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t u l s

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

suck fingers while driving...

the journey was long, it was a 5 hour drive and baby Carter was starting to get sleepy..

baby, can you talk to me..

what you wanna talk about..

anything, i just wanna be awake..

you want coffee? you want a break?

we are almost there... so maybe not..

erm.... well... do you want a blowjob?


if blowing can wake you up... i would... lol

and there he goes telling me all about his past car-blowjob-sexperience etc etc and i was pretend listening...

he knew i was not focusing on his stories, he took my right hand with his left and put my index finger in his mouth and he started sucking it..

what the fuck are you doing??


ok, i admit, i have a sensitive finger, and when its in someone's oral cavity, gone la gone la, i twitch and twerk on the passenger seat as though as i was having a fit...

and with that, Carter is awake..


and also little TULS...


and then little Carter too...

the end.

we arrived at our destination moments later.

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