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t u l s

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

visa thing damn sien..

right.. my appointment was booked at 1.15pm..

its written there you are allowed only to in 10 minutes before..

so ok lor bubu and i reached there around 12.30pm.. minum abit then at 1 i went up..


the serving number is 21 and my number is 36!!

if one application takes about 10 mins, then how?

then i was like wondering what the fuck went wrong la?

takkan make appointment pun susah meh?

then i realize that as long as you make an appointment they dont fucking care what time you reach they will still issue you a number.. and lots of them have appointment in the morning but come in the noon and so i was fucked and bubu had to wait till 3pm baru i lepas...

what the fuck!

anyway i submitted my application jor.. now i will just hope for the best..

selamat berbuka puasa to my fellow muslims :) 28 more to go!! fighting!!


  1. cheer bro...
    that our government lo...
    must sabah....

  2. we want souvenirs, thanks ah, LOL

  3. omg tuls serious shit??????????
    I was there today!!!!!
    my appointment was on 11.45am, i reached there at 11am. Took train some more. no one teman me so i had to wait there. So 11.30am I went in, waited until 1.15pm only my turn.... WTH!!!!! =.=
    You were there today?????!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. anda fasih berbahasa melayu ?, saya fasih tahu!

  5. @naughty ~ :(

    @orange-wee ~ hahahahahaa...

    @ninja ~ i was there the day before.. hm...

    @ooi2009 ~ er... im a malaysian.. of course i fasih.. *rolleyes*.. duh!!! :) hahahahaha