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t u l s

Sunday, August 19, 2012


terima kasih to those who wished me in the last blog post and also those who sent me whatsapp and text messages from across the world! :)

talk about appreciation, sometimes we only treasure and appreciate things when they are gone.. well.....maybe most of the time.. haha..

when im studying, i cant wait to work..... but now that im working, i start to appreciate studying and living a student's life..

final year of uni is coming to a start soon... and i will definitely try to make the most out of it knowing that its gonna be gone forever...


......oh yea..

selamat hari raya to all muslim kawans out there celebrating...
received a message from bubu on my birthday..
i really missed malaysian food... urgh... and all the open house that i will miss now that im here..
haha.. to be honest, its quite weird..
hopefully this two weeks will be the last two weeks of me working and thats it..
its like im kinda expecting it to come and was like preparing myself for it but its just... i dont know..
i really need a break before uni starts again..
its different..
maybe i will try getting a weekend job in the related field.. but most prolly not i think..
its so vague.. i feel like he is slowly disappearing from me...
oh well..
as much as i wanna preserve what we had before.. its just going away bit by bit... 
more work tomorrow...

but at least im going back to the branch i used to work.. stupid new place i went last week was horrible!! and i spent 1/3 of my birth day there.. stupid place.. urghhhh..

my life is so dull now...

i need something to brighten it up again...

although this year's birthday wasnt as boomz as last year but i least i still have friends who cared for me online :) lack of attention much but whatever la.. haha...


i feel like eating nasi lemak sambal sotong... :(


  1. happy belated birthday.. stay vogiu and boomz always :)

  2. you did not celebrate there one meh?
    wa... so busy until like tat a? =<

  3. Lol, next time come back, I treat you to Nasi Lemak ok ?


    1. u better treat me rather than tuls . he will always diarhea when he eats nasi lemnak ,...then he will draw pictures of himself exploding from the back