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t u l s

Monday, June 3, 2013

now my babys dancing, but hes dancing with another man..

its been a rough week for me, haha.. lots of emotions here and there.. vulnerability enhanced significantly, and i still can laugh about it, cos its kinda over liao..


Keith brought me go jalan jalan to clear my head and get some fresh air, its just like a 10 mins drive from his place to this field.

this field then led to a path like a mini boulevard like that and i was like asking is this path like a cruising ground for gays..

no!! this is where i grow up! howay man!!! (howay is like the local slang for come on!!)...

lol.. how would i know, this path is so dodgy and so narrow... will i get rape here?


so this narrow path brought us to another field and from far i saw some cute creatures that make me go wow!!

it was going to rain liao the weather but luckily it didnt.. just show face nia those clouds so benci..

at one point the horsies came to us cos i think they thought we are coming to feed them..

and its public ground by the way..

so anyone could go there but there was no one there that day and its just very peaceful...

on the way back, when Keith was sending me back home, bruno mars's when i was your man was playing and maybe cos of all the stirred emotions, i teared up thinking of bubu..

haha.. i know its silly... of course i look to the left so Keith wont notice..

but like...

its the cliche moment where the song sings the exact same situation that you are/were in and...

haha... oh well...

although it hurts, i'll be the first to say that i was wrong...i know im probably much too late, too apologize for my mistake, but i just want you to know..

i hope he buys you flowers..

i hope he holds your hands...

give you all his hours...

when he has the chance...

take you to every party cos i remember how much you love to dance...

do all the things i should have done...

when i was....


oh well.. i still miss him...

a little.


  1. I,ll roll on the grounds if I were you... That is such a nice place and very sweet of Keith. Hugs!!!

    1. hahahahahahaha... :) kan... like the sound of music... lalalallaal... do re mi...

  2. The horse one bigger or Keith's one bigger ?


    1. hahahahahaha LOL!!! :P

      And tulsy dear, <3 :)


      sooo.. who's bigger

    3. hahahahaha... aiyo... where can compare with animal one! siao arr! hahahahahaha.. but i want try horse leh now you say.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH O.O

  3. wa..... tuls.... missing ur ex right beside ur bf is quite a big thing, better clear ur head, because like this really hard to move on with ur life a... >__<

    1. hahahahaha... so ngam bubu was a dancer and he loves to dance so gam ngam that song sing to that part bubu just came to mind nia.. lol.. chill la... im ok la

  4. you're happy now. you should slowly let go of the past. let go and move on