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t u l s

Saturday, July 21, 2012

airshow omgosh...

the airshow was great... but the people were greater! so many hotties and im like oh my gosh.. i cant really turn to one place where there are no lengzai one...


here are some pics la...

im going again tomorrow!! ahaahhaha.. im not desperate ok! just that the weather was nice for a change and just like boomz la!!! :) hopefully more pics coming up!! :)

 7 ........... why is this shot blurrrrrrrrrr????????????? stupid sun!!!!!!!!!!
 12 ........... i love this pic to the max la... the boy is so cute and will be deaf by 12 years of age period.



  1. i am going to go for number 7, imagination is a very advance photoshop skills. XD

  2. bumber one, but face a bit eeeeww... LOL

  3. nombor satu thank you! hope more are coming =P

  4. wahhhhhh... all also want number one... number one is the first guy i saw after coming out of the bus leh.. hahahaha...

    too bad can see cannot touch... what a shame la...