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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lapan Mei...

seeing fellow Leonut's post saying that he is celebrating his blog's second anniversary made me realize that mine is another year older than his.

Three years liao... and still blogging.. haha.. so rare la..

when i was younger i dont like writing karangan, i dont really like to write at all, my writing skills are limited, tenses and grammar all kelam kabut one, haha.. and pieces that i wrote are usually bland and dull, i dont really know how to create suspense and bring emotions to what i write, usually la, but.. haha.. oh well...

they say blogging and writing more could improve your writing bla bla bla nonsense.. hahaha.. how would someone improve with this kinda writing, without apostrophes, no letter casing whatsoever and the whole post is filled with HAHAHAHAHAHAs -.-

but this is definitely a place where i can pen down anything and everything and I can dont really care what people say..

so, lets have a toast!


this is to HOPEFULLY another year of crazyboomzier me and posts filled with those! hahahahaha...

Happy Third Anniversary Bloggie.


  1. selamat ulang tahun..
    and u shld glad that u didn't write karangan like this .. hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah ;p

  2. Cheers to you the real leonut.. hahaha, if you get what i mean.. =3

  3. happy birthday..eh happy birthday to your bloggie!

  4. Perhaps more on you and Keith's journey ?


  5. Oh... Baru 3 thn... Selamat ulang thn dr saya. Semiga anda boleh menulis lebih byk crita2 yg hebat2 & sensasi!! (;

  6. U make me feel so ancient! Doh! But yeah... Keep on writing!

  7. thank you everyone! :) its been a pleasure! :) now still exams leh.. sienzzzzzzzz... *hugs*