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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

i am a burden for you...

everyone will definitely feel this at one point in their life.. 

be it money issues, health issues, self confidence issues, being closeted etc..

in a relationship,

when you are down with financial problems, you will feel that you are burdening your other half if he or she needs to fork out money to buy you dinner or lunch, take you on a holiday that he or she wants to go.. or just day to day daily expenses.. 

same as health conditions, you feel that you will kinda burden the other partner in a way where his or her life will be obstructed in a way that needs to accommodate yours...

if you dont have a bf yet, you will be determined not to start a relationship..

if you are dating, you will be determined not to go any deeper..

the thing is.. what if the other person really loves you?

when it comes to love, sometimes little things like these doesnt really matter..
yes you may say that when we are in love we dont really think straight(if you are gay youre not even straight in the first place)...
put that aside,
what if he is the one for you, and what if suddenly somehow that "burden" is somehow resolved and somehow you lose a chance to be with him... thats just ridiculously stupid isnt it?

try putting yourself in the other person's shoes and think..

what if you are the one who is dating a person who suddenly have a "burden" in his life...
what are you gonna do? how would you feel if he pushes you away...
what if he pushes you away without giving an explanation?
life is never like the movies where the main characters kinda reveal the "burden" or the burden was revealed by some friend and they both found out they love each other blablabla.... happily ever after... nah..

most of the time, those burden are kept secret and life goes on....

so ... all these burden, are them all yours to bear?

did you ask for it?

the answer is NO..

if there is someone that is willing to go through the path of difficulties with you with their level best with no regrets and complain, why not let them try... there wont be any harm to him or you...

yes some required a lil more sacrifice than the rest but.. thats just life...

nothing is easy in life..

you only live once...

grab the opportunity when it is presented to you...

to those who are still reading till now, I love you a lot.. and there are people out there that loves you to if you let them..

always remember, you are not a burden..


  1. yup true. When u are in a relationship, never feel like u be a burden to them because it's like u're looking down on their feeling towards u and as if this 'burden' will affect the relationship somehow

  2. even if the heart tells you to be selfish for those moments and enjoy being cherish, loved, to be cared for and all… it's a burden...

    1. well, talking like an expert, why not you share your sexperience with us here? lol hahahaha....

  3. Awesome post. I agree whole heartedly :)