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t u l s

Saturday, August 24, 2013

burnt milk...

me: babe, want a cuppa?

keith: thatd be lovely!!

so what do you want? what do we have?? coffee?? tea?? horlicks??? hot chocolate?!!?!?

horlicks please!!


i want milk in it ok..

er.... ok...

hot milk..ok...

make sure its hot youalright alright!!!

and so i heat his fucking milk up with a pan and guess what, the milk burnt! -.- i just poured the burnt milk into the sink and fuck it..

once i made him milo with milk powder he said its too watery so i know liao he like thick thick one..
i put in 4 table spoon of milk powder in it just to make sure the drink is thick and milky..

and when the drink was made...

mm.... lovely!!

errr... of course!! i made it!!

one day he asked for it again but he knows we dont have any milk left but i lied to him and said there is still, and used milk powder instead and he still drinks it..

keith is just sohai.. he damn benci.. cant even differentiate milk and milk powder and im not gonna fucking heat milk up anymore, the pot that i use to heat milk that burnt i threw it away liao cos the stain seem to just eat on it.. fuck it..

on another note, work has been busy and i'm quite occupied most of the time.. and like after work i come home eat and shower then sleep liao then work all over again.. the life is quite sien.. lol...


  1. Glintan shud just do without cheating! Hopeless! I tell keith!

  2. i misread that you used soap powder instead! omg!!!!