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t u l s

Saturday, August 27, 2011

pee 2 ways...

have you ever pee-ed 2 ways before?


the uncut ones will be smiling now cos mostly everyone would have experience it at least a few times in their lives cos of the folding of the foreskin..

so next time pull the foreskin to reveal the pee hole baru pee, with that no smelly urea smell after that so blowjob also easier.. just wipe the hole with tissue or wash with water then ok liao..

this is the new kill 2 birds with one stone = fertilize 2 plants with one dick!!!


  1. there's an iPhone game like this right? the monkey has to pee on the flowers to make them grow. hahahaha

  2. Tuls, feel free to come to my garden and help me fertilize my orchids.


  3. i tak tau pun can pee 2 ways,hahaha
    can cum 2 ways also?hahaaXD

  4. i also dun know can pee two ways de...