t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

im old...

so the birthday dah lepas.. :)

anyway i felt older cos memang la another digit has been added to the umur..


that aside.. about work...

at first the summer placement was contracted to last for 6 weeks but due to outstanding performance shortage of staff the placement was extended to 10 weeks.. and now i think its gonna be extended to 14 weeks liao/until uni starts(whichever later)... wah i write cibai macam sign contract due date bank stuff sial...

so basically im quite full time liao working..

that one actually still bearable but the thing i no likey is that, i was asked to "help out" another branch that was 40 mins bus distance away, ok fine, never mind, i took it as a challenge, accepted it and test out my diversity and versatility in adaptation, its been 2 days in the new area and i felt like i was a kuli, a slave, the place was so so so busy i never stop for a break while working apart from the lunch break i get and sumore missed the bus home on the first day cos i forgotten about the time and exceeded my working hours..

my back is aching due to the stupid low work desk, cant blame my tallness...

i hope its just for this week only cos i dont think i would wanna work there anymore.. the staffs are quite crap, a few of them.. but like what to do, i cant complain la.. im just a "helper"/unqualified student for now..

as long as i put up a good image so next year it would be easier to do stuffs and present myself to the boss/area manager etc la... and hopefully wont get such a crap area to work...

so tuls,

bertahan and sabar la ye.......


  1. "i took it as a challenge, accepted it and test out my diversity and versatility in adaptation"
    wa.... tuls you sound so pro now.. hahhaha

    happy birthday, i can celebrate nxt year liao with ya hahahahha

  2. Let just hope it will only last till end of this week. this and the takeaway job sumore..sure can die if keep going on like this >_< *hug hug*

    btw, add already meh ur age??i thought in couple of days more then only u be my age...LOLLLL =P

  3. ooohhhh bertahaaannnn!!!!!!! *peluk kuat2*

  4. sabarlah tuls .. especially hat bulan ramadhan ini..
    take it as a cabaran from yang maha esa.. ;p
    helper? got bake shit cake or not? lol ;p

    btw, if u r old.. then what am i? ;p

  5. [First of all, please delete that H square... that was my friend's account.. i didn't realise he was signed in ><]

    [back to business]
    Happy birthday!!! (I don't know the exact date though ><)
    As for work, gambateh and be patience. Sure u can make it =)

  6. oh boringnya .cant u write abt sex ?

  7. and i feel that jason has a slightly larger breast than average

  8. TULS, u are forever young and cute to me! Never u dare mention the o word in front of me!


  9. Yup, stay strong.

    Jie jie didn't know that you are versatile.


  10. happy belated birthday ok?

    the older the wiser~

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  11. Happy belated birthday!!
    Anyway, working life is like that. Actually the more extra work you do, the more you learn (and you will have the edge compared to others cos you've been through lots of things). Stay strong and take it as a part of your learning process lor. (;

    Happy belated Birthday again!!