t u l s

t u l s

Monday, October 31, 2011

englishmen no understand asian hairstyle..

so i thought of chopping off all my long hair...

and yes i went..

guess what..

i look like freaking bee gees..

my sideburn is gone...

im just speechless..

im trying to comfort myself saying everything will be alright... haha.. it will grow back OMG I FEEL LIKE A RETARD!!!

jasonisahe, when you see me next month dont laugh ok! :)

i look like this but uglier! lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Sunday, October 30, 2011

when you zong yi(like/love) someone older..

this post is specially dedicated to ZY..

so couple of years back i used to date this guy thats older than me, erm.. well you can say that he has everything you want in potential bf  and that he has made me raise my criterias in looking for a bf after him.. so anyway.. he was 7 years older...

so things to expect in an older guy in a student's point of view:

1. he is more experience

2. he is career driven and financially stable

3. he is romantic

4. he is mature

5. he is someone you feel secure with

but thats not always the case..

1. experience is more of a qualitative thing, yes they may that: "yea older people is more experience(in everyway including sex)" but they are also capable in tricking you to have sex and then leave you after that with the same kinda experience..

some still virgin at the age of 30, so how? very experience meh?... neh...

2. career driven and financially stable?

thats not always the case, you will often get customer service exec la.. admins staffs la etc.. IT execs are a hell lot.. haha.. lets just not go there.. those who are really financially stable is either taken or straight! lol

3. romantic?

not always the case, how can you ask a shy guy to be romantic? its another subjective thing.. and romantic on its own is define in many different ways too! you may think that flowers and fancy meal is romantic, but some thinks that romantic = popping corn and enjoying a movie at home.. to some it might be hiking and jungle tracking.. lol..

4. mature?

he could be more childish than you! remember! lol

5. security?

if youre a bottom, you will tend to find someone bigger than you.. but if youre a 6 footer like me its gonna be difficult to find a top thats taller than you and fits your criteria, and i dont like to spend the rest of my life with an angmo and asians are generally shorter than me so its gonna be a hell difficult huh..


the moral of the story is...

screw your expectations...

as long as youre happy, then just do what you enjoy happy doing.. as long as you like him and he likes you, you dont have to care what other people say.. he doesnt have to be the most handsome guy on earth.. but to you he will always be.. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

booze again..

i just realize that the house that im living in one of the biggest house we students who came from malaysia are living in..

and so some powerful rich bitch suggested that why not i host a pre drinking party at my place before hitting the town for halloween thingy celebration clubbing shit..


so much of not drinking anymore..

my lovely housemates is so willingly to buy booze and so it was set...

the party will be coming in tonight with like around 20 over people bringing cakes and booze and everything else..

fingers cross no puking shit scene happen..

im not dressing up for halloween... such a spoiler! haha.. SLUT is my outfit already so i dont need anything else to wear on LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

hopefully everything goes well! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

prease do samting abourit!

my degree is a 2+2 programme which is self explanatory that i did my first 2 years in malaysia and two years in the UK but there are like a whole lot of malaysians who started their degree straight since first year here and from the 200 of my class half of them are malaysians who started off since first year..

they are here for at least 2 years now but their proficiency in english is just not up to par with the others..

ok fine, lets not compare the malaysians from the ang mos but seriously if you dont start speaking english and just mix with you own friends speaking in native mandarin thats not gonna help you at all in improving your language skills and communicating with the public in future for whatsoever reason..

we've been splitted into groups and in my group of 25, more than half are malaysians and you can easily spot who can speak and who cant..

its so funny when you try to speak with an accent and fail miserably? hahahahhaha... its kinda sohai and i also laugh inside my hati!

but seriously coming over here for 2 years and no improvement is a shame and you expect yourself to be a doctor, dentist / engineer whatsoever in the future? how do you wanna talk to your colleagues or patients without any barriers???

im not trying to boast my england or what but at least its decent and its an understandable americanized english..

sometimes i feel kinda embarrassed for whatever reason when they cant answer questions asked by lecturers just because they cant really express their ideas and thoughts through words cos of poor language vocab and understanding...

eee.. buck up buck up.. tulsie dont be a snobbish shit ok.. you just got here so always remember to be humble and noble ok... yes.. lol.. monologue much..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

my 400th post..

was talking to bubu yesterday and he knows that i cry in UK more than i did in malaysia..

bubu: dont worry about me la, i wont break down..

me: haha.. i know you wont.. was just talking to brainy smurf just now and he is on a ldr now..


haha.. i teared up when i found out about it..

lol, so emotional nowadays hor?

nola, UK very dry ma... makes my eyes too dry, have to moisturize it a lil..


talking about moisturizers its super cheap here in the UK! lol maybe not london la but me outskirt sikit so cheaper la! ahaha.. and got people's name ends with TONER so i think there is cleanser and moisturizer out there too! wtf!! haha..

"Beware of men who cry. It's true that men who cry are sensitive to and in touch with feelings, but the only feelings they tend to be sensitive to and in touch with are their own"
-Nora Ephron-

found this somewhere.. true ma? what do you think?

i think its quite true and it reflects most of the guys out there.. haha.. selfish bastards... including myself! haha....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the perfect boyfriend..

i stumbled upon this quote saying:

the perfect boyfriend






how true is that.. haha.. i mean the perfect boyfriend is definitely out there somewhere for everyone of us, its just whether we actually found that someone or not.. 

to find him is a problem, and when we really do found him, will he thinks that youre his perfect one? now thats another question to ponder! lol


i have my top candidate in malaysia! haha.. he is currently single and available! :) if any of you wanna cow him please go ahead and take your shot! lol.. he will be in marketplace this saturday night! lolol if youre ugly buy him more drinks cos sometimes when men drunk, double vision you might look ok! -kumar :)

i only saw HUGE COCK and nothing else! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

no more long distance..

its not that im coming back home..





bubu and i mutually agreed to separate(yay!!! ok fine those who were expecting this to happen you can rejoice now!! *rolleyes*)..

haha.. some of you might say: so fast cannot tahan..

for those who survived long distance relationship then good for you la thats all i can say..

its not easy to be on constant missing someone and when you are expecting him to be on skype and he is not there due to some reasons and being not able to tell you and you tend to wait for hours only to feel super exhausted in the end.. its usually him waiting for me..

its not easy to be waking up to his bed time.. being 7 hours behind time complicates everything.. when i come home from uni he will be sleeping soon and when i wake up he will be out.. contact time definitely is reduced drastically..

its kinda a relieved in a sense that i dont need to be constant worried about him seeing his friends, or go to the clubs, whether will he make friends with the wrong bunch, or whether someone is cow-ing him or something..

i dont have to be jealous, i wont need to doubt him, i wont need to question(or maybe argue with) him, not say that i dont care but at least if he really were to go out and mingle i wont feel that bad now that we are not together..

its not like im gonna take this opportunity to slut around(you guys are thinking it huh!!??)... think what you want to think la.. a slut can never change its spots la whatever la..

its so hard for me to cry but i did break down one day in front of bubu over skype.. haha.. to think of it happening is so funny cos i look so ugly then(not like im very good looking to start with)...

so whoever who wants to cow bubu, please go ahead.. he is a free man now lol

please dont ask me to stay strong or try to comfort me cos there is no need to do so..

im perfectly fine..

i think about him everyday like he is with me so i dont feel like its a break up and we still keep in touch everyday(its not an open relationship cos we dont believe in it)..

why not still continue long distance you ask....?

its not as easy as you think...

if we were to meet again in future... haha.. sometimes you create your own fate, but if really there is fate we will definitely meet each other again!

its not a sad post!! lol

Sunday, October 23, 2011

alcoholic noT!!!!!


back in haramland i dint even touch alcohol at all..

not that im muslim or what..

im just not exposed to it since young and its not very economical to drink it there and it taste funny anyway..

at most like once a year kinda thing..

now that im in UK, i drink like maybe once a month? ok la.. maybe twice a month..


i mean i just got here and the stats is still not constant or it still doesnt represent me kinda thing but yea..

i got tipsy twice already..

haha.. the feeling is ok ok la...

not that i enjoy drinking or what..

but the thing is people just ajak you and belanja you drinks and the whole pint of shit is in front of your face and if you dont drink you dont give face and its a waste of duit also...


i see my kawans muntah and all.. like s....ssuffering leh..

ee.. i have to stop liao .. hahaha.. i mean im not wasting any money on drinks cos its all treated by orangs..

but still..

people drink beer like drink water lor...

morning breakfast you pun nampak orang minums sudah..

anyway i came up with something lame..

the local drink here is Carling, some beer shit..

so.... food + beverage = bad, because for eg. HAM + CARLING = HAM CARLING..



i know..


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cold feet..

woke up for a lecture at 9...

had only 6 hours of sleep last night, blame it on masturbation...

anyway sekali bangun i was like FUCK! its damn bloody cold!

i tekan my phone and found out its freaking 4 degrees and autumn just started wtf!! they say its strange this year to have such temperature this time of the year but whatever..

i have to mandi cos my hair is so lalang-like so i put on my bath robe and walk to the shower..

omgosh the hot water is so nice but the shitty thing is the bathroom is so cold that the hot water turned cold when it reaches my kaki... cibai or not i ask you omgosh...

i didnt want to off the freaking water cos its super cold but kena jugak..


funny funny things happen...

a friend was brushing her teeth half way and she turned and looked at me as i was passing the toilet and ...

friend: hey..
me: what?
friend: i dont feel like rinsing my mouth..
me: huh?
friend: fucking cold...
me: so hai... ahahahahahahah

but seriously its damn cold..

i was at one of the hallways of hogwarts wtf!! its freaking awesome la!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


and so i started to use the word lol..

not in my everyday speaking life but in the online world la..

i dont like lol dulu cos i suka gelak macam gila and high pitch and i find whoever that uses lol instead of hahahahaah is kinda erm... erm... like that la..


im trying to integrate myself to the society.. lol.. sorta! hahahaha.. lame-o.. but the hahahah part of me still will be there sekali kala..

some times i do use lol then ahahahahaha but people question the act of it cos they say its stupid..

i know..

whatever la..

i like la..

at least i dont go "lol" when you need to laugh in real life scenario, now thats so hai!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

articuno is having some CRAIC!

it was 8 degrees celcius when i was walking to the lecture hall today ..

half way through something happened..

its kinda amazing... lol.. i mean its my first "mystical" breathing shit but still its kinda cool in a way..  so i was blowing my friends all the way to lecture hall.. :)

sorry for not drawing anymore cos i have no idea how to draw using MAC.. lol.. even if i did also cannot upload here de so no point.. so from now onwards its back to normal pics lor.. kihihi..

my pokemon blizzard technique will continue sampai winter habis i think.. kihihi.. so its awesome! :) and i learn a new word this time..

CRAIC! pronounce as crack

:) lol

its an Irish thing that means FUN i guess..

so, lets have some icy craic people! lol

Sunday, October 9, 2011

im not from china..

i get a lot of the below scenario and now to an extent i find it very annoying jor..

them: hello, are you from china?
me: no.. im from malaysia...
them: oh, are you ma..
me: no, im chinese.. (duh)
them: but youre from mala..
me: malaysia is a multi racial country... bla bla bla..
them: your english is really good huh..
me: *smile* (but actually in my heart i damn terasa like wtf, just because we are asians we cant speak good english one meh, CB)

its just the start of autumn and temperatures are reaching single digits now.. i wonder how winter will be :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

autumn kills everything...

i've been thinking alot.. its so not me.. cos i dont usually think..

life is not easy..


its autumn now..

the leaves are all dying and falling off..

everyone around is breaking up, some had to stop their course entirely and return home, some had problematic accommodation issues that are nasty and messy..

i know there are no perfect roads in life..

there will surely be a few bumps along the way..

after crossing the first few bumps and knowing the intensity of the pain and damage, automatically we will modify ourselves to make the next few bumps less bumpy and painful... (im not a car, just trying to relate..)

when i read about famine and stuffs happening around the world, i just feel grateful to be able to come this far...(bimbo...)


to those that thought life is hard, think again..

you think your life is difficult? there are worst out there..

so be grateful with what you have..

live everyday to the fullest..


its 4 in the morning and i should be sleeping..

so good morning everyone!! its a brand new day!! wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

the prize money i won from the competition all went to the few new outfits i bought for winter and also for formal outings plus a delicious pizza takeaway..

yes i know i need to save and everything but... i felt really happy spending money for once after coming here for more than a month now.. :)

moreover im not wasting my parent's money, i earn it with my voice... lol

my hair is getting longer day by day...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


so i was kinda busy with things lately..

- got my hospital attachments...

- got myself into pride! yea.. my first ever gay pride 2 weeks after reaching here and im loving it.. i even volunteered to help out the event and i was picked as a pride guide.. haha.. i know.. kinda cool.. and its also kinda awesome to be able to take part in the event and help out, contributing it back to the community..... ...which  is something impossible to do back home..

- sang my way thru a karaoke competition in an irish bar and won first prize! hahaha...

- went for my first football match...

- went for my first musical theater..

- went to the beach..

it was all free though.. freshers advantage.. i never wasted any money on alcohol but when i won the competition, free booze was thrown to my face like kegilaan and i got smua apa macam pun ada.. strongbow la, ham ka ling la, tequila la, vodka jelly wtf... its carling.. not ham kaling.. anyway it was fun and i really enjoyed myself..

thats the whole point isnt it..

to enjoy student life while you can..

till now sometimes i still cant believe im actually here..

well its not impossible, but its something rather unexpected..

and since im here, why not just enjoy it to the fullest kan? so till now im still not homesick at all, not missing anything just yet.. haha.. maybe later during winter la but... neh...

im a better cook than i used to be now... cooked for every meal ever since i came here.. such an auntie already.. comparing prices and all..

oh well.. till we meet again next time.. :)

a beach moment...

i miss you bubu...

wrote this when i was on the beach.. those footprints are mine.. haha.. i miss you..