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Sunday, May 25, 2014

unexpected exchange over grindr!!

i was having my usual lunch break on friday when i switched on grindr, moments later, a message popped up that goes like this:

i just joined grindr, and instantly your picture pops up, i just felt like i should let you know you look dashing in that outfit. hehe, you suit it, and the bow tie is really cute.


that really put a smile straight to my face.. and i felt that this is gonna be good and true enough i spent my whole afternoon juggling between work and talking to him..

conversation flow just so smoothly even if my work was in the way...

i couldnt take my hands of grindr.. well, my attention was solely towards that conversation and for the first time i did not even go back to see who else texted us there..

guess what, he is a virgin.

gosh! am i really such a virgin magnet?! seriously..


anyway, as we chatted on, we found so many similarities between us, this is the first time in a long time since i felt this way, we are of the same age, the same height, the same weight, same number of siblings and same # in terms of ranking, same values, same goals in relationships..

and we have our difference too, he is white who is attracted to asians, im the opposite, he could speak dutch italian french and a little german and tagalog and I could speak mandarin kantonese malay and a little korean and jap and tamil lol(perasan) but English unites us, we kinda say that he conquers the west while i rule the east! lol hahahaha....

he is such a breath of fresh air and is never ever totally not someone i would expect to find or talk to on grindr..

since then i have intention or the urge to talk to anyone else..

did i mention that he has long curly hair? like if i were to date him he would be my first ever guy with long hair!

he is fully out and is super super cute! and did i mention that he is 6'1? omgosh!! so hot!!!!

well i havent met him real life but as we chatted on in grindr, we kinda upgrade to whatsapp shortly and started to send voice clips, omgosh his accent is so so so so americanized! like a total american! did i mention that he is Belgian? hahahaha... he is so fair!! and im tan!! 

saturday morning we then upgraded to skype and since then we started skyping all day! hahaha.. i mean i went out in the noon for a meal and movie with other friends but after coming home we skyped thru the whole evening and till now...

im just so...

he is just so... wow.. i even told myself that if I would want to find someone like him in the future!

we clicked like at so many levels!!!

well, im obviously attracted to him!

and he is obviously the same!

and for him being a v and a noob i kinda go slow on him..

i wouldnt wanna do anything with him until i have a confirmation that i can stay here to work.. i dont want another heartbreak to happen 2 months down the line if things dont work out right..


i think this is the right time, like he came at the right time, like he would be another motivation for me to stay here and fight for what i want...

remember my criteria of boyfriend? well, guess what? he MET ALL OF THEM! LIKE ALL!!! OMGOSH!!!!!

really! TIAN AHHH......

im gonna go sleep now and have sweet dreams now! hahahaha...

i miss you guys alot! muacks...

i shall name him........ Russel because Brussels is the capital for belgium! So yea, Russel it is!


  1. I'm happy that u're happy again =)

    1. you happy also have to do it twice is it? hahahahahahah

  2. I'm happy that u're happy again =)

    1. im really happy today and yesterday!.. hha... entah la.. i feel its gonna be shortlived but im gonna try to be optimistic about it! :)

  3. Belgian American talking to Malaysian Chinese in UK... What a United Nations combination!

    1. hahahahah he is Belgian who speaks like an american abang! lol... ahhahaha.. but... yea... quite UN la i feel! hahahahaha

  4. *thumbs up*

    Haha despite the similarities, one has had much more sex than the other :P

    1. hohohohoho... this is super super super true!!! :)