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t u l s

Thursday, August 11, 2011

bubu's month..

i declare that the month of august is officially bubu's month..


2 weeks more and im off..

it would be quite some time before meeting him again..

everyone ask us to fully utilize the remaining time we have here together and thats what we have been doing..

its as though the wife is sending his husband off for war like that! hahahaha...

in this malaysian queen bed, we are gonna be 7000 miles apart.. not as teruk as 10000 miles like rihanna but still.. its gonna be far :)

but this war hor the husband wont die kena tembak, but maybe will mati kena disease yang zalim eg AIDS etc kalau terfling tak guna helmet cos sana risiko amat la tinggi banding ngan tanah air kita..

lots of people say that, tuls, trust me, you go over there sure fling one.. cos cannot tahan one.. bubu so far, and all the potatoes so yummy...

some can even say you have to try one go there, if not meaning you dint fully experience the lifestyle overseas..

got such thing meh?



another challenge for the slut... haha

i shall prove them wrong *wink*


  1. ya!prove they are wrong!!!!!!! (altho i am abit doubted) hahaha

  2. bring 1 home to share, then it'll be complete. 3some + potato

    :P hehehe

  3. Like the spirit :-) The true love in gay community counts on u!!! Cheh wah~ So heavy punya responsibility. Haha Good luck

  4. Prove them (or us..as I m also doubtful..) wrong. Not easy, but please try, your best as u love him.

  5. @AJ + Naughty prince ~ :) yea...

    @deicidal ~ omgosh... i dont do 3some de... takut.. hahahaha.. too much to handle..

    @le chatelier ~ hahahaah.. heavy kan? i pun rasa *rolleyes* hahahahaha...

    @skyhawk ~ yea...