t u l s

t u l s

Monday, August 29, 2011


try rapping with super bass..

this one is for the boys in ku ala lumpur...
wear shades strut-ma-stuff, looking so cool..
when im out in the club im blazing up, 
drank one long island and i had enough..

hahahaha.. ok ok.. sudah cukups one verse i cannot tahan jor.. to be continued after that.. hahahaha...



i never really said goodbye before..

this is kinda like the first time kinda thing..

the emo-sity is filling me now..

i tearing up as im writing this..

bubu... hm...
stay strong ok..

will update when i settle down later..

muacks you guys, you guys boomz...

help me take care of dancerboy alright..(if applicable)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

pee 2 ways...

have you ever pee-ed 2 ways before?


the uncut ones will be smiling now cos mostly everyone would have experience it at least a few times in their lives cos of the folding of the foreskin..

so next time pull the foreskin to reveal the pee hole baru pee, with that no smelly urea smell after that so blowjob also easier.. just wipe the hole with tissue or wash with water then ok liao..

this is the new kill 2 birds with one stone = fertilize 2 plants with one dick!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

surprise birthday farewell party...



i really dono where to begin......

erm... so a friend of mine took me out for dinner one day as a small farewell thing just us and bubu in 1u... his car air con broke down so ngam and so we were sweating all the way to 1u and in the carpark the sweat was amplified as our sweat glands mengembang secara melampau...

while waiting for bubu to arrive he went and get his specs fixed, after that i called bubu and apparently he hasnt left the house yet and i was like super hungry even though i had lunch(sorry muslimins)..

anyway so this friend of mine was so powerful to suggest: ei why not i go home and take a shower first then only we come out for dinner?

i got a feeling something is going really wrong then cos..

number 1: he is a muslim, we reach 1U at 8 and he just had something light to open fast and now he say he can tahan the hunger, wanna go home and mandi then only  makan after that?

number 2: bubu is still at home? which HOME? hehe....

number 3: not very bubu to be late.. and got excuse.. .. kononnyer i know him for 1 year plus like the chinese proverb saying cakap: you lift your butt a bit i also know that you wanna fart... direct translation means i know very well something like that..

i lebih kurang was like expecting something jor...

so off we went back to his condo... and along the way i keep trying to lookout for bubu's car whether is it parked anywhere along the way but no.. tak nampak..


then the number 4 thing i know is that my friend, he texted someone when we left the car so i assume he is texting someone AT HOME!! 

anyway so i was very eager to know whats going on...

so powerful once i reach his condo level thing, went out the lift and heading towards his unit, guess what?!!!

i saw lights thru the slit on the bawah pintu...

its so obvious edi so that already put a smile on my face already... hahahahaha...

then when my kawan was opening the grill the lights can tutups but then...
HAHAHAHAHAHA... by then i heard some laughs already... 

in my mind the first thing that came up was like bubu did this 9 course homecook meal for me cos we watched it in a korean thingy drama shit whatever that lovers they cook the 9 dishes for their love ones as a symbol of the... erm... the thing la.. so yea i was expecting it but then the door buka and i heard: HIDE HIDE.. FASTER...

and then someone shouted: TOO LATE!!!

and my oh my i tak nampak orang but only bubu... sekali i masuk buka jer lampu boomz! it was full and i was like stunned!!! 

it was the biggest gathering thats planned for me so far so kudos to bubu and he boomz la.. haha.. finally... i repeat.. finally he did surprise me! hahahaha.. i was just expecting a lil surprise like a 9 course meal thing but this is more than 9 course lor and the crowd can make up 3 football team lor... hahahaha... 

there were loads of awesome food but i cant even stuff anything in cos i was so shocked and the shock kononnyer sudah suppress my hunger... cheh wah.. hahahaha...

all of them were our mutual friends :) my besties were there.. his besties were there... all the different different groups of people we made along the way in our relationship were there too.. its awesome to see so many people we have made contact with as a couple with throughout this 2 years..

and for the first time in my life i got so many awesome presents for my birthday.. im not boasting or what, im just glad that it happened.. maybe cos it somehow was bersama sama with the farewell and me leaving to UK.. haha.. i got a MacBookPro, a digital camera, some bird nests, fedora hat, etc... and lots and lots of chocolates...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i would like to personally thank the host for contributing his rumah for the party... *claps*

terima kasih to everyone that came that night! :) its more like a blogger kinda reunion or something cos like one third of them there are like bloggers.. hahahaha...

aiden, lil fox, cloudz, alex, dinoric, quote unkuote, ryan, whizkid, savoir, khai, jasonisahe, thanks for coming and the lovely presents... 

some discreet bloggers i wont name you, you know who you are.. terima kasih for the surprise..

vince and amezac, although physically not there but thanks for the pressies!! :)

and last but not least to bubu: me love you! :) thanks so much for everything... its not easy to plan, time management, plans and everything.. haha.. hm.. dont worry.. my surprise in the future for you, hehe.. will be even besar-er!!! you wait!!! :)

oh PS: this is handmade from scratch!! me luv!!:)

for those who dint make it, its ok.. we shall meet online.. hahaha...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

i saw something last night...

as you know.. yesterday was THE DAY.. and the NIGHT was the night la.. anyway.. the whole chinese 7 month is THE MONTH lar where the gates of hell open all those kinda thing for the buddhist.. or was it not?


bubu and i went for a so called drinking party thing but both of us dont enjoy drinking so bubu sat aside and played mahjong and i just drank a lil rice wine... and my o my rice wine tasted better than red/white wine lor.. cos its sweet de! hahaah.. my first time... so noob... hahahaah...

fellow blogger lucifer was there too... cute as ever.. his big built is the nicest thing to hug.. haha.. anyway...

so it was 3am and we left the party and guess what.. as we were descending the stairs from the 1st floor to the ground floor i saw something and i just kept quiet and keep walking to the car...

and when bubu drove till one of the traffic lights nearby...

b, you saw something just now or not?

where? when?

erm... just now.. while going downstairs....


i think i saw.....   a lil boy pulling something on the floor...

OMG!!!!! can you not say those things now or not? *shivering* please la next time say it the next day la...

..... *shivering*

i saw la.. it was actually a mum and his child pulling trolley la...

huh? really meh? i saw only kid wor... you sure pulling trolley arr?


Friday, August 12, 2011

hell gates open?

my mum came back from work and...

tonight dont go out arr...


tonight is the NIGHT!!

erm... what night?

you saw they burn those things by the road side?

oh... that...

yea... you going out or not tonight?

erm.. yea.. (going to meet bubu later)

you better not go i tell you.. dont go those dark dark area...

er.. im just going to ss2(excuse)..

go there do what?

er... eat la...

then dinner leh?

im going out later la.. not so early.....

eat then ok.. dont go to those junction or those hao hong(back alley) i tell you...


is she hinting dont go park car at back alley and have sessions in the car? how she know wan? hahahahahah...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

bubu's month..

i declare that the month of august is officially bubu's month..


2 weeks more and im off..

it would be quite some time before meeting him again..

everyone ask us to fully utilize the remaining time we have here together and thats what we have been doing..

its as though the wife is sending his husband off for war like that! hahahaha...

in this malaysian queen bed, we are gonna be 7000 miles apart.. not as teruk as 10000 miles like rihanna but still.. its gonna be far :)

but this war hor the husband wont die kena tembak, but maybe will mati kena disease yang zalim eg AIDS etc kalau terfling tak guna helmet cos sana risiko amat la tinggi banding ngan tanah air kita..

lots of people say that, tuls, trust me, you go over there sure fling one.. cos cannot tahan one.. bubu so far, and all the potatoes so yummy...

some can even say you have to try one go there, if not meaning you dint fully experience the lifestyle overseas..

got such thing meh?



another challenge for the slut... haha

i shall prove them wrong *wink*

Monday, August 8, 2011

what to bring to the UK?

this is my first time to a seasonal country and winter is just 3 4 months from now... so what the hell should i pack leh?

  • Shirts
  • Black Slacks
  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Leather Shoe
  • Vests
  • Cardigans
  • T Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Hoodie/Windbreaker
  • Sport shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Nail cutting set thingy
  • Deodorant 
  • Perfume
  • Electronic shaver
  • Travelling toiletries 
  • X-ray scan
Hand Luggage
  • Passport
  • Official documents
  • Handphone
  • Handphone Charger + Earpiece + Warranty card
Laptop Bag (i will bring a super big one)
  • Laptop + Charger 
  • My own uni notes.. haha..
Things to buy there?

  • Gloves
  • Coat
  • Beanie/Hat/Cap/Head shit..
  • Scarf
  • Body lotion
  • Lip balm
  • Umbrella
this is like some checklist shit... should i bring some dry food there? some perencah adabi thing maybe?


Sunday, August 7, 2011


so i went for duck rice with my bff that came down from Aussie and we were ordering the drinks.. note that the order is done at the table instead of waiting by the stall side... so..

adik mau minum apa?

ada liong sui tak?


ok bagi 2 liong sui ice...

and kak.. boleh kamu panggil itu...

panggil itik?

OI ITIK!!!!!!!!!!

bwahahahahahahaha.. both of us laugh like cibai like that cos the way she calls it like calling gigolo like that!! hahahaha...

its good to meet him again... the relationship of 6 years is proven to be still going strong.. although we have our ups and downs.. we are still best of friends..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

gan chiong..


it dint say was it approved or rejected..

im going tomorrow to see how it goes...


hope for the best la..

i havent exactly told a lot of people of my departure just because of this stupid visa shit.. hm.. dont fail me now visa..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

visa thing damn sien..

right.. my appointment was booked at 1.15pm..

its written there you are allowed only to in 10 minutes before..

so ok lor bubu and i reached there around 12.30pm.. minum abit then at 1 i went up..


the serving number is 21 and my number is 36!!

if one application takes about 10 mins, then how?

then i was like wondering what the fuck went wrong la?

takkan make appointment pun susah meh?

then i realize that as long as you make an appointment they dont fucking care what time you reach they will still issue you a number.. and lots of them have appointment in the morning but come in the noon and so i was fucked and bubu had to wait till 3pm baru i lepas...

what the fuck!

anyway i submitted my application jor.. now i will just hope for the best..

selamat berbuka puasa to my fellow muslims :) 28 more to go!! fighting!!