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Saturday, July 5, 2014

im coming home...

thanks for those who commented in the last post, and to those who texted and called.. thanks thanks so much... my exam went great, to be honest i didnt really study for it for the past month, maybe cos I'm consistently doing it over the year. 

after that intense insomnia, i know if i dont do anything i wont get to sleep... and so i contacted a reader/friend who wanted to help me a few years ago when i first got here and was in deep shit... although he was busy at work but he terus bought me my flight tix home :) :) 

maybe i will need to sell buntut to bayar him back! hahahaha...

but anyway, at least that is settled.. so peeps, Im Coming Home soon..

work wise, I dont have a definite answer from my current employer yet but he contacted me last week and said that he wants me to apply for the position he is gonna post next week just for the visa formality, it states that they need to make sure there are no other local candidates could take up the place before they will consider foreign workers.. urgh.. stupid sohai visa thing...

i cant really argue so i will just apply for it la, he also got say that the chances of me getting it is very high and said that they already plan to hire me but just need to do this so that they can explain it to the immigration department if they ever ask...

its all verbal la but hopefully they mean what they say la.. im being optimistic but im not chucking all my hopes in it.. haha... actually i did...


hopefully everything turns out good la..

if i get the job then i will be back for a few months then balik sini liao :)

since i moody i havent had sex.. :( thats so rare... i even rejected sex offers, thats like so not me LMAO! hahahahahahaha

i need to get my sexty back soon... lol


  1. nice to see u a little more perked up


  2. Yayyyyy let's meet up!!! :D :D :D

  3. dun forget to find me ya ~ niaseng!

  4. I will be going back home too...but only for a week! I hope we can meet up!