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Friday, June 21, 2013

what if i broke up with Keith..

im in the midst of moving into Keith's place, everything will be fully shifted by the weekend.. in fact he is going over to my place in an hours time to bring the remaining stuffs over...

im gonna be the official housewife in a few more days, my lease ends end of the month.. haha..

as the saying goes, a woman's work is never done!.. i dont know how la am i gonna cope with maintaining the penjagaan rumah and all..

im quite a cincai person edi, he is more cincai than me, so macam make me have to buck up on tidiness etc...

one evening when i was having dinner with one of my housemates...

ei, so when are you moving over to Keith's?

erm.. i moving slowly la every week...

mm... ei, ask you question arr, im not saying anything la, but arr, but la, listen arr, BUT, what if you and him suddenly half way tak jadi ke ape ape... then how?

hm........................ ......... what if only la kan................ ei, actually kan, now that you say kan, only i realize, that i never thought of this before..


what?!?! hahahahaha... memang la, tak la think so much.....

i know la she as a friend is just concern... but maybe she doesnt know about me and keith also la, and also maybe she knows i always keluar main main sebelum keith..

but... like honestly, i never thought about it before..

but i think there isnt anything to worry or think about since we wont be quarreling.....i hope.


kan kan?

wah, just imagine half way apapa,... how to move again, laugh die me...

but nah... not gonna think about it..


  1. Itu memang tak akan jadi pun. U read between the lines right? :P You're welcome!

  2. Live happily together and don't think so much. Only think if it happens *touch wood* it doesn't. Don't forget to sweep and mop the floor! :p

  3. hahaha i think moving in to their bf's place is everyone's dream

  4. Anything you have your friend there what. Don't jinx it la. Ish!!!

  5. Well.......... there is that other saying: A woman should always have a back road.
    Eg. keeping a hidden bank account or stash from her husband, having a property under her name only, etc...

    Just saying it would be wise to prepare for all circumstances especially when in a foreign country... Ain't nobody gonna look out for you like yourself <3

  6. Why go thinking about the "unhappy" stuff ???