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t u l s

Monday, August 23, 2010

sepeak purfict-ter ink-girl-lish..

Hello, welcome to Whaddhafuck English Language Stupid School!


ok la.. my english is not that good and yet its not that bad either.. we cannot simply kutuk(pinpoint) people like that just because they cant pronounce english properly..

if he is a joke then its ok..

but if he is for real then those who go learn from HEAD MASTER GORDON, too bad for them.. they-yeh will-ler hav-eh a behind-eh in-eh every-eh word-duh they say-eh!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

trick and treat :)...

this coming friday and next tuesday is public holiday so i thought of taking monday off so its a stretch of holidays for 5 days.. but since monday falls on the 30th of August, there are so many targets and datelines and all those work related nonsense to finish on this month end.. and taking leave would be a very risky thing to do.. haha.. but i took a chance..

hi, Ms Manager.. *she was staring at the computer then she turned back and looked at me*


erm.. this month end i have a university trip to go so is it OK to take leave?

NO!! *with her popped out eye*

gimme the calendar!!


*i pointed monday then i pointed this coming wed and thursday as well for no reason..*

then she paused for 5 seconds..

OK la.. go get the form from the HR department then let me sign..

at first i wanna take only monday but somehow my itchy hand pointed this wed and thursday as well.. so in all i have 7 days of holidays.. and this 7 days i will be spending it with Bubu!! :) this 3 days are all unpaid leave... gosh.. haha i have to make sure that i use it to the fullest!! kihihi... its means.. sexytime for me and bubu!! hahaahha.. sexytime is a term used by Lil Fox for SEX. hahahaha.. gosh.. i cant wait..!!

stupid bitch manager wanna gimme heart attack isit? c8ba8!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

food fight?...

bubu and i were at Mcd yesterday when he bought this slimy green lime sundae thing and...

wah... new flavour...

eyer, what is it?

it's like lime jelly texture... sorta like the lime flavoured paddle pop ice cream...


come on... just try a little?

no thank you...

come on be... just a little...

i saw the texture... don't really like it...

just one try... come on... just one bite...

its ok...

come on...

i don't want...



one bite... please!!!





the conversation was taken from his food fight entry...

to be honest, i will never ever put anything that i find disgusting in my mouth lor.. 

yes it is good to try everything once in your life, if you dont like it then its ok, just spit it out and never take it anymore, at least you've tried it..

haha.. that is his choice.. not mine..

as long as i think that that food/thing is disgusting or looks sick, i wont even think twice to put it in my mouth..

i wont even try..

call me stubborn..

call me bodoh(stupid)..

i dont care..

i dowana regret later..


cricket spaghetti anyone?? :)

yay!! escargot!!!

ooo.. thai cuisine, bubu, you love thai food right? try this fried worm with salad ok????

never in a million years i will eat those lo.. 

how next time if we go travelling around the world? how are you gonna adapt?

er.. i will eat their chicken, fish, babi, mutton, beef all lo with their country's style of making.. cannot meh?

what if their specialty is dog meat or ostrich meat or kangaroo leh?

i wont eat lo.. i will starve lo..

how to travel with you next time?

haha.. we go to modern countries lo or we dont go to the rural area la.. go city..
b, come on la.. lets say if i give you some escargot to eat, will you?

er... actually i also wont eat one..


but why are you so stubborn..

i dowana talk to you.. :)

hahaha.. nah bubu.. eat la that thing.. i bring you go one day.. you try la.. yes..at least you try right? dont like then spit out lo at least you try... hehe.. see la how you suffer.. kihihihi.. (i like the guy behind...)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

long distance relationship part 2...

hey bubu, havent seen you for a week, miss you so much la...


yalah.. only for a week only wor.. later 2 years how?

hm.. we will see how la..

i dowan us to break up la..


later have to re-introduce my new bf to the whole family, get to know him all over again.. very time consuming noe..


he was joking the other day but it somehow ignite some thoughts about LDR again...

recently bubu just came back from australia, and he was like saying that he love the place very much, love the people, and above all, the weather, cos its winter there, its like a 24 hours air con for him.. haha.. i never experienced winter before.. nor i have a passport to even step out of malaysia.. oh well.. UK will be the first.. haha.. one more year.. yeah..

and so.. he went there to check out the uni cos he might be doing his masters in aus.. see.. anyway, we will be in a LDR, its a matter of time and who is the one going.. hm.. it will be at least 3 years..

bubu even said that he wants to settle down there in melbourne in the future and ask me to come along.. the thing is i would love to go to australia i guess, but if i were to able to work in UK after graduating, i dont think i will come back anytime soon.. its not that im being selfish or anything.. i have always wanted to do this, going overseas and earn a fortune(maybe not) and shit.. bubu also have the option to go UK and do his masters but he said that its too costly as compared to aus and he has no one there unlike aus, where all his friends and relatives are there as well(mini malaysia kinda shit)..

thats kinda true in a way, lets say if he were to come to UK, it will be definitely in London which is like 3 hours from my town.. its still a long distance kinda shit but not that far la as compared to Malaysia.. and there in London, everything is expensive if you were to convert dollar to dollar and he has no one there(other than me).. no nothing.. start from scratch if he goes there.. so maybe aus is a better place for him to go i guess..

after graduating, if i were to go to aus and work, i need to take another Law exam i think, cos the health care is different between the 2 so the laws are the main concern for both, and also the practice.. hm.. troublesome much.. immigration will be stricter after this as well.. more and more obstacles are coming my way if i were to go to aus and work..

in that 3 years there in UK, bubu say he will be coming over to see me as i told him that i wont be going back to msia cos it cost alot i guess(not sure).. but how frequent can he come over? its a 13 hours flight.. he will have to stay with me in my hostel to save up, cramp with my roommate maybe.. haha.. come once a season? 4 times a year that is.. he is not filthy rich or anything.. hm.. just another boy struggling through his 20s trying to finish his studies and earn a living after that..



dont think anymore ok..

actually all these are just excessive.. theres nothing to worry about cos we never know what the future holds for us but just felt like pouring out.. :(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

funny names...

remember dogathon?

yeah.. there was a dog named Chow Chow there.. if you translate it into kantonese, it would have meant Smelly smelly.. just imagine if you had a convo with your friend..

hey i have a dog!
awesome.. so what type of dog is it?
its a smelly smelly!! hahahahahah lame right? ok anyways.. thats somehow lead to this..

lots of Superstars and those celebrities love to come out with funny names for themselves.. maybe cos their own names are not attractive enough or it lacks star power or shit but.. you know..

lets start from the west la k cos we save the best (east) for last.. seriously its horrible..

erm.. first we will play the colour card..

we have the famous Pink..

 a darker shade Violet - daughter of ALIAS hot Jen Garner!!

love is your colour.. we move to food la.. we have MEATLOAF.. who would wanna be named that arr?

he sang the duet with Marion Raven from M2M of Its All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine recently few years back.. haha..

when he introduce himself to his friends..

Hi, nice meeting you, im MeatLoaf by the way, what about you?
Hi, Im Vanilla Ice! hahaha.. LMAO damn siao another makanan..

remember his famous hit Ice Ice Baby? yeah.. uh huh!! thats right.. hahah.. cannot wait any longer la i have to go to the East Side already..

the people in the east doesnt have any english name at all during birth so when they are bigger and if they make it to the big screen, most of them will definitely find a english name to be called by.. hahaha.. but most of them is so so so stupidly funny!!

we got some that could be found in the calendar!!

April, May, June are the most common.. hahah.. then we have January and Monday as well.. hahaha..

then we have the seasons and climates!!

so can you roughly guess whose name will be out next? hahaha.. but seriouly there are lots of Autumn and Summer out there.. this is Rain for you.. from Korea...

not this..

but this..


and this...

hot right? fuck..

then we also have

SUNNY from Korea

your starbucks are made of..

COCO Lee!! hahahaha..

last but not least the worst of all cos she is extinct!!





not it.. but HER

the famous DODO Cheng of Hong Kong.. haha.. laugh my ass off what type of name is that? nothing else to put is it?

you guys know anymore??

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dogathon 2010...

yes everyone..

i went to Dogathon 2010..

it was held in University Putra Malaysia (UPM) yesterday the 8th of August at the top of Bukit Expo and organized by  the students of The Veterinary faculty in UPM.. haha too bad Antinous and Ganymede were not there, Aidan would have a ball with all his other fury friends.. 

there were tons of bitches on the loose and it was bitch crazy!! hahaha..

the most common doggy to be found there was..

poodles... some damn huge till my waist, im 186cm by the way and some are like the size of a shoe.. cute!!

then there are


bichon frise... so cute lo

bull terrier...


chiwawa... THATS SO HOT !! -paris hilton- love her!!

chow chow... smelly smelly in Kantonese!! hahahaa..

dachshund or your sausage dog...

dalmatian... the cartoon dalmatian fake one lo the spots are like all in order.. the ones i saw there are like all over.. hahaha..


japanese Chin... all the rich tai tai aunties went and picnic at the mini badminton court with their chiwawas and this little thing here.. some even wears Gucci dogclothes.. siao!


siberian husky...

and we stumbled upon pure white siberian husky too..  it was pure white with blue eyes..

erm.. no.. this is number 01 PLUBOY for Metro Man Search 2010 held in The Mines on the exact same day as Dogathon.. sorry takashi for not sending you flowers!! :)

oh yea.. back to the white husky..

its not the same one cos i dint bring my camera along to take pics but yeah.. that one has bright blue eyes.. gosh..

so i was talking to Takashi just now in the afternoon:

eric, sorry ar couldnt make it to your manhunt thingy the yesterday..

why ar?

i went for Dogathon in the morning then got farewell party for a friend after that..

Dogathon? full with doggie styles?

erm.. erm.. yeah.. but its between dogs..

i like between mens...


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

top? bottom? versatile?...

how do you define a top or a bottom?

do you define it sexually? a top fcuks and never get fcuked..  the dominant one.. the giver.. ??

or do you define it in a psychological, social manner? a top drives the bottom around, gives direction, take care of bills and cheques and all.. ??

what about versatile? 

b, are you straight?


you sure you are gay arr??

er.. oh my god.. NO, IM NOT GAY!! I LIKE PUSSIES!! *rolleyes twice*

erm.. ok.. nola.. sometimes you just dont act like one..

im gay no doubt, maybe since young i have to create a curtain just to mask out the gayness and it has been going on for so long that makes you you already.. how can i change those.. sometimes i do sell myself out with my stupid hand gestures.. those are done unconsciously.. so wth but whatever la..

its freaking obvious that from my email at the side, i am a bottom..

but does that makes me a full bottom? hahaha.. what am i crapping?!!

like in this relationship now with bubu.. i do the driving, ordering, i take care of the bills, i do what most tops will do.. but in bed.. erm.. its the other way around..

you dont call people like me versatile.. im top socially but im the bottom in bed..

what am I ?!?!?!

what are you ?!?!?!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

swallow or not to swallow?...


we were all there.. well.. most of us..

he looks so hot on top of you pumping all his might make you feel every inch of him inside you..

once he reach his breaking point..

the question comes..

will you swallow it???!?!?

some of us are so horny that we dont care, we just wanna share everything with our partner and there goes that squirt down the throat..

some of us are too afraid to even open our mouth..

lets say, if your partner ask for it, Baby, i want you to swallow my *****!! 

will you do it?!?!

Monday, August 2, 2010

hot shit..

an office mail popped out early around 9.30 today, it states that some manager was hired in my department, some product manager.. so ok.. just wait for him to appear and my oh my.. he is sho cute!! his skin is as fair as snow white and you can feel that its bouncy and so kissable!! his smile melts the shit out of you and you can just die looking at him.. he is chinese yes.. but he is so so cute!!

cos he dont have access to the door cos the fingerprints arent ready, i took my chance going over and offered him a thumb when i saw his bottle was empty.. true enough, he followed me to the pantry as i was heading there to fill mine up as well.. and there i was.. standing next to him.. ohkay.. he is half a head shorter than me or maybe even more but he speaks fluent english that gave me verbal stimulation!! gosh gosh gosh!! wait.. i think my sentence is wrong.. er.. whatever.. hahaha..

i told bubu about it..

the sms goes..

oh my god! there a fucking cute guy report in today!! gosh he is so freaking cute!! argh!! manager position and he is only 28!! ah.. gosh!! his language!! verbal stimulation!! gosh!!

which then came with a reply..

You fucking slut! you like la hor!! ask him for a fuck later in the cubicle la!!

bubu is all fired up and so i replied..

b, im sharing everything with you mar, not hiding anything also.. dont get angry ok?!? sorry sorry!! muah! I mish syou...

he replied with a

MUAH!! missing you too.. :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


hahaha.. the wondergirls was awesome on MTV world stage!!

and hell yeah i was there!!

i got free tix mar.. hahah.. just like for Super Junior and Neyo this year as well..

they were the second korean band that came to malaysia this year i think after Super Junior..

they were hot man!! their new song 2 Different Tears is catchy after watching it live!!

i was there till katy perry sang the first song then ciao off to fetch bubu and off we go to MarketPlace!!

hahaha.. we danced till the break of dawn man!! k maybe im exagerating la but yea.. i requested the song it was really played on that night!!

Michelle Williams - We Break the Dawn

hahaha.. both me and bubu went in for free! 

gosh.. haha.. bubu and i dont drink at all.. we just so happen to love music and dancing, right dancerboy?!?! haha.. the techniques, yes, Bubu have it and everything but when it comes to the dancefloor.. hehe.. sorry to say but hell yeah i rock it more than bubu!! haha.. vain self absorbed me :) kihihihi...