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t u l s

Monday, February 28, 2011


was with my mum for lunch after taking the passport and we were like eating chicken rice.. the boss of the shop is chinese but the worker chopping the chicken looks like some foreign worker..

tuls, the workers *pointing the two girls helping out* quite pretty hor..

ng.. yalor..

chinese owner, but they look like foreign workers hor..


i think from nyama...



Myanmar is it?



aiyor i laugh until die yesterday.. cannot tahan.. 
siao mother.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


yup.. i just got my passport this morning.. it may not be a big deal to many of you but.. hm.. alright, i just cant wait to taste the air across the sea.. as the saying goes, the grass is greener on the other side.. haha..

was talking to a friend before this that was over in sabah and he asked me to go to visit...

hey, come la come to sabah for a visit...

erm... nola...

bring your boyfriend along la..

huh? mm... nola...

why not?

i got no passport...

*burst thout laughing* HAHAHAHAHAHA


you dont need a passport to go to your own country la...

*malu* oh.. really arr? 


i just experience the rusa masuk kampung moment...

babi laugh me.. cb i felt so silly.. whatever la... back to work.. long week ahead...

Saturday, February 26, 2011


the lamest thing on earth happened just seconds ago..


huh? what?

easy to type..


what are you doing? WAUD!


omgg.. i cannot tahan! hahahaha.. so nonsensical la! hahahahaahhahaahahha

bubu sometimes is even lame-r than me but most of the time not that lame la.. but when he is lame he is damn damn lame de lor.. hahaha.. thanks for making my night baby... im so tired already.. night :) *kiss you*

Friday, February 25, 2011

you emo, i emo...

its been a hectic week and next week will be crazier!! timetable slots are fully occupied from 9 - 5!! daymn!!

presentations will commence on monday up till wednesday and my slides are almost finish.. still not quite done for the last one!! still working on it!!

i damn za dou i tell you, being a group leader i will have to distribute the work and trust my members to finish the job and send it back to me, right CX? but hor, my case different de lor.. that groupmate of mine gimme his part of his report and his part in the presentation slides and its full of grammatical errors de lor!!

that one still ok cos everyone is bound to make mistakes but.. er.. i dont know whats his problem but almost every line also got mistakes.. damn cb one.. nevermind.. i forgive him on that.. BUT HOR.. the discussion part for the report i dont really get it lor.. dono whether what he wants to express so i ask him to edit and resend back.. then he redo and send to me and i was like..

what are you trying to say?

oh.. that part, when i was doing i was kinda sleepy so i dint know what was i writing..

it happened over msn and immediately i feel like smashing the computer screen(not like vincent, that one natural disaster, mine is more artificial) but seriously lor if its you, you pheck cik or not!! deng!!!

might as well i do the whole report myself and the presentation slides also all i do myself!! omgg!! 

i cant really do much as he is one of the closest to me in uni.. he is alright as a friend but not as a workmate.. like seriously can vomit de..

my mood was kinda affected lor and so i went and meet bubu after his class ended, waited in his room for him  to come home but then i received a call from someone and i really had to leave.. we were together for not more than 1 hour and i had to leave.. its kinda like.. grghhhh!!! i told him what happen and everything and after that i went off and then went back and was at home..

my car is kinda gone now.. i got no source of transport liao.. had to cancel plans.. then cant meet bubu for long.. +stupid sohai gorupmate and piled up work and assignments.. really gg emo.com.my lor i tell you.. 

as usual we call each other before sleep...

good night...


see  you tomorrow ok?

mm.. if you wanna see then see la..

why wor? what do you mean by if wanna see wor?

mm.. yala... people emo mar..

i emo only wert, why you emo wor?

because you emo thats why i emo la.. dono why also..

aiyoor!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.. so cute!!!!

cute kan? got such thing one.. i emo, he emo! hahahaha... stupid pabo boy!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

my Hero died!!

im driving a second hand Hero.. its as old as me i guess.. maybe a few years younger.. it died a few times in kota damansara when flashflood happens.. seriously this babe cant take any water at all.. sensitive kononnye.. damn benci kota damansara when it rains especially seksyen 7 onwards.. damn cb one..

so today as i was driving home from uni passed by glomac kelana from subang airport, tibetibe jer it rained cows and bulls.. like cb big! cb also not that big.. as i was driving up the ramp that joints the subang airport road to USJ, gosh.. there were three parts that were flooded! damn smelly vagina(chao hai) right?!!! come on la.. ramp also can fucking flood one what is this man!! those who build this shit sux man!! fuck!! 

and gam ngam my car died lor at one of the high tide part.. cb spoil my mood... damn sohai one the engine stops ribe tibe then the car still moving then you can see the rpm thing died and gosh.. it felt like the end of the world.. so i was stuck there lor.. waited for the air to surut i think 30 mins or something.. tried to restart lucky holy mary mother of god the car came alive!! goodness.. my car inside was damn humid liao..

i hate the rain..

i hate flood..

i dont like water..

oh my baby Hero..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

why are there lots of gays in singapore?

i know its not fair la to say this but not bad wert if all men in singapore are gay kan? hahahaha...

in this video former beauty queen 2009, Ris Low of Singapore teach us on how to use a condom to practice safe sex!

first of all, once she opened her mouth, any stimulated dick will also die off immediately cos her england is so shingz!

at 0:25, she say SSSSSSSSS as SAFE SEX. she cant even pronounce safe sex padahal teach safe sex, nevermind!! i believe action speak louder than words.. takpe takpe.. sabar tuls...

at 1:00, the condom that she was trying to fit it on the Largest Banana flew off! hahahaah.... damn sohai la.. i can imagine the bf and her wanna have sex also take 30 minutes to wear that rubber!! hahahahahah

she say wanna give tip to guys on how to remove the condom, omgg she nearly tore the banana skin! hahaha.. just imagine a cut on the penis! yikes!!

somemore say that must peel it off when the dick hard and erected, if the dick died edi then no need to remove is it? then have to peel sumore, you dicks got so much skin for you to peel arr? siao!!

and what the hell is make sure the sperm dont get to you? sperm can see meh? cb!!

and its not very disgusting lor, if its so disgusting then dont have sex la.. go home and sleep!! ok?!!

the funniest part is she doenst even know how to tie a condom and sumore can say throw it away somewhere! omg!! thats so irresponsible and dirty you stupid bitch!!

the ultimate move is at 3:00, and that traumatize guys alot.. thats why all become gay cos guys wont break dicks.. we know how it feels.. blek!!!

singaporean dudes are hot... 

i also want one can arr bubu?!! hahahaha


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

coupling period...

just in the last 2 days i found out 5 of my fabulous friends has been engaged to someone else.. maybe not engage so serious la like bubu and i(perasan) but as in in a relationship lor.. wah.. power right?

1 of them walking distance relationship..

1 of them bicycle distance relationship..

1 of them car distance relationship

and the last 2 LDR 13 hours apart..

love also got musim meh?

damn power lor.. i was shocked by a few of them.. like seriously.. some tried to hide from his close friends but tak jadi cos its too hard to not expose it.. it all shows on their face and their mood :) kan? some dint even try to hide just that i was so busy to not contact them for quite sometime.. some i dont even thought that they are possible to be in a relationship but oh well.. nothing is impossible..

two of them bloggers some more :) ho ho ho.. hahahaha... another blogger was like asking me..

why now all the blogger also taken de?


i think i also want to find a blogger le!!

another blogger was like saying..

hey, why now LDR like very heng like that one?

huh? got meh...

yalah.. everyone also ldr...

hahaah... difficult de la...

hm.. i think i also wanna find LDR also la...


Monday, February 21, 2011

go study!!

two presentations on monday and tuesday next week and a report to hand in on wednesday.. its gonna be a hectic week this week.. stupid sohai groupmate only know how to fucking say wait la.. i will give you tomorrow.. and that fucking tomorrow never comes de lor..

hm... in the end i'll do everything!! eeeeeeeeee.. bencis bencis bencis!!!

im not that big square anymore.. big square = generous in kantonese.. i used to not tell bubu what my real heart wants but now sudah malas i cakap secara terus terang.. haha...

hm... these days hor im kinda free la...


cos grindr deleted edi mar...

instead of go download back grindr la.. i dont mind de.. i said: GO STUDY!!

i think it gave bubu a shock but it was hilarious in a way on how i said it and he laughed for the longest mindless time ever! hahahaha.. mindless as in his laugh not the time.. so kebodohan.. haha.. but yala.. in my heart everyday go out, everyday tuition, everyday dance dance.. never study!! always last minute!! feel like pinching him!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


my car is not with me for a week now..

i feel so useless without my car..

usually i will be the one driving but this week bubu's been driving me all over to everywhere we have to go.. haha.. its so weird in a way but its nice to be driven around once awhile...

thanks baby for driving this week arr..

only this week only, next week you drive...

hahahahaha... no lor.. i want you to drive from now onwards until i go to UK!! ok?

no! im the wife! you have to drive!!



Saturday, February 19, 2011

break up..?

we were having a double date with another couple in MV today and suddenly  the other couple was talking bout ex-es, good ex, bad ex, ex became best friend etc...

where are you going for your twinning?


oh.. wah.. how long?

two years minimum... hm...

mm.. alright...

yup.. we are breaking up for awhile...


haha.. yup.. he is gonna be my ex.. the good ex..



then later we talked about a lil on career and stuffs then went for a movie.. on the way when bubu was sending me home..

so you really meant it when you told D that we are gonna break when you leave to UK?

i mean.. i'll do whatever its best for us.. 


its so like the movies kan?

whats that?

like, i'll wait for you... 2 years also i will wait.. but in the end...

yeah.. we will just hope that this movie has a good ending la HOR!!!!


*serious tone* i'll wait for you if you can promise me that you'll wait for me..

i will..

aww... so sweet right, i know. *rolleyes*... but how is it gonna end no one will know.. kihihi.. just hope for the best!! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

thanks Boy..

please participate in this survey on views on homosexuality.. it takes only 1 minute to do so as it only contains 15 questions :) 

anyway, erm.. today is mama bubu's birthday.. haha.. so when the clock struck 12 i sent her an sms but only to find that she is asleep... anyways i went to bed and wake up the morning to find an sms reply saying..

thanks boy..

hahhahaha.. i am a boy, i know.. but am i her boy? hahahaha... so i told my bff in school today about it and she teased me non stop throughout the whole day with it.. hahaha..

so what do you wanna eat for lunch, BOY!??? *giggle*

the rest of the friends are like so bodohly asking us what is it what is it ... cos she kept laughing like soh poh.. hahahah... then she just told them.. its a secret.. hahhahah.. stupid bitch.. slap her then she know.. hahahahahaha..

going out for dinner with her now :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Gay and Be Proud!!

was out with bubu on valentines day and we bumped into my uni batch juniors, two girls and they said hi and wave and then ciao.. i was with holding my bag and bubu was holding his dslr, we look very mismatched as i have just finished a presentation so was wearing formal and he was like in his normal wear for outing.. haha.. opposites attract moment hahaha.. *rolleyes*

after getting movie tix for our show we went for dinner and guess what!? the two juniors sat right next to us a minute after that.. gosh.. hahaha.. i waved and smiled.. gosh.. what a coincidence.. ..bubu and i dint do anything cheesy or pda whatsoever la.. we sat and sat and they left and we were still eating.. haha.. big appetite that day..

then after dinner we went browse through a pharmacy nearby the cinema before watching the movie and guess what? my classmate, two of them(dint know they were a couple until that day) showed up beside and said hi and i was acting super normal and..

hey TULS, youre here? alone?

er.. nope. with a friend. *pointing towards bubu, he was at a distance so he dint said hi or anything.. haha..*

oh.. *thinking alot, feel like slapping her ask her to go away*

so what youre doing here?

gonna watch a movie lor.. 

what movie wor? *anxious to know whether we bought the tix to the same movie*


oh.. that show is fucking funny!! *i watched that show twice already in the cinema, this time we bought some other show.. hehe*

yeah.. i saw your status saying how funny it was only decided to watch one..

so after that they left, and then today morning when i was having breakfast in uni they came and join me cos i was sitting alone.. after ordering smua smua.. 

so, how was your valentine?

it was alright...

who is that guy?

my boyfriend la.. *smile*


ish.. from that point i dont really care already.. if they wanna spread then spread la.. ahahahah.. sometimes i say i dont care, but deep down inside i think i still do care maybe a lil itsy bit.. hm... my bff in uni knows about it and say:



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fat got more potential to be hot?!

we were eating desserts yesterday and bubu then saw my bulge on my tummy..

got work out or not?

yup.. i did 50 push ups today...

no use de.. you got run arr?

no wor.. tired la...

hm... i think you should join national service la..

*eyes popped out* WHAT?!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... in Singapore!


yala.. more hot mar after that!!

take it or leave it.. you dont like meh like that got fat?

like! cos can hug mar!!

so what if im thin?!

i dont like!

ok, you dont like me thin but fat?

yea.. fat cos more potential to be hot mar!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day?

its like any other outing we go.. special in its own unique way..

he picked me up from Uni and we did what normal couples did.. dinner.. a walk.. movies.. then exchange of gifts..

hahahaah.. laugh my ass off when i receive this small little box of chocolate :)

guess what, underneath each chocolate lies a small note..

hehe.. wanna know what note is it?

kihihi... each note open up is a MIN SEI GAM PAI.. you know in ancient china the king will present one or two of his Pingat Avoid Mati berwarna GOLD to his favourite subject thingy? hahaha..

but this one is different in its own way.. its free pass for different different stuffs :)

the first one is ..

cheh.. this one i dont need also can la right?!! hahaha.. maybe its for some awkward embarrassing moment.. hm.. lemme think... in front of his relatives i use this pass then gone case la him.. BUBU, why are you hugging that boy?!! OH OH!! hahahahahaah

the second one...

this one must use when i super super tired that time and when he ask a massage from me i shall use this so he had to massage me instead! hahahaha...

the third one..

yer.. this one for what? for me to complain to him bout him? so bodoh la bubu!! *slap slap* some more got free pinching.. walau!!! hahahahaha.. siao siao de.. i pinch him outside.. i hurt on the inside!.. corny much.. *vomits*

the fourth one..

20 min?!!! 10 min also i tak sampai hati la want 20 min? siao siao that boy.. wanna spice up our relationship also not this cara mar...

the fifth one..

hehe.. this one boleh pakai.. i will use this when he PMS.. hwa.. he damn emo pun i tak kisah asyik kiss kiss kiss jer.. see how he gonna react! hahahahahaha...

and LASTly..

this one damn subjective!! i like.. will slowly think of what i want... hm... *thinking to myself* fisting.. feeting.. SM.. lalalala

i love you bubu.. happy valentines day :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


last night was awesome!! had a mini pot luck party at a friend's place.. i mean.. new found friends la :) kihihi.. a sweet couple who host this potluck(not osman sany's.. dont worry.. tuls not that high profile).. how sweet.. anyway the gathering was just a small number of people but the lauk pauk is like BOOMZ!

this is just part of the food we have.. iphone 4 cant take all wtf.. hahahahaha...

anyway.. met new friends there.. mostly chatted online but never met before.. this gathering is awesome.. pas tu ada nyanyi nyanyi smua.. got one super cute guy last night.. haha.. wasnt drooling over him or what but wah.. hahaha.. dint expect him to turn out sho cute.. then another one the body i tell you.. hwa.. the body like can hug one whole day dowana let go that kind(bubu, when you wanna meat up for me ne? kihihi)... 

then met up with bubu after that in marketplace :) the line was like freaking long to the max my goodness even Zara sales lineup pun kalah... mentah mentah ada Malaysian's Kumar aka SHELAH the fabulous having show everyone pun wanna have a piece of her..

this footage was taken by PLUBOY, boy he is red after the parteh!! haha... having starbucks now in 1U anyway moving on...

nice cardio workout last night.. felt lighter than ever after that.. for the first time i teman bubu all night long.. usually i will ditch him to slutify myself on the dance floor.. hahaha.. i miss bubu more and more dah after CNY stLDR(short term LDR)... selagi ada chance to meet, will grab each and every opportunity we have!! :) the world is suddenly so peaceful after grindr is deleted... :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

THAT familiar face...

you know sometimes you bumped into someone unexpected in a gay club/bar? eg your lecturer? your coursemate? your colleague etc..? maybe your uncle or something but that dint happen to me until 2 weeks ago..  bubu and I were together and we were waiting for our friends to come, after they arrived we went out and greet them la, the bunch was surprisingly huge and i dint know everyone there so i thought that it might be their friends or some shit..

then went and ice break and all... just at the back of the crowd, stands a guy who somehow looks familiar but it dint occur to me who was it at first.. but after glancing a few more time i went over to him and say..

i think i know you...

er..???? *look at me*

*look directly into his eyes*

OH... MY... GOSH!!! OH.... MY.... GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!


*whisper* YOU ARE...!!!

what? im what?

YOU ARE....!!!!

im what?!!!

YOU ARE ... Ge....Ge......GAY?

*smile* HUH? What the hell are you doing here?

Im temaning my friend here.. he asked me to come...

Uh Huh...*rolleyes*

so his friend came up to me and intro and etc, it turns out that he is another super SLUT and was a few friends' ex.. what a night and that awesome SLUT told me that my friend here is STRAIGHT and that Slut brought him here just to experience the gay scene thingy.. he is PRO GAY but NOT GAY.. 




i mean.. when in school youre like the strictest  prefect ever!!

huh? got or not?!!!

you're the strictest Ketua Disiplin ever and everyone hates you to the max!! OH MY GOSH!!!

calm down alright...

OH MY GOSH I cant believe TULS is gay!! i thought that our school is GAY free but OH MY GOSH the Ketua Disiplin is... OH MY GOSH!!!!!


i mean... wow.. no one knows man in the school... wow...

haha.. i wasnt that obvious la.. 

OH MY GOSH... dont worry.. i wont tell anyone about this..

in my heart i was hoping for him to say it for the longest time but then it occur to me SO WHAT if he knows? he knows he knows la.. if he wants to tell the whole world then let it be la... hahaha..i was afraid for nothing.. if im afraid of letting people know then i shouldnt even come here at all. ahahaha.. oh well.. i guess I AM THAT FAMILIAR FACE TO THAT YOUNG BOY that night.. hahahahaha..

he was still shocked and he cant believe that i AM for the whole freaking night!! and kept Oh My Gosh-ing..

God Bless You S.C...

Friday, February 11, 2011

totally forgotten...

it was 9 days since i last saw bubu and it was like the longest time ever.. he was out with his bff all morning that day and we agreed to meet after my class ends at 5 so i picked him up after class and we went for dinner nearby in SS2 Kayu Nasi Kandar lor.. my favourite!!

he took out his phone and checked his grindr thingy..

so, got any hot guys arr?


i was so happy to see him i did not care about the grindr thing and just ate and all then went for a movie with him in tropicana city mall after that..

after buying tix, we still have 1.5 hours to wait before the show starts so we sat down by the sofa(the sofa near borders damn comfy lor) and catch up on what we missed throughout the week... then suddenly out of curiosity bubu asked me..

b, where is the place we ate just now?

erm.. SS2 lor... why?

oh.. there also consider SS2 arr?

yea.. different side la.. its called Chow Yang(dono spelling correct ornot)...

oh.. quite a lot of people using grindr there hor..

mm.. yalor.. ...aiya now almost everyone in PJ and KL also got grindr de la.. everyone is using iphone liao.. or bb.. or any smartphone thingy.. even ipod also can use grindr la.. very big deal meh?

*omg wtf you so stupid look* you still dont get it do you?

what? *innocent face*

*youre so damn stupid look* oh my  gosh...


yea.. he deleted grindr long time edi.. just wanna test my reaction thought that it might make me angry cos he still use grindr but mana tau i totally forgotten about the grindr thing.. hahaha... I LOVE YOU BUBU.. you pabo boy... 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

condensed milk...

i was on msn with a close friend yesterday and..

X, i was so horny just now i release my one week worth of cum... gosh.. cny is really torturous..

oooooo.. so, was it evaporated milk? condense milk? butter batter? whipped cream? mineral water?

oh.. it exploded with mineral water first, then whipped cream then ended with a fountain of condense milk... why like that de arr?

hm... i also dono wor... 

any idea guys? hahahaha... maybe it campured with pee at first then the 7 days worth of load came out after that..hahahaah... luckily dint get blue balls... felt so nice after releasing... after that straight away zzzzzzzzz...............................

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

short term LDR...

dint meet my baby bubu for exactly one week le.. lots of things happened in this one week.. i dint fucking masturbate at all.. its so unlike me!!

i cant wait to see him today.. coming back le from this small town of Johor...

no more fun chiong soup for me... i will miss my grandma.. she has oedema.. so kesian.. taking chinese medicine and i cant like do anything to help her so all i did was just to help her to do the house chores so that she doesnt need to work her old ass off this cny.. stupid relatives dono how to help her with the chores one.. feel like slapping them..

bubu.. realized that i miss him like even more le.. will appreciate the time left with him.. 6 months more and i will be off to angmokio(i wish).. to ang mo land... damn shingz.. this short term ldr is like a preview to our long term ldr.. lots of thingy will appear, conflict.. drama.. misunderstanding.. frustration.. miscommunication all did we experience even just in this one short week..

and it boils down to trust and commitment..

hopefully our foundation is strong to last this ldr..


see you in a few hours you bubu baby... blek!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

grindr gone..

after battling myself for so long trying to figure out to tell or not to tell that pabo bubu, i finally burst out and vomit everything thats on my mind since the first day he got his grindr thingy..

im not a control freak and i dowan you to change yourself just because of me but the grindr thing is pissing me off somehow for like a few months already..

yes i know your intentions for that grindr thing is just to make friends and nothing else and you never hide anything in grindr from me but.. i cant tahan the fact that guys keeps pursuing you asking for sexy time, websex etc..

the act of you checking your grindr is like the attention is there for it and not for me.. grindr is a wicked application for people who are in a relationship..

yes i believe you and trust you but i dont believe them and trust them.. those other grindr-ers.

a friend told me that if i dont let you know what i feel then i will be the one getting hurt in the end.. i dont really mind at first but cos of the additive effect of other couples deleting grindr, of you going out to clubs without me, of this short long term relationship has all build up a wave of jealousy, frustration and mixed feelings inside of me and it had just breach the breaking point...

and when i found out that youve deleted grindr even before i told you this makes me even happier..

im smiling like a lil kid for a whole damn day yesterday.. haha.. stupid pabo..

pinch your pipi...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

are you a SLUT?!!!

so i set up a poll last month asking the viewers are you a slut putting YES, NO & GOING TO BE as answers and guess what? 60 votes wor..haha...

18 of you say yes!! GOOD GAME SLUTS!! 

14 of you say GOING TO BE?! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got premonition like phoebe from Charmed?!! i wanna know who are the ones man.. kihihi.. can gib you tips.. hahahaha...

28 of you said NO. awwwwwwwwwwww.. what good people you guys.. *rolleyes*

hahahahaa.. more than have of you are potentials sluts so yay!! wahahahha.. i wasnt expecting this kinda results but its kinda awesome.. hahaha.. polls are awesome.. but wah.. saw, got balance balance de between the readers.. at least not all sluts.. hahahahaha.. half half ratio.. can la.. hahahaha.. HUAT ARR!

cant imagine there are so many sluts out there.. hm.. is it just our fabulous circle or even normal straight people are the same too? luckily im attached.. no need to fight for partner/spouse/fubu.. ahahahahaha... hm... the good old days... hahahahaha..

what should be my next poll leh? :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

raped by Jay Chou...

it was my first time last night..

i thought i am gonna love it at first but in the end it was a disappointment..

it was my first time and i gave it to jay chou..

he speaks rather bad english and it such a turn off...

wanna reach orgasm also cannot...

i teared along the way and in the end i was freaking dizzy..

dont watch the Green Hornet 3D!! 

it sux..

my first 3D experience sux..

Friday, February 4, 2011


rabbit new year this year and the first day was filled with FULs..


cos my grandma made canned abalone, fish, 2 chickens, pork intestine soup,  fish "piu" soup, mix vege and "mun" pork! hahaha.. i had 2 servings of rice for each meal and oh my im fat now!! hahahahaha.. dah la belum berak the dalam lagi besar! wahahahaha...


here in johor damn peaceful, my grandma's place is located right up the hill, no banjir whatsoever, if my place banjir then the whole johor will be an island around my house.. hahahaha.. my cousins are all out of high school, no friends will come and no relative will come visit as relatives are mostly out of the country.. so im here all alone with my grandparents.. so nice.. 


my cousin thats just turned legal brought his friends over this morning for some fun time.. hehe.. i joined la duh.. at first lost a few tens.. but then i took charge and became the dealer and with 5 streaks of 21 i won back what i lost and earn one stack myself.. hahahaha... rm1 notes nia,, not much.. play small small.. hahaha..

oh well.. will have to cardio off my fats soon!! hehe...

Happy Rabbit New Year people!! :) have fun!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post Secret

wohooo!! wake up in the morning feeling like P. Didi.. pee didi(dick) hahaa.. i received a parcel this morning.. bangun jer the parcel was right beside me..

baru jer kenal that friend for a week and there i got this gift from him :) it was so so so so so cute and sweet to do so, even bubu ask me who the hell gave it to me as it tickles him why sent me a present just after knowing me for a week? hehe.. stupid pabo.. there is nothing in between us de :) 

i was so happy cos macam tak pernah dapat benda benda macam ni before secara tibetibe.. 

and guess what kat dalam?

its a book.. but not just any book.. its a secret book... hehe


its an ongoing community project in the US where people will send in their secrets on a side of the post card anonymously to this place and they compiled it an make it into a book :) this is their webpage.

cos i ni memang shallow sikit, this book is perfect for me!! not much words in it... all cartoon and secrets.. its so awesome!! ada yang scandalous.. ada yang very sad and emotional.. some are really inspiring and some are just plain hillarious! hahahaha.. kids as young as 5 sends in theirs as well.. cuteness overload!!

thanks so much you. you know who you are.. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sohai groupmate..

recently had been rushing for this presentation thingy in school so.. and one of it was a group presentation and my oh my when we chose the group that time hor i pitied this young boy that no one wants to group with cos of his weird english accent so i joined him knowing that he is a very very very useful asset cos he is smart and his english is the best in class but fuck then came another guy who was actually in another group but left them to join us and i was like oh my god, why must it be him leh?!!!!

then nevermind, our presentation topic was given to us.. hm.. i saw him giving his talk last year already and knows he talks grandfather story when he forgets his point so this year i wanna make sure that he gets all his facts before presenting but guess what, his relative passed away.. nevermind.. that one i understand.. its ok.. i did my slides and his slides for him as well.. that one i dont really mind, but when im done with my slides and i emailed it to him to go through 2 days before the presentation he say he will read it so good la but mana tau the day before presenting he still havent read wor but he can online facebook everything..

and when i thought of going over to his place to tell him about the presentation he is still at his hometown in Kelantan, OH MY LORD!! fucking assessed punye presentation and we the group pun tak buat any rehearsals whatsoever.. fuck man.. other than that i still need to prepare my individual presentation and study for the tests as well and everything was just so hectic and with the unprepared groupmate thingy im even more anxious and worried..

anyway i waited for him to come back to KL and went all the way to his house at 12.30am on the presentation morning itself to explain to him whats the topic all about.. and fuck he just dont get his part at first... then lepas tu dapat, tu nevermind, i gave him the easiest part to do edi.. then when it comes to explaining i wrote everything down in the additional notes space in the powerpoint slides but he suka jer use his own words kononnyer wanna try to be different.. i put it there to help him kan, i dont really mind if he use it bulat bulat cos the point is correct, but when he uses his own word to interpret it the whole meaning sudah tertukar !! omg!! i feel like jumping off his condo unit that time!! like seriously!! i rehearse with him 3 rounds, his part is only 6 mins la.. come on 3 rounds and he say he is tired wanna sleep!! oi brother, i slept for 2 hours for 2 nights and you think youre tired just by facebooking!! i smiled and then wish him goodnight cos there were a few of his housemate around so i just left....

i went home and continued my stuff and only got 2 hours of sleep again and then to school.. fuck.. then i rehearse with him again and the other smart boy, the smart boy gets the whole picture fast so his part went smoothly.. but hmm...

then the presentation started, mr-grandfather story went first.. surprisingly he is better than last night oh my gosh thank you.. and then mr-smarty pants turn and then mine.. after the whole session was over and we get our feedbacks and marks, our group scored the highest.. hm.. thats why i gave credit to myself.. for doing most of this shit.. the next presentation cant be like this anymore and i have to be stucked in that group throughout this sem.. gosh!! 2 more presentations with them lagi.. 

kill me!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


yuhooo... MIA much.. was having presentation and exams yesterday and today.. so much for CNY week hor.. spoil my mood and now im super super duper tired!!

two presentation one group one individual.. group presentation we rocked and got the best compliment and marks over the rest :) hahaha.. all thanks to me.. yes!! ME! i know im perasan but yes i need to give credit to myself cos i was the one who did all the fucking slides till 6 in the morn and on days i dint even sleep while the other group members were each having their own fucking...dot dot dot *breathe* will talk about that later..

im now in Johor everyone!! wohoo!! cant wait to eat my grandma's hainanese chicken rice balls.. tonight im gonna have a nice fucking sleep, get all rehydrated and pay my sleep debt and tomorrow will be a better day!! yes!! night people...