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Saturday, June 2, 2012

friends come and go...


some people find it hard to make any friends.. maybe its because of their own personality, timid shy type.. maybe its because they have that dont-talk-to-me face... maybe because they dont want to... maybe they just dont need anymore friends?

while some people are quite easily approached and have got tons of friends... well, needless to say im one of them..

not to say im really proud or what...

when you have no friends, you complain you have no friends...

when you have too many friends, they will complain saying that you have no time for them...

if lets say i got... just say for example la, i got 1000 friends... and in a year there are only 365 days... how am i gonna have the chance to contact all of them in a year given if a day i meet two also not enough...


i cannot say i didnt put effort to be a good friend...

i cannot say i tried my best because i did not...

sometimes you just dont have the time.. there are so many things happening around at the same time...

i just lost touch with malaysia and most of the friends there..

what can i do?

i cant really do anything...

not to say i want that to happen...

they say good friends will understand and put all that behind and continue being a friend bla bla bla and friendship doesnt freeze in winter kinda thing...

i still believe but like... hm.. sometimes i just feel like finding a boyfriend and just delete everything else.. if i want to i can but what for...

friends in malaysia even though how much i wanna keep in touch also, there will still be the distant gap there cos of the lack of contact and close proximity or live human flesh bone touch thingy whatever...

im not some rich bastard who can go back to malaysia every fucking holiday... if i am i will but what the hell...

im not fed up with life.. im just fed up with having too many friends?

should i just stop making friends then?


i think i should...


for those that you think i have neglected you, im sorry la... i didnt really mean or want to...

if i end the post here like this its gonna be quite cut stim... but whatever la..



  1. why emo-ing at this hour? LOL

    1. oh well.. seems conducive anyway... thanks last night....

  2. Replies
    1. (Good) Friends are like family. They will be there when you (really) need them. Well, (sometimes) family will be there whether you need them or not. Lol... (:

      Cheer up. From what I read/see/understand, you have plenty of (good) friends and an awesome family (;

  3. You are boomz that's why you have tons of friends Tuls.

    I used to have lots of friends, then I kinda neglected them when I moved away, and started working, or basically just too busy to have a 'life'. So I kinda understand what you are saying.

    I guess you really can't have time for everyone.

  4. Having tones of friends, i really dont see the point lo..

    I rather have 5 close friends then 1000 friends.. I dunno la.. Last time high school and all, friends with everybody, can talk freely with everybody. But like, when like working in pairs, never once on the top of people's minds. Always second or third to be chosen.. Haih. Emo nemo. Maybe i face problem la..

    5 close friends and a boy friend ba.. Haha!

    1. i have close friends too.. but still... .... oh well...

  5. I have that don't-talk-to-me face. Plus my timid shy personality. Hard for me to make new friends without the other person makes the first move. =[
    Anyway, I do believe that true friends won't even notice your short of presence. They'll always feel part of you is with them all the time.
    So, don't emo over cannot being together with them all the time. This blogpost shows how much you care about them. Cheers mate!

    1. *hugs*

      well, usually im the first mover.. so dont worry.. in life there is a need of a balance of both types of people... so dont worry.. youre not the only one de trust me...

      cheers mate quite geli... so ang mo... hahahahaah...

  6. Straight to the point again tuls... could not had put it better any other way =)

    But then, I still believe that true friends will stay friends regardless... some friends do stay for life, even in different part of the world... =)

    1. mm... i believe too de... *hugs*

  7. haha glad I don't have this problem coz i'm not the type of person that bothers to make lots of friends. too lazy to socialize and be a social butterfly..

    I have a few close friends, but even with them I don't keep in touch very often.. but somehow when we get together it's like as though we were never apart kind of feel haha.. and we can just talk and makan and go for trips like back in the schooling days :)

    Other than that, I'm pretty happy spending time on my own... i'm the loner type :P

    1. im like that too.. as in the second prgraph.. jboy arr.. i got no mood tibe tibe... lol... crap... snap out of it..... i need the trip....

  8. walao........ tot u made too many fren there till u forgot abt us liao leh @@

    1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. long time no hear from you liao.. well, sometimes memang really forget de.. then when you look back at pics and stuffs only you will realize... hm.. they were there for me... then you start to recontact them back... but yea... i think thats life huh... .... *hugs*

  9. Just read your whole blog after our long conversation on FB...LoL! - Little Lies - is best serve while its still hot kan...hahaha..
    BTW, don't think too much okay. Friends do come and go but if you treat each passer-by nicely I'm sure you'll do well. Never mind wether they remember you or not but make sure each time you cross path with them worthwhile! It doesn't matter if you're pretending or acting and you don't have to feel shit bout doing it cause my friend there are millions of peeps who does that every single millisecond. Rejoice and enjoy you trip and have a blast. Rooting for you here back home in Malaysia. Take care of yourself bud, you are far from home and not easy to reach. :D

    1. before you comment back don't be mad because of my typo...lol takot abg tuls suk marah kalau salah eja hahaha cause just realize ade salah eja cause type too fast..hahaha... >whether< hehehe

    2. please arr... what abang tuls!! im younger ok.!!! forever young and cute thanks!! lol.... and please la.. i will be the last person to be mad at typo!! lol.. malaysian percakapan memang banyak yang typo tapi as long as i memahami secara brief pun dah sekadar ok dah.. lol.. and i like your exaggeration of the millisecond thing! wah.. macam power sangat! lol.. but yea... sekian terima kasih a lot la sayang... i miss hugging you btw... youre very HUGGABLE! hahahaah... dont worry im not trying to promote you or anything... :) you bertake care kat sana jugak la... heard that the temperature macam sangat the tinggi.. i will wilt and die there i think.. lol...

      friends come and go... but yet youre still there.. :) ei your google profile pic memang boomz la.. i tengok macam you sedang mengorat me dari dalam... amat dahsyat tau!!! lolllll....