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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

stalker ex-blogger...

an old blogger that i know sent me a fb message in september but i only realize it in january.. it goes..

hey TULS, add me again, its been sometime...

i was curious about why i dont him as a friend anymore on fb.. lol and so i added him back.. and then moments later..

thanks for the add

heya, i'm at work, talk later k..

btw me and xxx(another blogger) are no longer friends..

doesnt really concern me la.. lol

back in KL?


hey did you get my new number? btw where are you working now?

no i did not...

at mont kiara?

i was shocked... i didnt want him to know where exactly im working la not that im really close to him.. so i just said


at 1montkiara?

that is a little creepy already




plaza damas?


by this time i already dont feel like talking to him anymore..

hey, wanna meet tomorrow?

erm.. im not free

and a few more occasions he did ask me out but once i was celebrating Carter's birthday.. and a few more times i was with family and also spending time with Carter..

Okay. I guess that means you'll probably not be free for any meetups at all.. Bye and have fun

i deleted him off facebook, and i make sure i will always disable my location before sending text to sohais.. and i finally realize why i dont have him on my fb.. so not worth my effort and time..

*flip hair*


  1. You are so famous ma, so everyone wants to meet you *wink*

    1. im not famous -.- and the annoying thing is that he was so pushy... whatever la... its over anyway..

  2. anyway .. where do u usually park in mont kiara? the parking fee costs a bomb. wtf

    1. hahahahahahahah.. i dont work there la!!! i dowana work there... i dont even go there... lol

  3. stalker alert krik krik krik~ market super open looo