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t u l s

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

things i like about Keith...

lol, i want to do a series on this... see boleh capai brapa banyak! :)

so Number 1, he change his sheets every 2 weeks! never fail.


more gangho than my mum!!

our sohai weather in malaysia so teruk have to change more often kan? tidak.. i think i change once a month in msia

this cooling weather in UK also he change every 2 weeks, this one i really feel very comfy...

so, i give medal! :)

he puts loads of conditioner and it smells realllllll good!!

this one his mumma really taught him well.. hahahahaha...

exam thursday, everyone add oil for me k! muacks!!


  1. Replies
    1. sweet? it smells good nia... stress until pimple out liao! lol

  2. Your drawing makes me crack! Hahaha. How good of he to do that. Sweet sweet sweet ;)