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t u l s

Monday, June 4, 2012

planning is not easy..

its crazy!!!

its really not easy to plan a 10 day trip to countries you never been to... 

you have to take account:

1. Time difference

2. Weather difference

3. Language difference

4. Transportation once touch down

5. Transportation to go around

6. Dos and donts in each countries

7. Where to go

8. What to eat

9. Budget

10. What to bring

11. Estimate time of visiting each attraction site

12. Check opening times for each

13. Admission fee for certain places

14. Streetsmartness

15. Plan B for everything

to those sebelum ni who plan anything for me, really amatlah berterima kasih so so so so much.. haha... better thank later than never.. lol... im only half way there... asking around still for some stuffs..

have to gao dim packing for my room now also cos moving out end of the month so thats gonna take some time too..

a friend is coming to visit once i balik from europe and then the next day my work will start...


so packkkkk!!


hopefully i wont screw this whole thing up!! lol...

i can imagine myself going to work with a sun burn and a peeling nose... urgh... so unattractive!!! hahahaha...


  1. bonjour, buongiorno, hola ...
    luckily there's one language that you can use in all 3 countries..
    BODY LANGUAGE ( am sure u have no prob with that kan? ;p )
    have a safe and fun trip :)

    1. oooooo... pandainyer sayang!! i like your thinking!! hehe.. no wonder you vogiu diva!!! :)

      thanks muacks!! :)

  2. yes planning for trips can be super stressful especially when you've never been there before.. requires lots of research to come out with a travel itinerary haha.. coz we always want to maximize our time there and see and do as much possible mah :)

    But this is what they call eustress, in a way it's a privilege to experience this type of craziness :)

    1. :)

      eustress this word i learn during EST form 4... hahahaha...

      dah 3 hari leh... left one more country... fml...

  3. u miss out where to stay~~
    n u can ask for English version of menu in France~
    Have FUN!!!

    1. omgosh! pandainyer i left out the most important thing on earth! lol.. cos i already booked it liao thats why terlepas! lol...

      i will have FUN! :) lolllll.. cannot la.. ada kawan so cannot curi curi go and have fun! lol... but not like i mau pun... i want a bf la........................................... i nowan flingssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Lucky boy.. haha, Happy Planning!! One road follow wind! :PP

    1. thanks.. i will go where the wind blows! :)

  5. The most important is budget...always prepare spare to for unforeseen circumstances or over-splurging..hahaha =P

    1. eeeeeeeeeee... im not the splurge kinda person dont worry! :) was never made that way.. haha...

  6. Looks like you are prepared for your own version of a mini Amazing Race! Love The Amazing Race! Hahahaha... (;

    1. yes yes!! im quite excited and also gan chiong at the same time!!! lolllllll.... adrenaline..... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh