t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

used, tossed, and gone...

sounds familiar? ...

yeah.. im sure everyone definitely went through that stage where they were there for someone in need, after lending a hand on certain issues, you are then ignored, its just as though you have no feelings and its just a ONS in this context a one day friend kinda thing, the next thing you know, you dont even know who that person really is.. and then he is gone.. 

sometimes in the process we thought we could be good friends with the person we are helping, but no.. ... that happened to me recently and it happened again with a friend.. by the same guy.. 

we were there to lend an ear when he needed us..

we were there to help him when he is sick..

we were there to bring him around cos he doesnt have a car..

now that he has someone else to himself or for some sort of reasons, we were brushed off and ignored just like that..

showed a lil concern asking him how is he on facebook and he replied with insults and words that shows no interest.. 

you must well not reply, people wont have anything against you then.. you are hurting that person directly la come on.. 

this is not the first time..

dont come looking for us when you're down ok, go find someone else.. we dowana dirty our shirts with your heartless tears..

if youre reading this.. you need to change somehow.. change for yourself.. 

you need to learn how things work in the real world.. with this kinda attitude.. you wont go far.. i can guarantee that..

grow up you bitch!!

all the best..

p.s. i dont hate you at all, youre not worthy enough..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bestie's coming back...

one of my bestie is coming back tonight..

im gonna go get her after this from the airport..

she was there for her last sem for her degree..


now that she's back, i'll have another person to bitch to when i need.. haha..

i can talk to her about anything at all except for the sex part..

she is still not used to this whole G thing.. 

telling her that i'm G and she goes.. you sure arr? or maybe youre just confused?



oh well..

2 nights ago we exchange a lil something over msn..

hey TULS, wanna tell you something..


since going to australia, ive gotten closer to A and B..

hahah.. yeah.. i know.. dont worry about it..

but i'll still be there whenever you need me..


since young, ive live a life where friends are everything to me, i even told myself that i cant live without friends.. practically i grew up in a broken family and not so well off to do so i was quite independent in every way possible a young boy could be.. 

work since 16 and i dont really have much close friends.. i think i developed a defense mechanism subconsciously that friends are essential but they come and go.. thats why im really not bothered by all these.. for a sec i would say that i feel weird hearing that from her but oh well, she's only human.. people change.. time may make us good friends again.. it may makes us stronger than before.. or it may not even help a little.. oh well..

friends out there.. its not that im pessimistic about this, its just that if it works then good.. if that someone changed then let it be.. you try to adapt whichever way possible to maintain that friendship but if it doenst work out.. hm.. oh well..

you will always make new friends and there will always be separation.. thats life i guess.. 

sometimes i wonder whether is it because of my family that made me G, but who am i to say.. i chose this path myself.. loving it still, so yea.. :)

friendship will never freeze in winter.. real friendship that is..

Monday, July 26, 2010


watched with bubu after work..

actually i dont even know what inception was so i googled it and it came out as The Beginning, Commencement etc..

so yeah..

so how exactly should i use the word ???


this is the inception of our relationship after 6 months of being together as an item..

we went through the journey to the west (some monkey hero movie going thru all sorts of obstacles to send his monk sifu to the west from the east for some scroll thingy then promoted to become monkey god kinda thing.. along the way there were like fox spirits aka SLUTs and all trying to stall the journey in this case our relationship:) hahahaha... ) just to reach this stage..

what am i feeling right now??

im grateful..

im happy..


its been 6 months..

cant wait for the one year mark..

i love you bubu..

this is the inception of the next level in our relationship..

hopefully stronger than ever..


Friday, July 23, 2010

can notice meh?!?!?........

i drove back from lunch today and as i was walking to the main office block from the car park, a gurl patted me on my back, she is one of my colleagues that seats the furthest from my cubicle..

hi TULS, can i ask you a question?

err.. yeah...

dont get mad ok...?

er... ... ok.

erm.. are you gay?

er... *act normal and smile* 

another colleague joined us from another direction and the convo died there..

went up to our working floor and we separated from the lift to our respective desk..

an email poped up!

sorry to have ask you such a question, i dint mean to. dont get angry ok..

the curious me decided to reply..

its ok. im not angry. why do you ask me that? do i look like one?

and she replied...

i have lots of PLU friends and im sure that you are one too from the way you dress (i can win best dress lo everyday to work no kidding) and all..

later that i told her that i am and its our little secret from then onwards. oh my.. i cant believe that someone actually noticed and even asked me about it in the office! its so wtf!! i still cant believe myself. but yeah.. not regretting telling her.. im not planning to hide.. so yeah..

..hopefully it wont be the next gossip in the office la..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i was a SLUT...


the blog's name is i was a  TULS

 just flip TULS over and you got yourself a SLUT!!!


i know..

its lame..

many asked..

                        why that title?!?!
                                                                   why that url??!??!

nothing else better to put is it?


i think why i put that is because it strikes me at that time!!

i was wondering what should i put and all.. then say why not i was a Slut?

curious of how slutty i was???

in 2008, i had at least 4 times a week.. with random people.. mostly in the gym.. :) which gym you wonder??!!??

lets just make it PJ.. not so precise..

so yea..

2008 i joined a gym.. thought of you know just trying to gain some extra muscles out of it but it turns me into a SLUT!!

i was hogging the end shower room everyday after workout and would signal people off to come in and have fun.. my body wasnt all that perfect at that time (not even now) but it was still good for a go i guess.. ahahah..

yea.. that was me.. a true slut.. i dont do it anymore though..

not a very good practice..

but its interesting :)

those sluts out there!! you know you like it right?!?!

the thrill whenever someone walks near, you will have to stop and wait for the coast to be clear before continuing..

you will have to shut the hell up no matter how hard you're getting banged!!

you will go and contest in the steam room or the sauna.. the winner and the runner up will then proceed to the shower for the prize giving ceremony!! hell yeah its a hell of a prize!!

im kinda lucky in a way that i always get at least a 6 inch trophy every single time!!

theres once i got this black trophy.. it was given by a student.. that was the best trophy ever.. i enjoyed that game the most in my entire life.. and i dint even feel tired or exhausted after that.. gosh that trophy was huge!! guess what game was it?!?!

ride me like a horse!! equestrian stimulation, LMAO!! hahahahahahaha

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

no betting...

the last time i gambled was during chinese new year.. erm.. half a year ago.. it was fun.. i remember i drove all the way to JB from Kluang, i  sped all the way and i reached bubu's place in 1 hour for a visit.. haha.. it was a spontaneous thing..

reached there the whole family was there.. haha.. so i sat down and papa bubu opened the mahjong table.. wohooooo!! awesome.. bro bubu joined the fun.. haha.. so it was a three way thing.. fun times..

so.. in conjunction of the world cup, almost everyone in the office, mostly the sales person will bet for every game and i was like so so tempted to gamble!!

b, wanna ask you something arr...


sempena the world cup hor, can i bet for tonight's game arr?



no means no.. i dowan you to get addicted..

err.. ok...

you better don't ar.. if you do i will ***** ***...

why so serious?!?


you also bet la..



ok la i bet RM1..

what the hell...??



*serious* RM1 also money mar, how much do you guys bet?

at least RM50..

no need!!

hahahah damn wtf.. hahaha