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Monday, August 5, 2013

First day of work: Wet!

Like literally wet, the hujan rained like 1/10 of malaysia and this mother flooded. I was a little wet when i got to work. Then noon was fucking humid and hot in the shop i sweat like a cibye! like omgosh i took off my tie and rolled up my sleeves like i cannot tahan at all!

cos i work in similar working conditions before last year during summer so im quite familiar with the SOP and how the shop runs so its all good and easy, just that i need to get used to the people im working with and how they like things done but so far so good la im not complaining it out loud yet lol.

there are two rotating fan in the shop and its not fucking good enough omgosh i feel like dying!!

and yes, ang mos they have a "cuppa" every 2 hours one and the hot drinks made things worse and i gladly accepted it tim, shiz, i shall never drink hot drink for the rest of the summer anymore omgoodness! lol

mental note, bring bottled water and put in fridge when reach work! lol

the day passed quickly as i was flooded with work and when it was time to leave the rain wasnt giving in and yes i was drenched even with an umbrella, my poor little umbby's lifespan reduced by half poor fella, i was protecting umbby more than myself cos she is fragile and could break easily with the sohai wind from north south east west altogether! cibye

i commute to work by train and guess what, half way back home the train terminated cos the rail was flooded -.-

thank you guanyinma..

*ring ring*

Keithy, where are you?

I'm at homecould you pick me up? im wet and im stuck!

where are you?

im at wallsend metro station..

-.- what happen?

railway line flooded... -.-

hahahaa.. is the train stopped?

yes.. well get out then!

ok!! see ya!!!!

after 10 mins..

*enter car*

hahahahahaha... what?!!??!

its only a little water..

-.- water my ass cant you see the amount?!?!

aww.. you poor thing...

thanks for picking me up, i cant imagine if youre not around..

haha, its your first day hun, of course i'll pick you up, no more next time..






  1. Replies
    1. quite benci one at times, but at times he can be sweet.. oh well... lol

  2. So nice to have someone there waiting for you at the end of the day

    1. yea, its a nice feeling, and he has been picking me up after work at the station most of the days in the week too.. so its nice.. :)

  3. It's a sign that you'll gonna have great time at work!!!

    1. errr... well... not too bad la... so far so good mr hornychild :)

  4. Welcome to the working world...


  5. PUTRA line never get flooded because most of the time, it is above land. LOL