anyway...

i have a friend who always end up being the third party unknowingly.. its not that he chose to... some attached guys are also still slutty trying to test other fishes in the curvy sea..

they wanna have a bf because they know that if anything happens they still can fall back to their bf, thats if the bf is stupid enough the accept them back la..

despite that they still wanna go out and search for fun, thats like so the tak tau menghargai kinda shit right? unless youre in an open relationship la which i tak recognized langsung in my peraturan and undang undang hukum kanun selat.

my topic deviate jor... ish.. 

whatever la..

how do we really get satisfied wor?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

am i fatherly?

i was in mid valley today just lepaking with the sly fox and the wise calvin, saw pets wonderland mai just masuks sajela kan...

that place stinks like shit! literally got shit there la i mean...

walk walk walk we sampai the aquarium part...

then this happen..


she dint realize lor the girl...

she hugged for a whole solid 10 secs and i stun for that long trying not to move but just smile...

then the mum came laughing and apologized :) kihihi....

so cute la the girl..

i wanna be a dad in the future too :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

my services..

tuls, can i ask you for a favour?


just a click will do!! nak pinjam gaydar you!!

ORH! ok...

this friend of mine ___insert slutty name___ is trying to hit on a friend of mine but im not sure if he is gay or not.. 

*after 5 minutes*

no mutual gay friends at all.. but hor.. he has lots of friends that have mutual gay friends with me wor... so the chances are that he might be one of us too.. just that my connection is not that powder yet!!

i dont usually do this but its really a good tool la i think.. i dont have a wide extent of gaywork (gay network).. but i have a few friends who are socially damn out who have like 5000 gay friends in one of their accounts so i can use them as reference or markers as well.. hehe...

for example a guy who has like maybe 1 or 2 gay mutual friends, it doensnt make him any gay at all.. but if its more than 4 then can suspect liao!! if its like 10 then hehe... confirm lor...

sometimes when we dont have any mutual friends at all also doesnt mean that he is not gay... just that my gaywork not power enough.. hahaha.. but i will tend to go through his friend's list to counter check.. and this only applies to the peninsula society.. hahah...

after a day... his bf message me..

tuls aa... can i ask for a favour arr....?

*drop dead*

Thursday, March 17, 2011


bacteria infection..

my airways were all obstructed this morning when i woke up..

saw greenish yellowish sputum after blowing it off..

confirm sei bacteria infection liao..

bukak jer facebook..

first thing that pops out from my profile was this...

i wish i was there to massage your head ache away
i wish i was there to stay up all night checking your temperature
i wish i was there to cuddle you to sleep
i wish i was there to hold your medicine and make sure you are taking them on time
i wish i was there with a wet cloth in my hand to pat your fore head
i wish i was there to give you gentle peck of kisses

get well baby... =)

so sweet dao...

but yea.. my nose is like broken tap.. keeps dripping fluid.. damn annoying..

last post kinda emo.. no more emoness after this i hope..

Sunday, March 13, 2011


i took my love and i took it down
climbed a mountain and i turned around
and i saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
well the landslide brought me down..

oh mirror in the sky, what is love?
can the child within my heart rise above
can i sail through the changes ocean tide
can i handle the seasons of my life..

well, ive been afraid of changing
cos i built my life around you
but time makes you bolder,
children get older
and im getting older too

dead dad
a promise is a promise
after anticipating for 2 years and 10 years of suffering
landslide or not im truly bittered..
im really at my most vulnerable state now i guess..

bubu.. :,(

Saturday, March 12, 2011

allergic to mangoes?

bubu's besties, him and i were walking in 1U towards topman from the escalator then there is this juice stall by the side giving out samples and stuffs..

so cos i dont really like juices (mainly cos i hate fruits) thats why i was like trying to avoid that guy that was giving out samples but tak dapat avoid so this happens..

sir would you like to try our new mango juice?

oh no.. im allergic... thank you...


*everyone continue walking*

*bubu turned around and look at me* did you just say that youre allergic to mango?


his bestie: i was tahaning not to laugh just now.. haahahahahahahaha

where the fuck did that came? hahahahaha...  i dont really know also actually.. im definitely not allergic but it just came out my mouth then.. hahah.. 

have you guys said anything stupid before? or acted anyway strange or funny before?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

are gay blogs influential?

i started a discussion with a few plu friends over facebook and it goes like this...

do you think the emergence of slutty plu blogs will make newly self discovered gays/existing gays to be slutty as well? as in those who reads..

some say it set a bad example...

some say as long as it delivers the right message okay lah.. not so good when we try and justify being openly slutty..

some say Information is everywhere. New readings on latest trends and promotional items crop up every second. People won't easily embrace or try it out unless it relates to them at some level (perception, emotion, tolerance etc). Another factor would be ease of execution without being troublesome

someone told me before that because of reading my blog, they are more brave to slut around.. at first i was fucking happy but now to think of it.. hahah.. oh well.. its still up to the person itself to decide kan..

had a short conversation with bubu saying that blog is a very important tool.. he touched on what if a young gay reader chance upon my blog and read those sexiting stories, wouldnt he eager to try etc.. i mean i remember my first time reading calvin strictlygay's blog 6 7 years back entah brapa lama.. and then there were still sextories published but now no more.. i was somehow addicted to read them.. but i dont think that it changed/influenced me anyhow into becoming a slut..

there are so many depending factors involved in influencing the choice of other minds eg, maturity, acceptance, moral/religious values etc.. but that doesnt mean that it wont succeed.. haha..

i dowan the blog to get all the wrong attention..

being a slut is fun, but its not good, people will get hurt in the end... as in.. for most cases.. anyhow.. play safe you rainbows out there!! youre rainbow because youre worth it! youre beautiful because youre rainbow! :) haha.. its damn random i know.. hahahaha...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cheer me up?

b, wanna go for dinner tonight?

hm... no mood la...

serious arr? come la...

dont want la.. (i dint wanna go out cos i dowana spend, kinda broke now)

mmm... come la.. i belanja you.. (he knows me well lor, i will never say no to a meet unless im broke)

its ok la.. you go eat with mummy la.. i'll see you some other time..

then you leh?

i'll eat with mum...

ok lor...

after 2 hours..

*honk honk*

i'm downstairs...


kihihi.. he brought me out to A&W for desserts :) so sweet :) had my favourite waffle thingy :) havent seen him for quite some time.. im the type of person that will be insecure to go out if i dont have at least some amount of money in the pocket. eeeee... hahaha.. rejected lots of dinner offers lately.. sowee people.. circumstances :) bubu seldom come to my place lor but recently been doing so more often liao :) *hugs* i love you bubu... brightened my night...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UK tak jadi?

i dowana make this post emo or anything.. hahaha.. emo is so not me.. but the thing is that the plan to go to UK might not happen for me.. things came up and so.. yea.. haha.. oh well.. i'll just hope for the best la..

should i cry? hahaha.. should i whine? hihi.. oh well.. i'll just do my best for now.. finish this sem first la.. jadi tak jadi pergi pun tak tentu yet.. im feeling kinda evil now.. suddenly im hoping that everyone else cant go.. hm.. selfish nyer.. i know.. hm...

sometimes its so hard to stay strong and confident outside but its burning and aching deep down.. i havent cried for a long time and im not planning to do so.. haha.. crying is so not in the slut's syllables.. 

i used to say that life without stress will be fucking boring and its true.. but now to think of it.. its better without it.. plans doesnt always go as we wish kan..

Monday, March 7, 2011


C is a single young boy thats desperate for love and had work since the age of 18.. few months ago a new colleague, X joined the company and they started to make friends and not long after C had a lil something for X..

X is attached but he has some liking towards C too.. the thing is X was tested positive for HIV.. C knew... but entah kenape i think love is blind kinda shit C had sex with X.. a few times sumore..

now C comes to me.. asking why he dint think properly before doing so.. he say he wanted to quit his job but his family depends on him for expenses and everything.. he wanted to do foolish things.. suicide and all.. he went for the test but i dont think its accurate as its only been 2 months.. and.. hm...

the thing is that he knows that X has it but he still wanna do it with him.. and he comes to me: Why did i do it?!!

i cant scold him...

whats done is done..

poor C... hope he is fine la..

X is attached but the bf doesnt know that he is positive.. what a jerk... may X rot in hell...

the number is increasing in malaysia i think.. heard lots of cases where gays that got it tends to sleep around just so they can infect the rest.. sick ass people.. hate them!! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

first quadraple date...

haha.. did that double date and triple date before.. but quadruple date was my first time last night :) it was different in a way actually, over dinner.. there are three steady couple and one newly wed :) haha.. the newly wed is so much in love and its so cute to watch them so into each other :) hahaha.. it reminded me of meself and bubu when we just started.. not that we dont anymore.. lately we were kinda busy.. eee..

but one thing is that its very hard to include everyone into the conversation so in the end in went down the 2 couples talking to each other.. hahaha.. its as though it the table split into half.. haha.. but occasionally there are exchange of talks la between the 2 "tables"... 

after dinner we all departed and, 3 couples decided to go over to MP .. haha.. hotness.. i mean, dah lama tak gi MP so yea.. was like rushing there cos have to masuk before 12.. hahaha.. like some cinderella thingy :) cos bubu and i we dont drink we just lepak around and dance like crazy :) it was after dinner so we dint really shake like crazy cos kinda full..

met lots of awesome people there.. PLUBOY and his Cookie Monster were there.. so sweet.. saw them for the first time and damn cockie monster is tall man!! but i taller skit :) kihihi.. have to show off konon.. hahaha..  

the Snow White VIN ONG was there too with his hot tattoo gosh those are really hot and his ear pierce is to die for.. so fair i feel like slapping him see got red mark or not... hahaha.. so jahats me.. but VIN is really cool.. i was like all sweaty like tsunami sweaty but yet he gave me a deep hug... i feel so.. wah.... not bad.. nice :) kihihi... me love huggies.. my tulsy week 2 pun ada.. the ever so hot tulsy week 2.. so basically bubu and i just jump around from group to group and in between dance when there are awesome music on... haha.. but seriously i dont kinda dig the selection in MP other than Anthem's night lor.. it was an ok cardio session for us :)

well that was my saturday night lor.. you guys macam mana?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

same same..

met bubu after 5 days of not meeting.. wah.. so miss him lor.. but the first thing i said to him was..



*pointed at his nose* *turn my nose to him*



we got pimple at the same spot and its like prominent!! ish!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

happy 14th Monthlyversary...

today marks the 14th month we've been together.. cute lil bubu got exam today.. tuition to teach and also dance rehearsals after that.. poor thing...

after our first anniversary celebration we totally forgotten our monthlyversaries.. our 13th monthlyversary just passed unnoticed.. hahahaha...

b! *pop out eye*


what date is today?!!!

17 i think... why?

oh em gee gee!!


pass liao....

huh?............................. OMGG!!

hahahahaha.. yalor.. like that lor.. 

its as though monthlyversaries are not IN for those couple who lasted more than one year.. the IN thing will be anniversaries kan? hahahaha... hopefully there will be many more to come!! :)

so you guys who are attached, celebrate every month mar?

single ladies, what do you guys prefer when youre attached next time ne?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tuls mean no harm de...

a follower of my bubu's blog came into picture yesterday when he commented on my NYAMA post..

jesus christ , is that what u perceive of an indian ?i didnt expect this from u .I expected more from u , perhaps some awareness abt how indians are these days. Your drawing shows how an indian would look if he was in a moral book when we were std 1 . i "expected" u to be a bit more alert abt how they look ,i guess u still dont mix well with pples of other races

FYI : I am not calling u a racist , coz i have seen worse racist comments.  BUt i am merely telling u that not all indians are the same , as are not all chinese cant speak fluent english

Mind u, i have so many great chinese friends , i NEVER condemn or insult how they are looked or their attitudes

by the way , i know u from ur bubu. coz i do enjoy his blog , and in real life he is a nonracist person .in case u think im lying , ur "bubu" has a name that rhymes with "saul"

u can gladly post this.

and i did :) hahahaha... 

i was shocked and surprised at first cos first time dapat comment yang long but as i read through the whole comment i was smiling :)

i was smiling cos the fact that I dont have any bad intentions while drawing that pic in that post :) hahahaha.. i thought that it was cute.. haha.. not all chinese are uncut, mostly all malays are cut and not all indians have a dot on their forehead and has a amazon bush on the bawah that only reveals the dickhead... but its kinda like a general thing that indians have got more hair than the cina or the melayus kan? sorry lor if teroffended any of you :) hahahaha..  

when i told bubu that i was smiling and actually not irritated by that comment he dont believe lor.. but .. hahaha.. i find it kinda cute where the drawings i draw made an impact :) thank you to those who like my drawings :) sorry to the commenter whoever you are.. i think i should put disclaimer beside la!! uhm... yalor.. i should!! done!! bottom right side! :) hontoni hontoni arigato for your support and comments even though you suka or tak suka the pics!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

barber rubbing...

when i was younger.. in junior high i guess.. around the age of 13.. hair studios / saloon / salon was still rare back then.. so the only option was to go to the barber..

i never realize it was so interesting to cut hair until one day this happens..

he accidentally brushed his dick under his jeans on my hand.. i never notice that man until he did that.. he is in his 30s maybe.. super tan skin.. maybe foreigner i dono la.. pakistan or something.. maybe nyama? hahaha.. but.. yeah..

i thought it was accidental.. but i dont think so lor.. cos my hand was stationary right.. but after that whenever he is trimming my sides.. i will try to exert minimal movements of my hand on his dick area.. and wah i can feel erection de lor.. 

and since then i looked forward to cut my hair every month! :) hehe...