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t u l s

Friday, January 30, 2015

cake-breaking love..

we were having one of our usual weekly dates. this time round it was in Alexis Pavilion. their cake selection always look tempting and so we ordered 2 of those.

lets call them cake A and cake B..

i took a scoop of A and immediately i fell in love with it. Cake B is... well.. not my kinda thing at all. just one bite and that is it for me.

Carter loves cake A as well. so... being the understanding boyfriend i am *fliphair* i started eating cake B and asked Carter to eat cake A..

he saw and he knew that i love cake A and so...

nah, you eat cake A la... i know you like cake A.. *took cake B from me*

dowan la.. you eat la, i can eat this cake..

no, you eat cake A..

*i tried to take cake B from him*

and without warning, he took his spoon and smash cake B twice.

i look at him for 1.5 seconds and i laugh like mad.. and he laughed like crap too..

see, this one ugly already, you take cake A...


memang menyampah right? urgh.... lol....