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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spain France and Italy...


thats where i will be heading in less that 2 weeks from now...


anyone wanna recommend what not to miss ma?

Spain will be heading to Barcelona lor this time... Madrid some other time ba...

France will be the city of love Paris... oh well... although im not going there with my lover but whatever la.. i love myself too much so i considered that as it la... lol.. incest... Nice will be for future plans la if ada France part 2..

Italy i plan to go a few cities... haha... im reaching the northern part of Italy this time so maybe I will be going to Pisa, Florence and Venice maybe Milan(although heard there's nothing there).. Rome will have to wait next time...

so if there are any inputs on some dos and donts or places or food that cant be missed please feel free to comment or reach me via text/whatsapp/grindr/line/fbmessage/skype/msn/email/meetup...

cant wait cant wait! wohoooooooooo!! :)

PS those who got the places correct you can comment or email your request ok.. will do it when im free! :)


  1. I heard from my mum in Paris, be very careful with ur belongings especially in terms of cash and passport and stuff! Try not to take the train. When purchasing stuff, that requires packaging, always check again when u pay. There are a lot of scams there somehow. >_>

    But since ur there d, go savour all the famous pastry shops there! :D :D!

    Italy and Spain i tak tau banyak lol....

  2. Yayyyyy hahaha I guessed right!!!! :P
    Now i'm gonna crack my head to think of a good song for you :)

    yeah Alex is right. just be extra careful of pickpockets esp when in crowded areas..
    Enjoy the hot European cuisine!! you know what i mean hahaha ;)

  3. ditto alex

    and paris ppl damn rude, a fren of mine said that some shops even have signs that say "no Asian allow lol"

  4. heard too many pick-pockets stories. my aunt said they r so pro! she saw it from upstairs: the wallet was exchanged through many hands within minutes. these ppl didn't look suspicious at all. even if u caught the person who pick-pocketed u, u won't find ur wallet on him. @@ so be careful with ur personal belongings.

    btw, my friend says entrance fee for many museums n attractions in paris is free for students. make sure u ask b4 u buy the tickets~

    enjoy the trip n enjoy the hot European cuisine as said by J-boy~ LOL!!

  5. I've never had bad experience in Paris but certainly in southern Europe, Barcelona supposedly bad esp along Ramblas...try not to look too naive/gullible; use a under-the shirt-pouch for valuables/cash. Bathhouse in Barcelona filled with callboys expecting to be paid..but i trust u are not heading there....u are such an innocent shy boy, right?

  6. wow~ all those places for 2k? nice~

  7. thank you semua for the comments/advice/tips! muacks!!!