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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Secret in the drawer..

as usual i am the maid in the house and there are lots to clean in the house and yes, because of my procrastinatory nature, its taking forever to do so..

yesterday when i was clearing one of the drawer in the study room attached to the study table i saw an immigration form...

form for marriage...

and its dated 2011..

that was of course when Keith was still with his ex, a 6 year relationship thingy..

and it got me thinking...

were they heading towards that?

like thats the year they broke up too...

and yes he is asian too.. but of course not blessed with features as good as mine *flip hair*... anyway...

and like hm....

Keith was downstair resting then by the lazy couch and of course i didnt ask him la, i just took the form and threw it in the bin..


well the form was empty like, just that the immigration like to have the date updated yearly thats why the year was inked on the form..


if he were to ask the question, i think i will hesitate to answer lor..

and they say when you hesitate, the best is to stick with no..


whatever la...

the thing is my visa only allows me to work for a year and i will have to return to shitholeland and if i were to apply to work in the UK i will have to do it Malaysia and chances are really slim...

Keith and I went thru this discussion before and all he can say is: youre a smart boy, you will know what to do..

i literally -.- in my brain...

i mean.. haha..

no one knows what the future holds for us kan...

so better off not thinking about it la..

sneak peak of Keithy at the back.. :) lolllllllll


  1. Just think of the current life and reduce the thought for the future. :)

    Ps- cute puppy!

  2. I smell jealousy. Haha.

    Probably it's time to do some research on civil partnership. :)

    1. now married pun jadi la.. and nah.. i dont think im gonna go there anytime soon :)

  3. Abit too rush eh... herm... what's your solution in the short term, I meant your work permit stuff?

    1. nah, im not thinking so far la, lollll.. siao meh... work first la.. whatever happens in future happens la :) haha

  4. Keith is bald! Hehe!
    What about the job you are working now? Could your employer help?

    1. yup he is!! :) hahahaha.. he has blonde hair like at the sides but he prefers to shave it on a weekly basis, haha..

      the work thing, nah... they are currently full!. oh well.. whatever la, i still have a year to decide.

  5. So man.... Itu Keith... Ha!