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t u l s

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finally graduated and moved in!! :)

Thank you thank you semua!

Although i didnt get first class, it is still an honours degree.. lol.. sekadar cukup la kan..

everything is kinda falling into place bit by bit..

i moved everything to Keith's place on tuesday and now im in the midst of unpacking, unpacking is such a bitch, like seriously. i think i need another week. moreover he hasnt tidy up the place for my barang so i yang kena buat all, i have to clean the shelves to put my stuffs.. benci kan.. lol... now the living area and the study is full with my barangs.. like literally cannot walk like that.. hahahahaha...

graduation is in 2 weeks.. i cant wait to wear the robe and jalan jalan.. hahahaha.. looking at all those photos people ambik, its just another ceremony yang kena pakai formal nia kan.. im gonna sweat la in this heat of 15 degrees... urgh... lol.. masih nak complain i know... hahahahah...

visa is in the making so ok la... im officially starting work in August!! thats another anticipation :)

now im officially a fulltime maid. no more in the making. memang made maid! lol..

anyone wants to lend a hand?



  1. Glindtan in the flash! Woot!!!

  2. congrats! what are you working as?

    1. im a nurse! lol ... no la.. healthcare related one.

  3. Congrats on your graduation.

    15 degree ? Please comeback to Malaysia, and feel the heat here.


  4. Hand?? You already have. How about an apron. Have you chosen one yet?

  5. 15 degrees heat?! Come back to Malaysia and enjoy the haze + heat!!!

    Selamat Graduation and Promoted to House Husband!!!

  6. Congrats!! Officially silai jorh +_+

  7. Congratulations TULS! Bet you'll miss the sexy angmohs! =)

  8. Woot woot! Enjoy the maid period before work begins. ;)

  9. thanks everybody thanks!!