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Saturday, July 28, 2012

duck and cancer...

so i was working at the chinese takeaway last night and a middle aged man came in with some einstein kinda hair with the hamsap kinda look and came up to me to make an order..

heya, so what can i get you today?

hm..... let me seee........ *flip menu flip flip flip flip*

hm.... do you have roast duck?

erm.... yup, and what sauce would you like?

well, pineapple!

ok... and so, would you like it to go with chips, boiled rice or fried rice?

fried rice would be great!

alright, anything else?

mmm... can i have some prawn toast...


and some spring rolls...


and thats everything...

*went into kitchen and gave the order*

*after a minute......*

you know what? youre the first customer that ordered duck dish so far for the few weeks that i had been working here... .... i mean, maybe its cos its the most expensive dish to order i think.. (duck dishes are practically a pound or two more expensive than the other meats..)

ha... well, life is short, we'll just have to enjoy it to the fullest ei..


*pointing at himself* ive got myeloma, so.... i try not to think about what to eat or not to eat...

*my heart sank that instant*

then we kept talking the whole time about his family, his life, his health while waiting for his food to be prepared ..

its merely 10 15 minutes but so much went thru my mind la..


are these signs for me not to think or worry about stuffs too much and just chill the fuck out and move on? haha....


ive got only saturdays free for this week cos im working tomorrow again... and the next free day will be saturday liao...



  1. y la ur blogpost recently so emo-tic one... deaf la... myeloma la... T__T

    1. oooo.. i like your new blogger profile pic!!! :)

      things around me are happening that way.. i also cannot stop it from coming de ma... lol... im ok la dont worry!! :)

  2. Why you post all people so emo?.. lol.
    But scared me la.. I thought you going to say like you get cancer from eating too much duck or something.. I eat duck almost everyday.. LOL

    1. hahahahahaha u eat duck almost everyday!?!? :P

    2. Same thought here~ I like ducks a lot too ><

    3. @leonut ~ why you eat duck every day wor!??!?!

      @j-boy ~ is he a duck=g***lo? lol....

      @ms.F ~ i love duck too but i think the best is still the one in ipoh one la... aiyor my air liur is coming outtttt!! lolllll

  3. live life to the fullest everyday eh? but what if your life didn't have anything to make it fullest?

    1. good point!!! will note that down and think of something to write about in the future!! lol...

  4. its a sign! Go and have fun nao!!!

  5. awww. yup, live your life to the fullest. GAY AND AWAY !!

    1. hello kiddystick! *hugs*.... loud and proud!! :)